Jura Z6 vs E8 Coffee Machine: Which One Stands Out

Jura Z6 Vs E8 Coffee Machine

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Timothy Byron Smith

If you find it difficult to choose between the Jura Z6 vs E8 coffee machine, then let us tell you that the more extravagant option is the Jura Z6. Although this doesn’t mean that the E8 is a bad choice, it too has some wins over the Z6 model. However, if you want advanced features and technology in a sleek modern package, then Z6 is made for you.

In any case, a simple summary is not enough to make a final decision. So, here’s a detailed review to help you find the best coffee machine. If you’re confused right now, get ready to say bye-bye to that confusion because soon you’ll be welcoming your new Coffee machine!

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Jura Z6 Vs E8 (Comparison Overview)

Here is a quick snapshot of how the two Jura models differ across their features and technology.


Specification Jura Z6 Jura E8
Dimensions 12.6 x 14.8  x 17.7 Inches 17.3 x 11 x 13.8 Inches
Weight 25.4 pounds 26.49 pounds
Power/Voltage 120 volts 230 volts
Pump Pressure 15 bars 15 bars
Water Tank Capacity 81 ounces 64 ounces
Drink Options 13 17
Coffee Grounds Container 20 pucks 16 pucks
Size of the Bean Hoppe 280g 280g
Display TFT Color  TFT Color
Interface Rotary switch Buttons and Rotary Dial
One-Touch Function No Yes
Hot water programmability 3 levels 3 levels
Adjustable Coffee Strength 10 levels 10 levels
Adjustable Temperature 3 levels 3 levels
Adjustable Milk Temperature 10 levels none
Bypass Doser Yes Yes
Milk Frother HP3 HP3
Automatic power off Yes Yes

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Design & Build Quality

As far as the dimensions are concerned both the coffee machines have a similar size that is suitable for any kitchen. Although comparing the weight, the E8 is heavier than the Z6. However, neither is the weight difference too much nor does it mean that the E8 is a bulky machine. It is as compact as they come.

Moreover, both models feature a fairly simplistic, sturdy, and similar design. The Z6 comes in either a tough diamond black body or an elegant aluminum exterior. No doubt, it would look absolutely gorgeous in your kitchen or office space. Meanwhile, the E8 comes only in an aluminum body which is super durable.

The E8 beats Z6 in terms of the machine display. Where the E8 flaunts a one-touch screen system and color display, the Z6 has a TFT color display.

Usage & Brewing Options

Compared to the E8 model, the Jura Z6 is much simpler to use for an average person. This is mainly due to the option of buttons on the side as well as the rotary dial on the top part. Conversely, E8’s touch technology can be a bit difficult to grasp. However, it is ideal for the modern user!

In terms of brewing options, E8 has an edge with 17 drink choices compared to the Z6’s 13 specialty drink options. Not just that, the E8 offers several exotic options, such as Cortado, Cafe Barista, Espresso Doppio, etc.

The Jura Z6 although lacks these fancy drinks, it does have some special variety of its own! You can make a delicious cup of flat white, Macchiato, Ristretto, and other such drinks in no time.

Milk System

There is somewhat of a tie regarding the milk system for the coffee machines. They are both equipped with efficient and automatic frothing technologies for the perfect milk-based espresso drink.

The milk frother on Jura E8 is the G2 fine foam milk frother. Its modern technology is super fast, easy to clean, and creates a perfect consistency. Whereas the Z6 includes a standard milk frother. However, Z6 has an edge because of the 10 pre-programmed milk temperature controls. This intricacy of gentle adjustment is lacking in the E8.

One difference between the two is that the Z6 frother is situated between the two coffee spouts. So, you get to enjoy a hands-free experience with minimum cup movement and therefore less spillage. The E8 has a separate milk frother so there is more movement of the cup between the coffee and milk spout.

Type of Grinders & Precision

Many coffee machines require a separate grinder. However, the Jura Z6 and E8 have no such requirement.
Jura Z6 Features the advanced Aroma G3 grinder whereas the Jura E8 uses a more basic version of the Aroma grinder. It’s still modern and both the grinders have excellent speed and grind precision and consistency. However, Z6’s edge is that the G3 grinder is much quieter.

E8 users often complain about the loudness of the grinder. On the other hand, Z6’s grinder with its sharp blades grinds away smoothly. It produces a finer grind and a deeply flavourful coffee. So, with the Z6 you can expect a richer and more aromatic coffee.

Water Reservoir Tank

The two Jura models of coffee machines have different water-holding capacities. While the Jura E8 holds up to 64 ounces the Z6 holds much more than that. Precisely 81 ounces of water or a bit more.

Since the Z6 holds a greater quantity of water it is better suited for large families, an office environment, or a very frequent coffee drinker. You can have many cups of coffee before a refill is required. However, with the E8, extensive usage could mean frequent refills. So, the E8 is better suited for a more moderate usage of the machine.

In any case, the larger size of the water tank makes Z6 a bit wider and bulkier in size. This can hamper its portability and compromise the lightweight design that users typically look for. Still, you get to save a thousand trips to the kitchen to refill the tank so it’s a blessing in disguise!

Buying Options & Price

You can easily purchase these coffee machines from an appliance store or order them online. While both machines feature a simplistic design still you will have to make a choice to buy the Jura Z6. It comes in a bit of a variety in terms of its design whereas the E8 rocks it with one aluminum look.

In terms of the price, the Z6 is obviously more expensive considering the extra features it has. The price is also justified since the users enjoy added convenience with the Z6. However, if you don’t care for the extravagance, then the E8 would be a comparatively cheaper and amazing option!

It is important to know that despite the cheaper price, the E8 is by no means an inferior machine. So, if you are worried about the Jura coffee machine errors and think this is a bad machine just because it is less expensive, don’t think too much! You will not be taking a step back.

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Jura Z6 Vs E8 (Features Overview)

With coffee machine sales continuously increasing around the world, many new versions are coming up with newer features. So, while the Z6 and the E8 have many shared features, there are still a number of features that are unique to each model. Here’s a rundown of the features you can anticipate and enjoy in each of the Jura models.

Jura Z6 Features

  • Pulse extraction process technology
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Thermoblock heating
  • Powder chute for pre-ground coffee
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Adjustable brewing temperature
  • Automatic shut off during inactivity
  • 13 specialty coffee options

What’s unique about this machine?

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

What is unique about this machine is; number one, its adjustable milk temperatures. This is something you won’t find in the E8. The ability to control and adjust the milk temperature allows you to brew barista-quality drinks right at home.

Moreover, using the SMART connect feature, the Z6 can establish a wireless connection. This means you can operate the machine from anywhere. Imagine sitting in your room and not having to get up to brew your morning latte.

Finally, the Z6 features a super quiet grinder. You can choose any of your favorite coffee beans for Jura and the grinder will do justice to them. In fact, you won’t even know it’s grinding till that exotic aroma hits the nose!

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

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Jura E8 Features

  • Pulse extraction process technology
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Thermoblock heating
  • Powder chute for pre-ground coffee
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Adjustable brewing temperature
  • Automatic shut off during inactivity
  • 17 specialty coffee options

What’s unique about this machine?

The Jura E8 Coffee Machine

First of all, what’s unique about this machine is its extremely user-friendly interface. From a rotary dial to a single-touch mechanism, it’s got everything. So, anyone can control and operate it with great ease.

Additionally, it can connect to the mobile app to give you a grand wireless experience. You won’t need to be in front of the machine every time you need it to start brewing.

Finally, the E8 gives you a grand coffee experience by offering some super fancy and exotic drink options! The choices are way more than the Z6 offers and some of the espressos drink you won’t find in just any other coffee machine.

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

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Pros & Cons of Jura Z6 Vs E8 Espresso Machine

Although the hype for both machines is real, they are still not without their pros and cons. And it is extremely important to know about these pros and especially cons because any little thing has the power to influence your purchase decision.

Jura Z6


  • Has the space and adjustability of a spout to accommodate mugs of various sizes
  • The 15-bar pump creates optimal pressure quickly
  • Includes an efficient and noiseless Aroma G3 grinder
  • App connectivity for a wireless experience
  • A larger water tank capacity means you can avoid frequent refills
  • Includes an automatic shut-off feature to save energy


  • The size can be bulky for some users.
  • Expensive machine

Jura E8


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Compatible with SMART app for wireless experience
  • Includes a double spit as well as a removable drip tray
  • The milk system features an automatic milk rinse option
  • Extremely compact to fit any kitchen
  • Has a larger drink variety
  • The spouts are height adjustable for different mug sizes.


  • The coffee grinder can be noisy
  • The heating time is slightly longer

Jura Z6 vs E8: Which is the Best Overall?

Overall, we would go with the Z6 model as one of the best Jura coffee machines. It may be somewhat expensive but for those extra few dollars, you will end up with an espresso machine with amazing features to last you many many years. Yes, it may have lesser drink options but you won’t be missing out on any of your most drank beverages.

The Z6 has everything you need. From a high-tech display to a quiet grinder, drink options to an advanced milk frother, and everything else you will need plus more! In fact, be it the bean hopper capacity or the water reservoir, everything is more in it.

In any case, this doesn’t mean that the E8 is a poor choice. While our preferences lie with the Z6, we do find the E8 to be a perfectly reasonable option. Especially considering that it shares quite a few features with the Z6 at a relatively cheaper price.

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What About the Refurbished Jura Z6 & E8 Espresso Machines?

While many fear buying refurbished models for any appliance we are here to tell you that it is a completely viable option! Jura coffee machines in a refurbished model will cost you much less but will still be found in perfect condition, as great as the original new model.

In fact, did you know that many Jura coffee machine’s refurbished models also come with a warranty? YES! It’s true. So, in case of any issue that you fear might arise, you can always take the machine to the store you bought it from with your warranty card and things will get sorted for you.

How to Select the Right Jura Coffee Machine?

If you wish to buy the best automatic espresso machine, Jura is a great brand choice for that. But how do you know which Jura is the best for you? Well, for that you will need to evaluate the machine on certain factors to see if it suits your requirements and desires.

Here’s what to look for and examine when browsing espresso machines:

  • The size of the coffee machine
  • Material durability
  • The cutting-edge technology found in the machine
  • Adjustable spouts to fit your mugs
  • CLEARYL Smart filters for cleaning and maintenance
  • Energy-saving mode or automatic power-off feature
  • A variety of drink options
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • The right interface (touch, button, rotary, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Jura Z6 worth it?

The Jura Z6 may be an expensive model, however, the cutting-edge technology and advanced features found in the machine make it totally worth it.

2. What drinks does the Jura 6 make?

Among the many options, the Jura Z6 includes drinks such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, etc.

3. How long do Jura coffee machines last?

Jura coffee machines have a life of about 6 to 9 years.

Final Verdict

To sum up, your choice will depend on your requirements while our choice between the Jura Z6 vs E8 is the Z6. The Z6 is a more expensive option with more exciting features, however, the E8 despite being cheaper also includes many outstanding features. Some of them are very similar to Z6.

So, the best way to decide which of the two machines will suit you best is to explore their features and trust your judgment. Our only advice is to not let bells and whistles cloud your decision.

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