Best Jura Coffee Machines

10 Best Jura Coffee Machines of 2022

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Jura prides itself on its innovative touch to the design of espresso machines. This means if you want the pleasure of your favorite coffee at a single touch, Jura is the right brand for you. But, how will you tell which is the best Jura coffee machine of them all?

Jura increased its coffee machine sales to about 498,000 in 2020 only. This proves that the brand as a whole is reliable; if that many people are purchasing it. Still, choosing one out of many can be overwhelming especially considering the rising expense. That’s where we come in.

To make the task easy for you, we have covered all the hard research work! Here is a compilation of the top 10 best Jura coffee machines in terms of their features, prices, and design. With the options narrowed down, it shouldn’t take long before you bring the best Jura coffee maker home!

Best Jura Coffee Machine (Detailed Review)

The Swiss company isn’t coming slowly which is why this is your one-stop-know-it-all article. While Jura espresso machines are typically known to brew magic, you need to choose the kind of magic that is perfect for you. For this, it is crucial to know how the Jura machines differ from each other.

1. Jura E8 (Piano Black) Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 is designed to look fabulous and elegant as well as produce quality coffee instantly! It includes a built-in frother and a glass body milk container as a bonus! The fine foam technology creates the perfect frothy texture for your milk-based espresso drink.

It features a built-in Aroma G3 grinder which saves much extra work. You can grind the coffee beans to a fine powder with its 6 level units. Plus, the grinder retains the appetizing aroma of the coffee and grinds it twice as fast as any regular grinder! So, like the beans, your coffee will be fresh as ever.

Finally, the easy TFT display has buttons assigned to every specialty drink. Literally, just press the right button and the desired coffee will start brewing. The exquisite brew of this machine is due to the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP technology). It optimizes coffee extraction so even the espressos and ristrettos taste scrumptious!

Produces fantastic coffee
Built-in frother and grinder
Fast heating time
Single touch interface
Quiet grinder

Frothing device requires regular cleaning

Jura E8 (Piano Black) Coffee Machine

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2. Jura E6 (Platinum) Automatic Coffee Machine

Sitting on the kitchen or office counter, this stainless steel platinum Jura E6 is a sight to behold. And once you try the coffee it brews, there’s no going back to instant or any other coffee ever! Although it brews 6 different specialty drinks, it’s best known for the cappuccinos. So, the Jura E6 vs E8 is a tough competition.

The TFT color display makes navigation very easy. Despite falling in the middle price range, it is equipped with some of the best features. Coffee making with Jura E6 is made easy through PEP technology, a G3 aroma grinder, and an Intelligent Water system. Also, this machine is programmed to reduce wastage too!

The coolest part of this coffee maker is the double spouts! You can get two single shots or one double instantaneously. However, the one setback you might experience is with the frother. It isn’t equipped with the latest technology, however, for those who aren’t crazy about innovative tech, it won’t be a problem.

Brews a grand cup of cappuccino
Falls in the affordable price range
Made from a sturdy stainless steel material

No coffee grounds chute
Lacks innovative foam technology

Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Machine

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3. Jura A1 (Piano white) Automatic coffee machine

If we had to describe the Jura A1 in two words it would be Elegant and Minimalistic. The Piano white coffee maker is definitely a soothing sight for sore eyes. It’s got a 37-ounce water tank and a 4.4-ounce bean container so you can even use pre-ground coffee if you need it.

The button interface features three buttons to brew three professional quality coffees. Although the level of programmability in Jura A1 is less compared to other Jura machines, it focuses more on quality and excels at that.

The Pulse Extraction Process technology and the Aroma G3 grinder save extra expenses and create the perfect cup of coffee. Additionally, this technology even prevents wastage. So, if you’re not looking for milk-based espresso drinks this machine is perfect!

Compact and elegant design
Professional quality espresso shots

Limited coffee options
No frothing technology

Jura A1 Automatic coffee machine

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4. Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura D6 comes in a lower price range but with added features. For instance, unlike the A1, the Jura D6 also brews specialty coffee like the cappuccino and not just your regular espresso. While it includes the main technologies, like the PEP technology, however, it lacks the more modern features.

The Jura D6 features a simple digital display compared to the TFT color displays of the modern Jura versions. This makes it one of the simplest Jura espresso machines. Other than that the Aroma G2 grinder that is built-in the machine is super fast and precise.

Finally, the prominent perk of this machine is the customizable milk and coffee strength and is adaptable to Smart Connect technology. So, in the lower price range, this machine includes all the important features you will need for a delicious cup of coffee or cappuccino!

Easy to use
Smart Connect technology
Brews coffee as well as a specialty drink

Aroma G2 grinder instead of the latest Aroma G3

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

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5. Jura Z6 (Aluminum) Automatic Coffee Maker

One look at the price tag and you can tell that the Jura Z6 is something extraordinary. Yes, it’s a high-end coffee machine and pretty expensive. However, you will reap every last cent that you spend on it. If you want a more affordable model you can look for the refurbished version of Z6.

If you desire a large variety of coffee options then this coffee machine is for you. The Z6 is equipped with the IWS (Intelligent Water System) and RADIO Frequency Identification Chip to alert you when the filter needs changing. It brews an instantly hot beverage and the PEP technology also reduces the extraction time.

Two of the best features of this machine are the double spouts and the super-easy milk system. The milk system has 10 different settings at a single touch and produces the frothiest specialty drink you will ever taste!

Personalized drink profiles available
Amazing milk frothing system
Easy to clean
Brews barista-quality espresso


Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Maker

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6. Jura S8 (chrome) Automatic Coffee MachineJura-S8-chrome-Automatic-Coffee-Machine

The Jura S8 automatic espresso machine is designed for ease of use and maximum variety. It features a double spout, milk frother, and 15 programmable specialty coffee drinks! All this is packed into a compact stainless steel beauty that exudes class sitting on any countertop.

The Pulse Extraction Process technology combined with the fabulous G3 aroma grinder produces the perfect coffee! The whole beans can be ground to perfection without losing their aroma at all. Because of the built-in grinder, you will always drink a fresh cup of coffee. And there is almost no wastage which makes it very eco-friendly.

With the high-resolution TFT display, navigating and brewing coffee options becomes a cakewalk. Plus the PEP and fine foam technology mean you will brew nothing but the most fantastic cup of coffee.

TFT display
Easy to clean
Fine foam technology and built-in grinder


Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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7. Jura ENA 8 (Metropolitan Black) Automatic Coffee Machine

The ENA 8 is definitely the perfect espresso machine for an office setting. The metropolitan black color gives it a professional and classy vibe. Plus, the compact design adds to the finesse of the machine. Still, with a minimalistic and compact look, the ENA 8 is equipped with the latest technology to brew 10 different luxury coffees.

With the innovative PEP technology, a built-in G3 grinder, and the fine foaming milk system, ENA 8 can brew anything from a simple espresso to the infamous Macchiato. The one drawback, for some, would be the single-cup extraction system. However, for those who prefer quality over everything, it’s the perfect deal.

The TFT color display makes programming the machine and choosing the drink very convenient and fast. Not to mention the 36.8 ounces water tank holds sufficient coffee for a couple of cups at a time.

Compact design
TF color display
Built-in grinder and frother
Easy to use

Fewer drink variety

Jura ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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8. Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

It’s super easy to use, it’s got a built-in frother, and all you need is a single touch to experience the magic of the Impressa C65. This machine is all about innovation and user convenience when it comes to brewing coffee.

The smart rotary switch makes choosing the desired beverage very fast and simple. Plus, the fine foam technology of C65 creates the most feathery crown of froth to take your milk-based drinks to the next level. What’s more? The extraction spout has an adjustable length!

Other than that the C65 is also extremely easy to clean. However, the one drawback for some coffee fanatics would be the material it’s made from plastic. However, despite not being a metal coffee maker, it still guarantees protection and sturdiness.

Fine foam technology
Easy to use interface
Easy to clean
Adjustable spout

Made of plastic material.

Jura C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

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9. Jura Z8 (Aluminum) Coffee Machine

Jura Z8 falls in the expensive price range of Jura coffee makers. However, the high price is compensated by its advanced features such as the dual spout and 20+ pre-programmed coffee beverages. You can even create coffee profiles and fine-tune the brewing parameters yourself.

The modern design of the Jura Z8 coffee maker can be seen in the touch display it features rather than the TFT display, Additionally, it also includes two separate thermoblock heating systems to prepare your coffee and frothed milk simultaneously.

The G3 aroma grinder freshly grinds the coffee to prepare the most delicious-smelling coffee. The convenience of Jura Z8’s features is extraordinary!

Two thermoblock heating systems
Touchscreen display
Personalized coffee profiles
Easy to clean


Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

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10. Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Double or nothing, this appears to be the motto of the Giga 6 coffee machine. Here is an extremely extravagant espresso machine for fancy coffee lovers. It’s got two of everything! Two coffee grinders, two milk frothing systems, two thermoblock heating systems, and two pumps!

That is not it either. The Giga 6 allows coffee lovers to brew 28 different coffee beverages which is A LOT. Additionally, the Giga 6 can brew these different coffee drinks via three different brewing methods. From a shot of espresso to brewing a simple coffee or a cold coffee, it can do anything.

The best part about this machine is the double systems. This allows you not only to brew two different kinds of coffee at the same time. But, you can also use two different kinds of beans for them! Clearly, this machine is created for abundant options and much convenience, best suited for coffee shops.

Professional quality coffee
Two grinder, pumps, thermoblock heating systems and frothers.
Huge variety of coffee drinks

High water consumption

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

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Features to look for in a Jura Coffee Machine

Purchasing the Jura machine will introduce you to many technicalities. You will encounter many complex terms, features, and settings that might make you feel dumb and confused. However, they are extremely important to understand to know which is the best Jura coffee machine for you.

Here’s what you might want to look for and know about in Jura machines.

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System

This is an essential technology to have in your Jura machine and isn’t as complex as it sounds. It simply involves adding a small amount of water to the coffee puck prior to brewing. This betters the process of coffee extraction.

Pulse Extraction Process or PEP

We have constantly referred to this particularly advanced technology in Jura machines. Most of the machines are equipped with PEP. This process is responsible for pulling the water through the coffee grounds. This results in a deeper extraction and a perfect crema.

PEP mainly ensures that the drinks you brew are neither weak nor watery.

Intelligent Water System and CLEARYL Filter

People tend to underestimate the role of water in producing perfect cups of coffee. If you brew coffee or espresso with fresh water, the taste will escalate on so many levels!

The CLEARYL water filter removes chlorine as well as any other impurities from the water. This reduces the frequent descaling of the machine and makes maintenance of the machine very easy. CLEARYL employs smart technology in the form of a chip called the RFID. It alerts users when the filter needs changing.

Aroma G3 Grinder

The Aroma G3 grinder is the most convenient feature you can have in your Jura coffee machine. It saves extra expenses and time since the machine grinds the coffee beans itself in the built-in grinder.

It has twice the grinding speed compared to other grinders. Moreover, it has adjustable grind levels so you can choose your desired grind size for the coffee.

Fine Foam Technology

The fine foam technology is essential if your purpose to buy the espresso machine is specialty drinks. You will need the best quality frothing and foaming technology.

Fine foam technology froths the milk twice by running it through two separate chambers. This creates a beautiful and very foamy froth that appears to be of professional quality.

Jura Operating Experience App Compatibility

If the name is too much for you just remember it as the Smart App. The Jura Smart App allows you to operate your Jura machine from your mobile device through wifi or Bluetooth. Which is pretty amazing! The app can be easily downloaded from the google play store or the apple store.

And once you’ve got the app you can control any feature of the machine using it. If you have an apple device you are in luck because it gets fancier from here. If you install the JOE app, you can simply give SIRI a voice command to brew the coffee. And the Jura machine will start brewing.

If the Smart app appeals to you, make sure you look for it in the machine before purchasing. This is because only the very high-end machines stand to have this advanced technology.


Make sure to check the warranty of the machine. Every Jura machine has a 2-year warranty.

Jura Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Whether you’re a beginner exploring simple coffee machines, a budget-constrained person searching for affordable ones, or an extravagant coffee lover looking for premium Jura. The right coffee maker for your desires awaits you!

Jura Espresso Machines for Beginners

There are a couple of Jura espresso machines designed specifically to keep beginners in mind. They are easy to use especially for inexperienced home baristas. Plus, they come within an affordable range.

  • Jura D6
  • Jura A1
  • Jura ENA4

Mid-Range Jura Espresso Machines

This line of Jura espresso machines is a blend of affordable and advanced espresso machines. They are not extremely wallet-draining and possess fancy new tech like a touch screen colored display. Plus they have more options for drinks.

  • E6
  • E8
  • ENA 8
  • S8
  • WE6

Premium Jura Espresso Machines

These machines are at the high-end spectrum for Jura machines. They are equipped with the newest and latest technology and even have the Smart Connect adaptability option. This range includes the following coffee machines:

  • Z6
  • Z8
  • X8
  • WE8

Super-premium Jura espresso machines

This category of Jura machines includes only the top and most high-end models. Clearly, such models are extremely expensive and have the most unique features.

  • GIGA 6
  • GIGA W3
  • GIGA X7

Which is the best premium Jura espresso machine?

The best premium Jura espresso machine depends on the espresso machine features that you like. Many consider the Z8 and the Z6 to be the best while many others would argue for it to be the GIGA W3.

As long as all your desired coffee and coffee options are met, the best premium Jura espresso machine will be the very machine that you choose for yourself. One that has as many latest features as you need and the most advanced technologies.

Which is the best beginner Jura espresso machine?

For beginners, the Jura 8 would make the best choice. Not only is it not as expensive, but it adds value to the money you spend. Jura 8 beers both an excellent shot of espresso and a quality milk-based espresso beverage.

It’s very easy to use and with the Smart App, you can very easily control the machine from your phone. It may lack the cut-edge technology but it’s got every other essential that is needed.

Is going for a factory refurbished Espresso Machine a good choice?

Even the cheapest model of the Jura machines is high-end compared to many other espresso machines. This means if for the most basic model you will need a little budget. However, if you wish to save more money, you can buy a refurbished espresso machine that will brew and taste just as good!
It is important to remember that refurbished versions are used versions. The machine is as amazing as new and cheaper compared to the originals.

1st in Coffee is a great place to purchase refurbished coffee machines. A year-long warranty and a thirty day money-back policy have made your investment very secure!

Best Jura Coffee Machine Accessories

The Jura espresso machines also often highlight some extremely cool and unique features. Here are two of those features that make coffee all the more amazing!

Jura Cup Warmer

When you pour hot coffee into a cold cup, a significant amount of heat is lost. When drinking coffee, there is no compromise to the warmth and flavors of the drink. Jura machines solve the problem by producing cup warmers.

The cup warming tray is located at the top of the machine. It whips the coffee cup to the optimal temperature so it can receive your hot coffee fine.

Not to mention, considering the class of the Jura machines, even the cup warmers are designed to look amazing! Some machines can hold up to 4 cups as well. An additional perk is the programmability of the heating cup so your cup can be heated whenever you are ready to go ahead.

Jura Cool Control

The Jura cool control is a milk container that you will need to buy separately. It is available in sizes of 0.6 L to 2.5 L. It keeps the milk temperature at 39F so you don’t need to constantly rush to the fridge for cold milk.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Jura so expensive?

Jura machines are expensive because of the latest technology adapted to prepare the best coffee. To ensure high-quality espresso they include PEP technology, built-in grinders, and other features which make up for the price.

2. How long does a JURA machine last?

With a 50% longer life, Jura machines have an average life of 6 to 9 years. The average service of the machine is only 6 years.

3. What is special coffee on Jura E8?

Jura E8’s special coffee is the cappuccino. Or the Macchiato is not bad either. The fine foam technology in Jura E8 creates a perfectly beautiful frothy texture.

4. How often do you clean a Jura espresso machine?

If you wish to continue to savor the flavors of the espresso machine, you must thoroughly clean it at least once a month. This prevents the clogging of coffee and oils inside the machine.

5. Where are Jura coffee machines made?

The Jura company is situated in Switzerland. That is where the Jura magic happens and the machines are manufactured.

Wrap Up

Now, you have known all about the 10 Best Jura Coffee Machines of 2022. So, the best Jura machine might be a little costly, however, it can still fulfill all your coffee desires. With the right features, the price will not be that much of a nuisance for many. The new Jura models are entirely innovative and up-to-date with all the recent technologies which are amazing!

Regardless of the choice you make, as long as your desired features are found in the Jura machine you are good to go. If you’re still confused about which Jura machine to get, ask yourself what you want. Ask yourself the features that matter the most. Once you answer that, the best Jura machine will fall right into your lap instantly.

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