Nespresso Blinking Orange Light? ALL Orange Lights Explained with solutions!

Nespresso-Blinking Orange-Light

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As soon as the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, you eagerly walk over to your Nespresso machine just to see the dreaded orange light error.

But worry not!

Nespresso machines blink orange lights to alert you about various issues, but it can be difficult to understand what the machine is really asking for.

The orange light often indicates that the used coffee capsule box is full or that the water tank needs to be filled. So, let’s discard the used Nespresso capsules, and fill the water reservoir with fresh water to see the orange light error go away.

So come along as we explore the signals of orange light coming from your Nespresso machine and how to fix the orange blinking light on your Nespresso.

What does my Nespresso Orange light Mean : 

Nespresso-Blinking Orange-Light

The Nespresso orange light is an indication and can mean a number of different things. In simple terms, it means there is something in your Nespresso machine that requires fixing.


  1. Cleaning or Descaling: It’s important to do routine maintenance. The orange light may suggest that a thorough cleaning or descaling is necessary.
  2. Used Capsule Container: It’s time to empty the used capsule container on your Nespresso machine if it’s full.
  3. Water Reservoir: Make sure the reservoir has enough water in it.
  4. Overheating: If the machine has overheated, it may need to be stopped.
  5. Mechanical Issue: Occasionally, a larger mechanical issue is indicated by the blinking light.

Why is Nespresso blinking an Orange light and how to fix it?

Yes! There are 8 different problems that your Nespresso machine can communicate with you simply by blinking orange. You must look carefully at the way the orange light is showing on your machine to find out what problem is causing it.

Of course, you can always turn to this guide anytime for help. let us have a look at all the blinking orange light patterns.

1. Orange Light Blinking Twice a Second

A complete cleaning is indicated if your Nespresso machine blinks twice a second. 


To resolve the issue, take the following actions:

  1. Capsules should be removed, the machine head opened, and any residue cleaned.
  2. After cleaning the water tank, add fresh water to it.
  3. Empty the capsule container, wash the drip tray, and clean the cup support.
  4. Once the handle is locked, close the head and wait for the machine to heat up.
  5. Within two seconds, click the button three times to start the cleaning cycle.
  6. By pushing the button, you can pause the cleaning cycle whenever you’re ready to continue.

2. Orange Light Turns On and Off

An orange light that pulses indicates that the equipment is overheating. 


To resolve the issue, take the following actions:

  1. Give the machine a three-second shut-off.
  2. Press the button to turn it back on.
  3. Before using, let the machine cool for at least twenty minutes.
  4. If the blinking continues, look for the descaling mode and, if needed, quit.

3. Orange Light Flashes Twice Quickly Before Going Long Off

This blink suggests a machine malfunction, most often brought on by improper capsule positioning. 


Take the following actions to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the location of the capsules, unlock the lever, and open the machine head.
  2. Make certain that the lever is in the “locked” position.
  3. Verify how much water is in the tank.
  4. Replace the capsule, unplug it for ten seconds, and then restart if the problem still occurs.

4. Orange Light is On for 1.5 Seconds then Off for 0.5 Seconds 

An empty water tank is shown by the machine. 

Solution :

Fix the problem by:

  1. putting fresh water back into the water tank.
  2. Rinse the tank with hot water to get rid of any accumulation.

5. Orange Light Blinks Five Times over 10 Seconds

Factory Reset Is Required


To reset your factory settings, follow these steps:

  1. After taking out the used capsule, open the machine head and shut it.
  2. Keep the lever unlocked.
  3. For a reset, press the Lungo button five times in a span of three seconds.

6. Orange Light Quickly Blinking

Fast blinking indicates that the capsule container is filled. To resolve this, just empty the container.

7. Orange Light Blinking Three Times per Second

The machine needs to be descaling if the capsule container is empty. To handle mineral buildup influencing water flow and coffee quality, adhere to specified descaling recommendations.

8. Light Alternates Blinking Orange and White Three Times Then Steady

This warning indicates a significant buildup of limescale that is affecting machine performance. Descale as soon as possible to get back to peak performance.

Descaling Instructions for Nespresso Machines To Avoid Orange Light

Before throwing out your Nespresso coffee machine, you can also try Descaling. it is a crucial maintenance task that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your Nespresso machine. It’s recommended to descale every three months or after consuming approximately 300 capsules.


  1. Prepare the Machine: Start by ensuring the machine is turned off and unplugged. Remove any capsules and empty the drip tray and used capsule container.
  2. Make the Descaling Solution: Follow the specific instructions provided in your machine’s manual for preparing the descaling solution. Usually, this involves mixing a descaling solution with water.
  3. Run the Descaling Program: Turn on the machine and enter descaling mode. Follow the prompts to run the descaling solution through the machine.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: After the descaling cycle is complete, run clean water through the machine to thoroughly rinse out any remaining descaling solution.

What If The Orange Light Error Still Persists?

First thing first, perform the orange light solutions based on the specific module for the Nespresso machine you have at your place. The solutions or their procedures can differ across machines. Secondly, if the machine is still blinking orange, just one thing remains.

Do check your Nespresso machine warranty before calling the customer support staff and reporting your concern. Or you can check the user manual to see if any solutions are listed there. However, if the orange light error continues to persist and the Nespresso machine not working, don’t wait too long before getting professional help.

Nespresso Orange Light Fixed: Final Thoughts

Do not panic if you see an orange light blinking on your Nespresso machine! This mechanism has been put in place to assist in warning you when problems arise that require attention. 

This usually only indicates that you need to fill the water tank, empty the capsule container, properly place of capsule, clean, or descale your Nespresso coffee maker. Whatever the problem, we hope that our advice has assisted you in finding a speedy solution so you can resume drinking your preferred coffee.

However, if the problem persists don’t hesitate to reach out to Nespresso’s customer support for further assistance.

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