Best Nespresso Accessories for Nespresso Machines (2022)

Best Nespresso Accessories

Nespresso machines are the perfect solution for sudden coffee cravings. If you don’t have the time to visit a coffee house, you can still enjoy barista-quality delicious coffee right at home. But did you know that without some of the best Nespresso accessories, you are still missing out on a grand coffee experience?

If your Nespresso makes coffee brewing easier, these accessories will make it fun! You’ll want to brew a cup just for the sake of those professional vibes. So, here are some coffee accessories that promise to transform coffee-making for you completely.

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Best Nespresso Accessories for Nespresso Machines

1. Nespresso Reusable Pods

Nespresso owners can tell that their largest expenses in terms of Nespresso machines are because of pods. The constant replacement of Nespresso pods for new ones means spending more and more money. In fact, it is estimated that those who use these pods spend around $1.10 for every cup.

If you are done with such extravagant expenses, it is time to start using reusable Nespresso pods. These pods are refillable and they are also compatible with most Nespresso coffee machine models. The lids on these pods allow you to refill them with coffee and seal them for another round of coffee.

Not only does this make them environmentally friendly, but your frequent coffee consumption becomes a lot cheaper!

i. Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Pods (For Vertuoline Machine)

Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Pods Compatible for NESPRESSO VERTU
This stainless steel and environmentally friendly Nespresso pod is a top-quality accessory for your Nespresso machine. It allows unlimited refills for your coffee cravings without requiring you to buy new pods every time. Plus, it has a good quality build which doesn’t discolor or damage easily.

It comes with a plastic spoon for refilling as well as a cleaning brush. This stainless steel reusable Nespresso pod is designed for long-term usage and delicious brewing. Plus, you get to save money at every cup!

Stainless Steel Nespresso Pods

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ii. SEALPOD Nespresso Reusable Capsules (For Original Machines)

SEALPOD Nespresso Reusable Capsules, Reusable Nespresso
SEALPOD capsules are compatible with all Nespresso Original line models. Using your own coffee in the Nespresso machine with these capsules is super easy. You get to brew your favorite blend of coffee without having to purchase new pods. The same old pod will brew any kind of coffee that you put into it.

Not only is it designed to help the planet through its reusability but it is also merciful to your wallet. Its phenomenal design allows pressure to build during the brewing process so the coffee you extract is rich in flavors and has a perfect consistency.

SEALPOD Reusable Nespresso Capsules

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2. Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
The Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother is one of the coolest Nespresso accessories you will find! It is absolutely a blessing for those who weren’t able to afford an espresso machine with a built-in frother or steam wand. Who needs that when you’ve got a one-touch milk frother to make your life easy!

You can easily froth hot and cold milk in this sleek-looking frother. Press the button for a second for hot milk and more than 2 to 3 seconds for cold milk. It can hold up to 4.1 ounces of milk for frothing and 8.1 ounces of hot milk. Not to mention it has an automatic shut-off mechanism when not in use.

Clearly, this is an accessory to be had by every coffee lover! Plus, it is perfect for portable purposes. Super easy to clean and it is made up of a non-sticking material so it doesn’t damage or wear away easily either.

Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

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3. Nespresso Pod Dispenser

Nespresso machines introduce you to exciting coffee pod varieties. While it is fantastic that you get to choose a coffee per your mood, it is an absolute disaster trying to find the right coffee pod. What if you are in a rush and craving coffee and end up having to sort through boxes of pods. Not cool, right?

Nespresso dispensers are a big blessing in that regard. If you are tired of looking through many pods to find your desired one, Nespresso dispensers are the solution. They organize your pods in the most convenient manner and look fashionable doing it. With this accessory, you’ll be able to find your favorite pod in a jiffy!

i. Nespresso Pods Holder/Dispenser (For VertuoLine Machines)

EVERIE Crystal Tempered Glass Top Organizer Drawer
The Everie Crystal pod dispenser is built with the most convenient design. The glass top of the dispenser allows an easy view of the coffee pods inside. It is sturdy enough to hold your coffee maker on top and you can easily pull out the drawer to pick and choose the pod you like.

Another amazing thing about this dispenser is how it can hold all sizes of pods easily. You can conveniently organize 40 big or 52 small coffee pods without any hassle. It is built to last which is why it is also resistant to damages such as stains.

With everything sorted you can brew a cup of coffee in no time!

EVERIE Nespresso Capsules Glass Holder

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ii. Nespresso Pods Holder/Dispenser (For OriginalLine Machines)

Peak Coffee Nespresso OriginalLine Capsule Holder Stand
This aesthetic-looking coffee holder makes every coffee lover’s life infinite times easier. You literally just have to pluck out your desired coffee pod and brew, that is it! You can organize the pods by flavors/brands and they are clearly visible for you to choose from.

Not only can the pod holders hold around 60 coffee pods or more, but it is also rotatable! This makes pod selection extremely convenient and super fun too. The smooth base makes no noise and doesn’t get stuck at any point.

The sturdy metal frame and the non-slip base, all hint at the long-lasting design of this pod dispenser. It is built for long-term usage. The extremely elegant accessory for Nespresso espresso machines is a must-have in your kitchen.

Peak Nespresso OriginalLine Capsule Holder Stand

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4. Nespresso Touch Travel Mug

Nespresso Touch Travel Mug
Owning a Nespresso coffee machine is a next-level pleasure no doubt. But, you aren’t always near it. So, the Nespresso touch travel mug is a lifesaver for your coffee cravings that occur when you are away from the coffee machine. It is definitely an accessory worth having.

For one, you can fill it up with about 345ml of coffee. Plus, your coffee will remain as hot as you want it and retain every last drop of flavor. The stainless steel travel mug is amazing strength-wise and the plastic seal ensures optimal temperature and prevents any spillage.

This travel mug will keep you happy till you get home for the next batch of caffeine-loaded bliss. Best part? It looks super stylish and goes with anything you wear or carry!

Nespresso Touch Travel Mug

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5. Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs

Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs
A scrumptiously delicious tasting coffee deserves to be served in class and style. This is why you need the Libbey Kona Glass Coffee mugs to compliment the delicious beverage that the Nespresso coffee machine brews. They come in batches of 6 and are the perfect serving accessory!

The elegant rounded body of the mug is supported by the most stylish foot that elevates the standard of any coffee beverage you pour into it. The clear glass is designed to flaunt your coffee’s beautiful texture and appearance. These mugs are dishwasher friendly which increases their appeal ten times!

So, if you love trying out new coffee recipes Espresso Coffee Time’s got you covered. And if you wish to showcase your efforts in a grand way, just imagine how great those beverages will look in these fashionable coffee mugs!

Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs

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6. Caffenu ECO Nespresso Descaling Kit

Caffenu ECO Nespresso Descaling Kit
The descaling agent is one of the most essential things that help in cleaning and maintaining any coffee machine. Your Nespresso machine is only as good as its cleanliness. And for a consistently good coffee, you need to frequently clean the machine. The descaling solution is a convenient option to keep your coffee machine neat and tidy!

While many prefer using household resources such as vinegar to clean the machine. However, there are many drawbacks to this, ranging from a vinegary-tasting coffee to damage to the interior of the machine. Instead, the Caffenu ECO Nespresso Descaling solution is soft on the machine’s interior and also includes 4 Nespresso cleaning capsules required for a thorough clean without any risk of damage.

Caffenu ECO Nespresso Descaling Kit

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7. HamiltonBeach Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric
It is not necessary that the best coffee machine has to have a built-in grinder. Many amazing espresso machines lack one, and you might be the owner of such a machine. In that case, you definitely want nothing but the best coffee grinder to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee grinder is a great choice. It is compact and super quiet which means you can use it anywhere and anytime. The removable grinding chamber allows easy refilling and is extremely easy to wash as well. You can conveniently grind coffee for up to 12 cups at a time.

The compact design ensures elegance as well as outstanding performance. The stainless steel blades and body result in durability. Plus, the bottom hidden compartment stores the plugging wire perfectly when not in use.

HamiltonBeach Electric Coffee Grinder

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8. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
Ever forgotten your cup of coffee and come back to it tasting cold and just yucky? Well, you can easily avoid the ‘coffee-gone cold’ problem with this particular Nespresso accessory. Mug warmers are officially here to save the day and your coffee!

Mr. Coffee mug warmer is compact, portable, and super easy to use. It uses 17 watts of power and functions with an on/off switch with a light indicator to know when it is turned on. The long power cord ensures high and eats usability for this magic device.

With this mug warmer, your coffee will always taste just as hot as you want it!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

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9. Coffee Beans Storage Container

Coffee Beans Storage Container
Buying coffee in bulk is not an issue. The issue is keeping it fresh. No matter how hard you try, or how tightly you seal the bag with tape or rubber bands, you can hardly ever stop the air completely from ruining the freshness. But not anymore.

The EVAK coffee beans storage containers are perfect for retaining coffee freshness and flavors. You can actually hear the whoosh of the air as it is extracted out of the container when you push down the air-tight lid. The containers are both elegant looking and do their job perfectly.

The container is also dishwasher friendly so you can easily wash it when the coffee reaches its end before another refill.

Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans

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10. Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon

Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon
Drowning spoons are the most inconvenient and frustrating aspect of coffee consumption. If it is not long enough, the spoon will either not stir well or it will simply drown in the coffee. Both things are super annoying.

That is why the long handle iced tea spoon is created to remove any annoyance from your coffee experience. The 9-inch long handle is designed to reach the depths of the tallest coffee mugs or glasses. Additionally, the top-quality stainless steel material makes the spoon durable as well as super smooth to use.

It is also dishwasher friendly so just chuck the dirty ones in there without any hassle.

Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon

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11. Milk Frothing Pitcher


Milk Frothing Pitcher
If you are a fan of specialty coffee then this is a must Nespresso accessory. Milk frothing pitchers are key to preparing ideal quality and textured milk for your fancy coffee beverages recipes like lattes. It not only measures the right quantity but also makes latte art super easy!

The premium quality build material makes the pitcher undamageable and unbreakable. So, you can use it as often as you like without fear of wearing it out too soon. The durable and firm pitcher handle makes pouring very simple and easy. Plus, it comes with a latte art fan to encourage the latte artist inside you.

Milk Frothing Pitcher

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12. Digital Coffee Scale

Only the best espresso scale can judge the right coffee quantity for the perfectly proportioned cup of coffee. The Etekcity digital coffee scale is one such amazing scale to consider. It can accurately record weights as heavy as 10 kilograms and as light as 2 grams.

The rechargeable device means you don’t have to go running for batteries constantly. Moreover, the scale is also designed to tolerate spills, however, it is recommended to keep it dry and clean to prevent any problems.

Etekcity Luminary Kitchen Digital Scale

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13. Nespresso Recycling Bag

As a Nespresso user, you know the constant issue that comes with using pods. What to do with the used Nespresso pods? Throwing them away is a constant waste, not to mention super bad for the environment. If you wish to avoid having to throw away pods, the Nespresso recycling bag is a great accessory for you.

You can store your used Nespresso pods in a Nespresso Recycling bag. Once full you can send them away for recycling which makes the entire process extremely environmentally friendly. Since the recycling bag isn’t a very big or displeasing accessory, you can keep it nearby in the kitchen.

Having a recycling bag near you not only saves time but also makes you more aware of the pods’ usage so you can minimize your consumption if necessary.

Final Words

To sum up, accessories for a Nespresso machine don’t necessarily have to be wasteful. The above-mentioned tools are some of the best accessories for Nespresso because they are extremely useful for consumers. In fact, they save coffee lovers a good chunk of money they would otherwise spend on a super fancy coffee machine.

So, as a proud Nespresso coffee machine owner, it is time to take the next step. Make caffeinating a pleasurable and convenient experience for yourself with these amazing Nespresso accessories.

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