About Us

About EspressoCoffeeTime

Espresso Coffee Time (ECT) is a blog dedicated to the art of perfecting an espresso. We are passionate coffee lovers who write about tips & tricks, how-tos, and wh-questions related to espresso and coffee, as well as reviewing and troubleshooting different espresso machines, coffee makers, and Nespresso machines.

Espresso Coffee Time also takes a keen interest in educating people on how to make different espresso drink recipes – with or without fancy equipment!

ECT’s mission is to make sure you are able to make the various espresso drinks while chilling at home, no matter what your skill level may be. From beginner tips and tricks to perfecting espresso recipes from all over the globe. You can easily make quality espresso drinks with our easy-to-understand recipes like latte, cappuccino, americano, etc.

Espresso Coffee Time has it all!

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Meet The Team

Timothy Byron Smith (Co.Founder & Author)

I’m Tim, I’ve worked in the espresso industry for more than 10 years, and created this blog because I felt there was a serious dearth of quality content online.

It’s been a fascinating adventure, and I adore producing content that educates readers of all skill levels, from novices to more seasoned “coffee aficionados.”

EspressoCoffeeTime seeks to help you create better home-brewed coffee by offering helpful brewing instructions, blogs, recipes, and other knowledge in addition to suggesting the best tools for the job.

Please use the email tim@espressocoffeetime.com or follow my LinkedIn Profile to get in touch.

Sophie Pierce (Writer & Editor)

If you don’t enjoy coffee, then trust me you are truly missing out on a wonderful aspect of life!

Hey! I am Sophie, a 25-year-old, home barista. I have been writing articles for various lifestyle and coffee blogs for a while. Because so much brainstorming is required, creating a blog post can be a daunting task. With that said, only a finely brewed shot of espresso can keep me writing till late at night.

As a Coffee-holic person, I was super excited when I started to write for EspressoCoffeeTime. I got the opportunity to inform and educate readers about this wonderful beverage and share my personal coffee-drinking experiences.

Get in touch using this email sophie@espressocoffeetime.com or let’s connect on Linkedin.


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