How To Descale Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine

How To Descale Nespresso Vertuo

Cleaning can be the most irritating chore associated with espresso machines. And yet, you cannot sidestep it.  You want your espresso to taste better but an unclean espresso machine means a poorly-tasting coffee. This is why it’s time to stop sulking and start cleaning your NespressoVertuo. Just one thing, how to descale Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine?

If the complexity of the cleaning process is what’s keeping you from a thorough cleansing of the machine, that will no longer be an issue. You can clean your Nespresso Vertuo in some simple steps. All you need is your Nespresso descaling solution and a few minutes out of your busy schedule! You can surely do that much for a grand cup of coffee!

So, off your bums and onto the Nespresso cleaning cycle. Follow this step-by-step guide and get a step closer to an immaculately clean Nespresso Vertuo. One that churns out fantastic coffee.

How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine?

You can get a shiny clean Nespresso machine in just 21 simple steps. Before you freak out thinking 21 STEPS?!? Take a deep breath and browse the steps to know how to clean Nespresso vertuo. There is nothing to worry and they won’t take a lot of time either.

Descaling Nespresso Vertuoline

The purpose of breaking the procedure into that many steps is only to make it easier for you to understand. So calm your heart, it’s all good. Here are the steps you’ll be following to descale Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine:

  1. Open the machine to eject the used capsule
  2. Close the machine with the lever in the ‘unlocked’ position
  3. Remove and empty the drip tray and capsule container
  4. Fill up the water reservoir with 0.8 liters of water and one pack of Nespresso Descaling Solution
  5. Switch on the machine
  6. Enter the descaling mode by pressing down the power button for 7 seconds
  7. Watch the blinking button to ensure you correctly enter descaling mode
  8. You’ll have 45 seconds to enter into the descaling mode. So, quickly get to the next step to make sure the machine doesn’t enter brewing mode
  9. Lock the machine by turning the lever right. Then unlock it again by rotating the lever left.
  10. Arrange a container of 1 liters capacity and place it on the drip tray
  11. Lock the machine
  12. Empty the water tank
  13. Fill the water tank with fresh water
  14. Rinse the machine
  15. Prepare to exit the descaling mode
  16. Watch out for the blinking light to get steady
  17. Dry the machine
  18. Time to brew espresso
  19. Spare twenty minutes for this process
  20. Pause the descaling for several minutes to allow the descaling agent to penetrate the scale build-up, Now push the power button again to restart the descaling (Only if the machine is completely scaled? In this case, the descaling might not take place.)
  21. Follow safety precautions since the descaling agent can be harmful.

How do You Know When to Descale Nespresso Vertuo?

As a Nespresso Vertuo owner, you’re in luck! Because your Nespresso machine will tell you by itself when it requires descaling. As the power button on the top of your Nespresso machine starts flashing orange light and turns white for 3 seconds, this is a hint to gather the essentials and start descaling your Nespresso Vertuo without wasting any time.

How Often Should You Descale Nespresso Vertuo?

The frequency of cleaning basically depends upon how much coffee you brew. If your brewing frequency is super fast then your Nespresso Vertuo descaling time will come far more quickly. To offer you a timeframe, your machine will require descaling every six months or 600 brewed Nespresso capsules.

Note: Alongside weekly cleaning with just water, Nespresso suggests that their Nespresso machines should be properly washed and descaled with both the Nespresso descaling liquid and water at least once per year.

How do You Exit the Descaling Mode in the Nespresso Vertuo?

Once you are done with the descaling, exiting the descaling mode is pretty simple. All you have to do is press down the power button for seven seconds. Now, let the machine cool down a bit and let it dry before you start brewing again.

What is a Descaling Solution to Clean Nespresso Vertuo?

A descaling solution or agent is a liquid chemical. It is used to clean the limescale off the metal surfaces that are in contact with hot water, such as the Nespresso Vertuo. Because of its iron component, the solution can be either brown or white in color.

Top Nespresso Descaling Solutions

One of the most important things that should not be overlooked is the Nespresso machine descaling process. Coffee makers can get gunky over time and this may affect your coffee greatly in taste, too. Here are the best Nespresso descaling solutions that you can get.

1. Coffee Machine Descaling Solution By Nespresso

Official Nespresso Descaling Solution Pack on 2

For years, The descaling solution kit by Nespresso has been one of the most popular products for maintaining your Nespresso machine.

It can be used with any Vertuo model. In comparison to any other cleaning solution, Nespresso strongly advises using this one.

This product will remove the limescale that has built up in your machine in the most gentle manner. Each set includes two descaling kits, giving a total of two uses.

Nespresso Descaling Solution

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2. Impresa Nespresso Machine Descaler Pack of 2

The Impresa Descaler for Nespresso machines provides a solution for all those who want to keep their Nespresso machine running like new. It is powerful, effective, and gentle on the machine!

The descaler is safe for you and the environment and will restore the performance of your machine after descaling. The solution easily removes limescale and hard water deposits to improve the taste and lifespan of your machine.

Impresa Nespresso Machine Descaler

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It is extremely important to protect your investment by descale Nespresso machine and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee every time.

How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo with Vinegar?

The process of cleaning the Nespresso Vertuo with vinegar is exactly the same as using a descaling solution. The only difference is that instead of filling the water tank with water and the Nespresso descaling solution, you’ll fill it with water and a solution of water and vinegar.


1. Why is my Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine still blinking after descaling?

One reason for the blinking could be that there still remains some mineral build-up inside your machine. Repeat the descaling process with fresh water. Additionally, check your capsule container to make sure the capsule isn’t blocked and check the water level of the reservoir as well.

2. How do I reset my Nespresso Vertuo after descaling?

Once you’re done descaling the machine, press down the exit button and hold it for seven seconds. This way you will exit the descaling mode and once the machine dries up you can use it normally.

3. Is using vinegar safe for descaling Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Makers?

Although vinegar is great for removing the limescale from metal surfaces, it can have several damaging effects as well. It attacks the rubber seals and certain metal surfaces as well, damaging them. Nespresso advises not to use white vinegar to descale any Nespresso machine as it may damage it and your machine’s warranty will be voided as well. Plus, descaling a Nespresso machine with vinegar may leave a strong flavor and smell in the machine.


With that, you are all set to go on a cleaning spree on your Nespresso Vertuo! It will only require twenty minutes (which isn’t much for a fantastic single shot or double shot of espresso for a long time!) and there’s nothing complex to it. So, the next time you are stuck on how to descale Nespresso Vertuo, you know where to find us.

If further assistance is required, we recommend visiting Nespresso’s official machine maintenance online and selecting your Nespresso model to move forward.

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