Why Does My Nespresso Tastes Burnt

Why Does My Nespresso Coffee Tastes Burnt?

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Timothy Byron Smith

We’re sure that you purchased Nespresso with high hopes for the satisfaction of your coffee needs. Surely, your Nespresso has served you well for a long time. But suddenly, you’re here looking for answers to the issue running through your head: why does my Nespresso tastes burnt?

Your machine is working fine and you’re getting the right volume of your coffee or espresso.  But still, where is the problem coming from? Time to stop stressing your mind because we have got all the answers for you! Find out why your Nespresso coffee tastes burnt so you can hasten towards fixing it!

3 Reasons Why Nespresso Tastes Burnt

There are three possible reasons why your Nespresso could be brewing you a burnt coffee. No, your machine is not serving you for a grudge against you. It’s only suffering a little and with your help, it can quickly go back to brewing magical coffee again!

Reason 1: Your coffee is being over-extracted

You are probably extracting your coffee too much unconsciously. There are two cup sizes you can choose from when brewing your espresso. The small one is the espresso pour (1.35 ounces) and the larger one is the lungo pour (3.7 ounces).

Depending on the cup size, you need to choose the right pod for your Nespresso. Only certain kinds of pods brew a Lungo. If you mess with this combination your coffee can taste bitter. This is because it will be over-extracted as a larger (than intended) amount of water passes through it.

Reason 2: Your machine needs a thorough cleaning

If you regularly and consistently use your espresso machine, it can easily collect oils and particles inside. So, when you brew your next cup of espresso, its flavors will be influenced by the grease and dirt accumulated inside the machine. This will make it bitter.

Make sure to frequently clean your Nespresso machine. If your cleaning cycle results in brownish water, you’ll know that clogged dirt was your issue.

Always remember to eject the capsule as soon as you are done making coffee to prevent clogging through ground coffee. Apart from cleaning, descale your Nespresso as well and make sure to remove the pods before running your water cycles.

Reason 3: Your Nespresso machine needs repairing

There is also an off chance that your machine has become defective and requires urgent repairs. You can figure this out if your coffee tastes not just biter but metallic and plastic. One reason for this could be the overheating of the thermo-block inside the Nespresso.

If you have already checked the first and the second reason, we believe it’s time to contact customer support. Make sure you use the Nespresso warranty if you have recently bought the machine.


1. Does Nespresso taste better after descaling?

Descaling the machine gets rid of all the grease and clogged coffee beans inside the machine. This significantly improves the espresso extraction and the taste. If you have manually configured your machine, resetting Nespresso might also result in a better taste.

2. How often should I descale my Nespresso?

It is suggested that the Nespresso machine should be descaled after brewing every 600 cups of espresso. Or, simply every six months.

3. How long can Nespresso descaling take?

Descaling your Nespresso machine can take about thirty minutes. The process may be lengthy, however, it is absolutely important if you want a good-tasting coffee that doesn’t ruin your health. So, don’t try to get out of it and frequently clean your Nespresso

4. How do I know when my Nespresso requires descaling?

If your Nespresso machine flashes orange or red, it is a sign that either your water tank needs refilling or the machine requires descaling. Check the water tank first, if it is full, go ahead and descale the machine.


No one likes a burnt-tasting coffee. Coffee is supposed to cheer your soul and wake your mind not make your mouth pucker in disgust. So, the next time you feel that burnt sensation, you won’t be wondering ‘why does my Nespresso coffee tastes burnt?’ Instead, you’ll jump into action.

Never keep your heart or your stomach waiting for coffee! Happy caffeinating!

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