Who Makes Nespresso Machines?

Who Makes Nespresso Machines

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Ever wondered who makes Nespresso Machines? Probably not, because why does that matter? It matters because that is how you can get your hands on the best, most exceptional Nespresso machines with trendy features. Want the best Nespresso machine? Find out who makes the best in the market!

Buying a Nespresso machine is a delicate matter. It is a long-term investment so you want the best equipment that will last you for years. Plus, knowing the right brand and place to buy saves from scams and fraud too! So, let’s go through some of the top brands that make Nespresso machines.

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Top Nespresso Manufacturers

Nespresso machines are raging the world over. Be it the Nespresso Vertuo or Vertuo Plus or any other model, coffee lovers are pleased and satisfied. The top three brands in the market manufacturing Nespresso are Krups, Breville, and De’Longhi. This is where you go for your daily fix of caffeine.


Krups Espresso Machines

“For Krups, every detail counts” is the motto by which this German appliance manufacturer brand lives. The advanced technologies Krups uses for its appliances from coffee makers to blenders and whatnot have established it as one of the best brands in Germany and internationally for appliances.

Krups is one of the top Nespresso machine brands that began its journey in 1846 and has been growing its market exponentially. As one of the Nespresso machine manufacturers, this is a brand you cannot go wrong with. Its time-saving and flavor-enhancing Nespresso machines and other appliances will definitely please your heart!


Nespresso Creatista Pro Espresso Machine

Breville is one of the most popular companies that manufacture Nespresso coffee makers. You are bound to encounter this brand wherever you go to find yourself a Nespresso machine. Breville is an Australian brand of appliances and is internationally known for its products.

Breville has been growing since 1962 and in 2016 it launched its line of Nespresso machines called ‘Creatista.’ This is a line of exceptional top quality Nespresso machines that include every advanced feature and technology you can imagine!

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Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee Machine

There is no way you have not heard of these Italian manufacturers when looking for any kitchen appliance especially coffee machines. Delonghi is an extremely popular Nespresso brand that has been flourishing and leaving its mark since 1902.

De’longhi and Breville rank on the same plane when it comes to Nespresso machines. Nespresso is mainly manufactured by these two brands. The Nespresso line for De’Longhi is known as ‘Lattissima.’ Its desirable features and integrated milk system are some of the perks that make De’longhi a famous brand.

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What’s the difference between Krups and Magimax Nespresso machines?

Generally, Krups and Magimax do not have any major differences. Both manufacturers create Nespresso machines with almost the exact same specs. However, the sole difference between the two brands is the Nespresso machines’ external design.

While Krups favors brighter colors and extravagant exterior designs, Magimix leans more towards conventional and traditional looks in its design. As such, your choice of Nespresso machine will mostly depend on the location you have in mind for your machine.

Is Nespresso Owned by Geroge Clooney?

The answer is both yes and no. George Clooney does not fully own Nespresso however he is a co-owner of the company. George Clooney has co-owned Nespresso since 2013 and had also been part of its commercials back in 2006. He has even invested significantly in the Nespresso brand.

Where are Nespresso Machines Made?

The majority of the Nespresso machines are made in Switzerland. However, that is not the only place that manufactures coffee machines. Nespresso doesn’t make its own coffee machines. It has partnered with several brands like Breville and Delonghi to manufacture coffee machines for it.

These brands are spread out across the globe so Nespresso machines are made in several parts of the world.

Final Words

To sum up, now you know who makes Nespresso machines you can make the right choice when purchasing your coffee maker. Breville, Delonghi, and Krups are some of the safest and best choices to put your trust in. If Georg Clooney is endorsing something, we mean, would you doubt it?

In fact, George Clooney who? The whole community of coffee fanatics loves these brands for the coffee machines they make and the service they provide. So, before making a random purchase look up these brands to set a benchmark for yourself. There are no compromises when it comes to coffee!

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