Jura Ena 8 vs E8: Side-By-Side Comparison

Jura ENA 8 Vs E8 Coffee Machine

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The Jura dilemma unsettles the best of us. With the brand producing exceptional Jura coffee machines having the most amazing features, how can you possibly choose just one? In any case, we do what the budget allows us to do. So, Jura Ena 8 vs E8, is the best machine in terms of price and features. Let’s find out!

To give you a hint, the E8 is more expensive but when you look at its features, you’ll know it deserves every penny spent on it.

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Jura Ena 8 Vs E8 (Overview)

Your search for a suitable Jura espresso machine will end right here. Jura is known for producing fine-quality coffee machines. Since Ena 8 and E8 are both Jura machines, they do have some common features. And what is different in them, we’ll just find out!


Not into reading review paragraphs? Here’s a short and to-the-point summary of the two coffee machine’s specifics.

Specifications  Jura ENA 8 Jura E8
Weight 21 pounds 22 pounds
Grinder Yes Yes
Dimensions 11 x 13.6 x 16.5 11 x 13.8 x 17.3
Water Tank Capacity 37 ounces 64 ounces 
Pulse Extraction Process Yes Yes
Bean Hopper 4.4 ounces 10 ounces
Drink Options 15 17
One-Touch Function Yes Yes

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Design and Build Quality

The Jura E8 has a sleek and minimalistic appearance that gives off a very premium vibe. It is available in chrome, white, and piano black colors and flaunts an elegant traditional look with a button interface. Jura E8 has a compact look despite the extravagant features it has, such as the built-in water tank, frother, and bean hopper.

Jura Ena 8, on the other hand, has one of the most compact Jura designs ever. And it rocks these designs in exotic colors such as metallic and red. It showcases the stylish water tank on its side, which is easy to remove and refill as well! What’s more, it’s designed to complement your kitchen and won’t take up much space at all!

Usage and Brewing Options

Jura Ena 8 features a 15-bar pump and a thermoblock technology to brew a fantastic shot of espresso. Its TFT color display includes beverage pictures which makes it easy to choose the right drink out of the 15 options even if you can’t remember the name. The settings are easy to manipulate for anyone in this user-friendly coffee maker.

As for the E8, it uses extremely advanced technologies to brew the perfect cup of coffee, with no compromises. The process begins with the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma system (IPBAS) for precise coffee and water proportion. Then the PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) technology takes over to prepare the grounds for extraction.

Compared to the Ena 8, the E8 has more advanced options. For instance, the drink variety alone is 17 while in Ena 8 the drink variety is 15. So, you can brew a number of different types of espresso drinks very easily.

Milk Steaming & Frothing

The E8 features a separate milk system on the side of the machine. It has a separate milk spout and includes the Fine Foam Frother G2 technology for optimal frothing and steaming. Additionally, the E8 makes life easier with its one-touch cleaning mechanism for the milk system so it’s always in a clean and brand-new condition.

The separate milk system gives E8 users extra control over their milk-based beverages. On the other hand, the automatic milk system of the Ena 8 lacks this adjustability.

Ena 8 doesn’t have a separate milk system. The milk spout is right next to the coffee spout and automatically prepares milk beverages. It features the Fine Foam and Cappuccino Frother technology and requires manual rinsing of the system.

Types of Grinders & Precision

The one massive difference between the Ena 8 and E8 is in the type of grinders they feature. The Ena 8 takes the lead with the advanced style Aroma G3 grinder which is faster, quieter, and energy-efficient. The E8, on the other hand, features an Aroma grinder.

The G3 grinder ensures higher precision and less coffee residue. Moreover, it includes sharper grinding blades and allows the Ena 8 six different grind settings for customization.

What the E8 has in its favor is the option to use whole coffee beans in the hopper. Or, you can also use pre-ground coffee and add it to the chute for quicker brewing.

Water Reservoir Tank

The E8’s water tank is built inside the machine whereas the Ena 8 flaunts its stylish water tank on the side. While the E8 will suit those more who want a compact design, the Ena 8 will benefit those who want to monitor their water tank to know when it needs refilling.

The E8 has a higher water tank capacity compared to the Ena 8. This means it can brew more drinks at a time compared to the Ena 8. However, the Ena 8 has one thing in its favor which it is relatively easier to clean and refill.

Although cleaning the E8 water tank might appear to be a hassle, however, the E8’s water tank is designed to stay cleaner for longer.

Descaling & Maintenance

Jura E8 includes an advanced cleaning and maintenance technology – the Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge. It features an automatic rinsing, descaling, and cleaning mode to keep your Jura coffee machine prim and clean always. Furthermore, it monitors the drip tray to alert when it needs to be emptied.

Ena 8, on the other hand, features the CLARIS Smart mini system. It features the same cleaning options and mechanisms but with a smaller water filter system.

An additional cleaning feature for the E8 is the separate automatic cleaning mechanism for its milk system. It auto-cleans the entire milk system after every use to keep it clog-free.

Buying Options and Price

Considering the range of options and features found in the E8, it is no surprise that the E8 is the more expensive machine out of the two. While the price difference isn’t exactly massive, it is still present.

Both the Jura coffee makers are easily available online on Amazon or their original websites for purchase.

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Jura Ena 8 vs E8 (Features Overview)

Coffee is known to reduce the risk of liver cancer by 76%. Here is how the advanced technology of these machines helps produce the best-tasting and healthy coffee for you!

Jura Ena 8 features

Here are the features that the Jura Ena 8 brings with it;

  • Built-in Bluetooth function.
  • Compact size that easily fits your countertop space.
  • Compact bean hopper.
  • Stylish and compact water tank.
  • Single spout: you can only make one drink at a time but this means cleaning is less of a hassle.
  • A contemporary look with exotic color options.
  • Aroma G3 Grinder for precise grinding.

What’s unique about this machine?

Jura ENA 8 Coffee Machine

What’s unique about this machine is how it is equipped with exceptional features despite its compact size. The Ena 8 compromises on nothing because of its size. It may have a smaller water tank capacity but mind you the water tank is as stylish as it can get!

Plus, the Ena 8 features the latest technologies as well such as the CLARIS water system for maintenance and the G3 Aroma grinder for precision. For a relatively small price, users enjoy an easy-to-use coffee machine that is up-to-date with looks and equipped with every brewing option that they will need.

Jura Ena 8 Coffee Machine

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Jura E8 Features

Here is what you can expect to enjoy with the Jura E8 coffee machine:

  • Bluetooth function (however, it requires an adapter)
  • Large and sturdy design
  • High bean hopper capacity
  • High water tank capacity
  • 3 different coffee spouts. Two in the middle for coffee and one on the side for milk
  • Separate milk system for milk-based beverages
  • Sleek color options: piano black, chrome, and white
  • CLARIS water system technology
  • A self-cleaning mechanism for both the coffee and milk system.

What’s unique about this machine?

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

What makes a super-automatic espresso machine an extraordinary choice is its variety of advanced options. It has more of everything. Be it coffee variety, bean hopper capacity, water tank capacity, or milk beverage options. Jura E8 is prepared to give you nothing but the best.

An outstanding feature of the E8 is its self-cleaning mechanism. Cleaning is one thing about coffee machines that bothers every user. You need to do it if you want a good-tasting coffee, but it’s so exhausting. Jura E8 makes it super easy with its advanced technology so you can enjoy espresso without being depressed!

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

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Pros & Cons of Jura Ena 8 VS E8 Espresso Machines

Jura Ena 8


  • Exceptional Aroma G3 burr grinder
  • Lightweight and small bean hopper and water tank
  • 15 varieties of espresso drinks
  • Cleaning indicators present to alert for a full drip tray
  • Smart Connect technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Budget-friendly


  • It can only extract and serve one espresso shot at a time
  • No customizable milk functions

Jura E8


  • Top-tier technology for espresso brewing: PEP (Pulse Extraction Process)
  • Easy customization of coffee
  • The intelligent water system for optimal usage
  • Thermoblock technology for optimal heating
  • Options to use both whole beans and pre-ground coffee
  • Aroma burr grinder
  • 17 different options for coffee drinks
  • High programmability
  • Automatic cleaning system


  • Does not have the latest Aroma G3 Grinder
  • The water tank is a bit tricky to refill and clean

Jura Ena 8 Vs E8: Which is Overall Better?

So, with each coffee maker equipped with its own unique features, which one do you choose? Which is overall the best? It all really comes down to two things: price and features of the machine. Also, your personal preference.

The Jura E8 includes a number of advanced features from technologies such as the thermoblock and PEP to an auto-cleaning mechanism. Moreover, it even has a separate milk system as well. All these features and more make brewing coffee a grand experience. However, it all comes at a higher price compared to the Ena 8.

We find the E8 much better compared to the Ena 8 coffee machine. It may cost more but it also makes coffee-making an easy experience. Plus, you have higher control over your beverages and a larger variety. Still, if budget is an issue then Ena 8 does not lag far behind either.

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What about the Refurbished Jura Espresso Machine?

Refurbished Jura machines are the best savings option for those who can’t be extravagant in their spending but still desire the luxury of coffee machines. So, if you think a coffee machine is out of the budget… enter refurbished coffee machine models!

You can easily get your desired Jura coffee machine in a refurbished model. It may sound a bit risky but it really isn’t that much of a risk. Refurbished models are designed and tested to work in optimal conditions. Just like your original model espresso machines.

The best part is that they also come with at least a year’s warranty! So, if you wish to enjoy the features of a world-class Jura espresso machine without throwing much money away, go for the refurbished models.

How to Select the Right Jura Coffee Machine?

The right Jura coffee machine is the machine that makes a home, not in your kitchen, but in your heart. And how do you find such a machine? By exploring the various features that it offers! So, here are the features to look for when browsing espresso machines.


One of the first few things you must consider is size. You can find amazing Jura models in compact sizes as well. Many people end up buying bulky espresso machines for the sake of features and then they don’t have the space for them at home. So, make sure you are buying what you can keep.


Remember to assess the build and design quality of the espresso machine that you are buying. What looks pretty is not always sturdy. And you need your espresso machine to last. So, ideally, go for machines with a stainless steel build.

Cutting-edge Technology

An espresso machine is supposed to make coffee brewing easy for you. For that, it must be equipped with the necessary advanced technology. For example, who doesn’t want a self-cleaning espresso machine? Or thermoblock technology for optimal heating?

So, examine the operating mechanisms and make sure you are getting the latest features according to your needs.

Pulse Extraction Process

PEP technology ensures optimal extraction and retains a significant aroma in your coffee. If you want your coffee to taste phenomenal, then make sure the espresso machine you buy is equipped with PEP.

CLEARYL Smart Filters

This intelligent water system ensures a thorough rinsing of your Jura espresso machine. It alerts you when the filter is inserted and automatically switches to the cleaning mode to start cleaning. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of manual cleaning, make sure your Jura has an intelligent water system.

Drinking Options

Look for an espresso machine that has a variety of drinking options. If you wish to try new exotic coffee options as well as specialty coffee recipes(who doesn’t want to make a latte?) go for machines with more than 10 options at least. However, if you wish to drink the same old espresso then don’t waste money on coffee machines with extravagant options that you won’t use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Jura E8 better than Ena 8?

The E8 is a more advanced model of coffee machine by Jura. It has all the advanced features and therefore costs more too. It is better than the Ena 8 in terms of the technology it features but is more expensive. However, the extra money is totally well spent on the E8

2. Is Jura E8 discontinued?

Yes, the Jura E8 has been discontinued at the first-line

Final Verdict

Our final opinion on the Jura Ena 8 vs E8 is simply that you can never go wrong with a Jura coffee machine. If you are willing to spend a little extra then, E8 is the best choice for your liking. Especially because it has extra advanced features. However, if you wish to remain on a budget then the Ena 8 will do you well.

At the end of the day, just make sure you are getting what meets your desires and needs. As long as the coffee machine is caffeinating you, you are good to go!

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