How Long Does Nespresso Machine Last? What’s Its Lifespan?

How Long Does Nespresso Machine Last

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If you’ve recently bought a Nespresso machine or plan to do so, you’ll know that they can cost a small fortune. This is why they are expected to last a long time if not a lifetime. So, as a popular and trusted brand, how long does Nespresso machine last? It’s your happy day because Nespresso machines will not disappoint you anytime soon.

Nespresso machines are designed to serve coffee lovers dedicatedly. However, the lifespan of this machine also depends on the users and normally lasts for 5 to 10 years. Use it well and it will caffeinate you for years and years. And how can you use it well to make it last long? Let’s find out!

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How Long Does Nespresso Machine Last?

Nespresso machines are sturdy, reliable, and smooth functioning in every way possible. There are only a very small and limited number of issues (if any) that you might face. In fact, the machines are not easily breakable or damageable at all! With these exceptional qualities, Nespresso machines are bound to last.

Regardless of the Nespresso coffee machine model that you have, these machines are guaranteed to last you up to 5 to 10 years. You can say bye-bye to frequent trips to get it fixed and phone calls to customer support. This is a great length of time for a machine to last. But, if you are still unimpressed, there’s more!

If 5 to 10 years is not enough as a lifespan for your coffee machine there are ways you can prolong it! Proper care and handling of the machine can definitely make it last much much longer. Remember, maintenance of the machine will not cost you as much as replacing it or constantly fixing it.

4 Ways You Can Prolong the Lifespan of Nespresso Machines

Just like Nespresso owners take time to select the best Nespresso accessories for their machine, they must spend an equal or more amount of time maintaining it. Is there any point to the cool coffee machine gadgets if the machine itself won’t work because of poor care? Absolutely not.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of A Nespresso Machine

So, here’s what you can do to make sure your Nespresso coffee machine is always functioning smoothly. And continues to do so for years in the future.

1. Clean Your Nespresso Machine!

Think back to the time when you got coffee from a cafe and it tasted heavenly. The next time you had the same coffee from another cafe or even the same one, it tasted nothing like a coffee should. Why? It is highly likely that the culprit is an uncleaned coffee machine!

You might not think it a big deal but unclean coffee machines can absolutely ruin coffee. It is not just the taste that is ruined. Uncleaned coffee machines can also begin to malfunction after some time. So, if your machine suddenly started acting up ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned it?

Nespresso takes pride in its delicious coffee taste. So, when that goes wrong it is an indication that the machine requires cleaning. Immediately begin the descaling process. Ideally, you should descale the Nespresso machine after every 300 capsules used.

2. Always Keep the Water Tank Full

Running the machine on an empty water tank can be a disaster. The reason this is likely is that some Nespresso machines do not inform you of an empty water tank. As a result, you can easily make the mistake of running the machine thinking the tank is full when it is not.

There are three serious issues that can arise if this happens:

  • Pockets of steam and pressure will form inside the machine
  • Without any water to keep it cool, the air inside the heating element can burn it out.
  • Excessive air can damage the suction of the water pump. This will slow down or even completely stop the water movement.

If this occurs frequently then pretty soon you can encounter some very serious damage to the machine. So, in order to avoid this make sure the water tank is always carrying some water. Ideally, keep it at a half-full level at all times.

3. Store the Nespresso Coffee Machine in a Cool and Dry Area

After spending a good amount of money on your Nespresso machine it’s only fair to store it in the perfect spot! The right place to store the machine can also help in prolonging its lifespan. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a spot:

  • Avoid Sunlight: Placing the machine in an area that gets a lot of sunlight can cause the machine to heat up. This can damage the internal and external parts of the machine.
  • Keep it Dry: Water must never invade the machine except through the water reservoir. It can cause the machine to rust and corrode and even ruin the wiring. So, make sure the machine is always in a dry area.
  • Save from Sea Breeze: Salt in the sea breeze is your coffee machine’s enemy. It can corrode and damage the machine very fast. So, if you live near the sea, store the machine away from contact with the sea breeze.
  • Avoid Uneven Counters: Make sure the machine is firmly placed on a smooth surface. Running it on an uneven surface can cause it to topple or break its parts.

4. Be Careful of the Pods and Capsules You Use

Every non-Nespresso pod or capsule is not compatible with Nespresso machines. They can vary in size and forcing them into the Nespresso machine is a big mistake.

Forcing a pod that’s either too big or too small for the Nespresso machines not only damages the pod holding system but can also cause leakages and pressure imbalance. If the pod doesn’t fit the machine, don’t force it. Many users end up damaging the machine this way.

Nespresso pods are specifically designed keeping in mind the size and compatibility of the holder mechanism. Although you should also check when do Nespresso pods expire before using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should a Nespresso machine last?

Nespresso machines typically last up to 5 to 10 years. However, with proper care, they can last even longer.

2. How much does it cost to repair a Nespresso machine?

The repairing cost for Nespresso machines depends on their make and model as well as the extent of repair needed. For superautomatic machines, the cost can range between $150 to $350. For a semi-automatic machine, it is less.

3. Are Nespresso machines need high maintenance?

Considering their aesthetic build and complex mechanism Nespresso machines can appear difficult to maintain. However, that is not so. Nespresso machines are super easy to clean and maintain

4. Can I use vinegar to descale my Nespresso Machine?

Never use vinegar to descale Nespresso machines. Vinegar can be harmful to the machine. Not only might your coffee taste vinegary but it can damage the internal parts too!


So, how long does the Nespresso machine last? It depends on how much you care for it! We suggest sticking to a cleaning routine to ensure the longevity of your Nespresso machine.

Descale on time, empty the capsule container, make sure the water tank is always full, clean the external surface, and keep the storage area clean and dry! Your Nespresso machine will thank you for it.

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