Can You Use Your Own Coffee In Nespresso Machine?

Can You Use Your Own Coffee In Nespresso Machine?

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Are you tired of buying Nespresso capsules? In that case, you must be wondering, can you use your own coffee in a Nespresso machine? Well, yes of course! Using your own coffee for Nespresso can be extremely cost-effective and environment-friendly, so why not?

The method is easy. What you need is the refilling of the used Nespresso capsule. And it’s not very complex either! Your only job is to browse the shelves, bring out your coffee and grind it if it’s whole. We’ll teach you the rest!

Can You Use Your Own Coffee in a Nespresso Machine?

Descaling Nespresso Vertuoline

We have already established that the option of using your own coffee in a Nespresso machine is wide open. Did you know that about 4.8 billion people in Britain alone have Nespresso machines? If this was shocking, you will definitely need to sit down when you browse the more shocking stats of coffee in 2022.

The point is, with that many people using the machine, it is very likely that many of them use their own coffee. And so should you! All you require are reusable coffee capsules.

A coffee capsule contains the precise amount of finely ground coffee for a single or double espresso shot. You simply have to insert it in the machine, no portafilter to fill or tamping required. Now, reusable Nespresso pods or capsules need to be filled with coffee whenever you wish to brew espresso.

Reasons Why You Should Use Your Own Coffee in Nespresso?

Nespresso designs the most easy-to-use and amazing single-use capsules. They are not extremely expensive anymore either and come in a good variety. Why then would one want to consider using their own coffee? Why not use instant coffee instead of reusing Nespresso capsules?

We can answer the latter right now: because you want a perfectly brewed real coffee that Nespresso prides itself for that instant coffee doesn’t provide! But, there are other reasons too for using your own coffee in a Nespresso machine is a great idea.

1. Huge Convenience

Nothing can be more convenient than readily being able to refill a coffee capsule for instant use. Imagine you’re strongly craving coffee and are out of Nespresso capsules. Who would want to go out and get more in such a mood? The wait can be excruciating when all you desire is instant gratification.

Using your own coffee means you’ll never have to wait for your next shot of espresso. Plus, you get to choose the kind of ground coffee (espresso or coffee beans) to brew the best espresso! The grind size will be of your choice, the coffee will be of your choice, and the espresso will taste fantastic!

2. Increased Freshness

Nespresso pods have coffee already filled inside of them. This coffee is ground and packed into capsules long before you purchase them and it’s not like you’ll use all the capsules as soon as you bring them home. This means it is likely that the coffee inside the pod will have started going stale.

While the pods are sealed tightly for freshness, they do retain it to a great extent. However, can you really compare coffee that’s been packed for maybe a month to a coffee that is freshly ground? Obviously, your own coffee will be of higher quality and superior freshness.

3. Lower Cost

Finally, to address the elephant in the room, yes! It will definitely be far cheaper than constantly purchasing pods. Using the Nespresso without pods and purchasing a new one every time is not such a bad idea at all.

It is estimated that if a Nespresso pod costs about $0.70, then refilling and reusing one will only cost you $0.22. Depending on your routine purchase of pods, you can save A LOT! And enjoy amazing espresso doing that.

You’ll Need Capsules to Brew Your Own Coffee with a Nespresso

Nespresso has no concept of a portafilter, a filter basket, or a tamp. It is a simple machine with an easy mechanism. You insert your coffee pod which contains the coffee and the machine brews a fantastic cup of coffee for you. Sweet and simple! This means to use your own coffee, you need capsules.

1. Reusable Capsules

Quite obviously, to put coffee in a Nespresso machine you’ll need capsules or pods. Here are some options you can explore.

2. Metal Capsules

The usual single-use capsules for Nespresso are made of aluminum. So, it’s only safe and smart to use metal capsules to fill your own coffee in. Not only are aluminium capsules reliable and durable but their sticker seal keeps the coffee securely packed.

However, it is likely that you will need to purchase the sticker seals again and again. Their stickiness is bound to wear off after some time. An alternative to this is metal capsules with a screw-top closing. This adds a tough layer of security, and there is no need to purchase more screw tops.

Still, with screw-top metal capsules the issue of clogging arises frequently. You will need a descaling solution and some brush to clean the clogs handy. However, the descaling is even easier than, let’s say, descaling Nespresso Vertuo.

3. Plastic Capsules

The one advantage plastic capsules have is that they are definitely cheaper than metal capsules. One could say that the price determines the quality. While plastic capsules are definitely a cheap and viable option, they are not as durable as metal ones. Plus, the coffee produced isn’t too great either.

One issue with plastic capsules is that they are highly prone to clogging.

How to Recycle Nespresso Pods for Reuse?

Nespresso is extremely serious about advocating environmental sustainability as such, its capsules are made of environment-friendly material like aluminum to ensure recycling. It not only maintains the coffee freshness but the quality of life of the environment too!

Additionally, Nespresso has made recycling your capsules and pods a very easy process as well. It has equipped various recycling facilities with resources to process the recyclable pods and capsules. So, all you need to do is dump the pods in your recycling bin and the city facilities will handle the rest.

What Kind of Coffee Do You Use in a Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso mainly uses Arabica and some Robusta coffee beans for their pods. 90% to 95% of the coffee used for Nespresso pods involves Arabica beans.

Not only is there a variety of flavors that you can opt for, but each pod of Nespresso coffee is simply a chef’s kiss. That is because Nespresso uses only the best espresso beans in the world for their coffee pods and capsules.

Can You Grind Your Own Beans for Nespresso?

Definitely! One of the biggest perks of reusing the Nespresso pods is that you get to drink fresh coffee made from your very own freshly ground coffee beans. You can even purchase pre-ground coffee from the market if that’s what you prefer.

However, the option of grinding your own coffee is definitely on the table! With the right grind size, precise proportions, and the best recipes from Espresso Coffee Time, you will only taste perfection.

How Fine Should I Grind My Coffee for Nespresso?

It is usually recommended to grind the coffee beans to a medium-fine grind for the Nespresso machines. They should be just slightly coarser than the finest grind setting on your espresso grinder! This makes sure that the water takes just enough time to run through the coffee particles to extract the maximum flavor into your espresso cup.


Now that you have made it to the end, our final advice to you is to keep your convenience and time in mind when choosing the reusable pods for Nespresso. While choosing your own coffee can be a great experience, make sure you don’t end up working extra for it! No one wants to wait for their coffee too long.

With that, it’s time to transition from thinking ‘can you use your own coffee for a Nespresso machine?’ to actually doing it! The extra freshness and exotic flavors of your favorite coffee await the magic of the Nespresso machine. We tell you, the result will be nothing less than a heavenly cup of coffee!

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