10 Popular Types Of Espresso Drinks (With Infographics)

Types Of Espresso Drinks

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Did you know that without espresso you wouldn’t have the different types of espresso drinks you so love? Espresso, itself, is concentrated coffee produced under high pressure in an espresso machine. But mix it with some milk, add a dash of sugar, and some other fancy ingredients and you have yourself a lavish coffee beverage!

Now, you may pride yourself on knowing all espresso-based drinks. But, it’s very easy to miss several of them. There is, after all, a huge variety of them all over the world! So, if you wish to explore beyond your typical choice of lattes and cappuccinos, you can start right here!

Get ready to find your new favorite coffee beverage!


What is an Espresso Drink?

Espresso is made as shots. It is a highly concentrated super strong coffee beverage. It is most perfectly made in espresso machines by forcing steaming pressurized water through finely-ground coffee beans. Plus, unlike the coffee beans, the beans for espresso are also roasted dark. It is also consumed raw, as it is, or as a base for other beverages.

Espresso-based drinks use espresso as the primary ingredient to include the coffee flavor. These drinks can have a number of other ingredients as well. Chocolate, caramel. Milk, sugar, you name it. Since these drinks aren’t pure coffee, they may or may not have a high level of caffeine.

10 Types Of Espresso Drinks

Ready to find out everything you’ve been missing out on and everything you will now take pleasure in? Let’s get started and give that taste buds of yours something to be thankful for!

Espresso Drink Types

1. The Classic Cappuccino

A classic cappuccino is made primarily from espresso and milk. Precisely, you use one-third of espresso plus one-third of steaming milk to create this delicious drink. Finally, there is that appealing milk foam at the top. It’s often considered one of the foamiest espresso drinks.

A cappuccino has got robust flavors. You can taste the bold coffee flavor and some sweetness because of the milk. If you want it sweeter you can add more sugar or order a dry cappuccino if you want less milk.

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2. Americano

Can you imagine it is a very popular widely consumed drink in America? No kidding!

The americano is a simple espresso-based drink and its only other ingredient is water. No, we’re not joking. It’s a popular drink to take to your office or consume early morning. All you have to do is pull a great shot of espresso from the espresso machine and add about two-thirds of the water to it.

The hot water dampens the strong espresso flavor a little. Making it easier and more enjoyable to consume.

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3. Latte

A cafe latte is probably one of the most popular beverages among those who do NOT like coffee. A latte is made with a shot of espresso (or more at times) and steamed milk topped with milk froth. It tastes sweet and rich in flavor – a perfect drink to give you the boldness of espresso with some sweetness.

This espresso drink is created with a lot of variations. It is often topped with brown sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and other add-ons to enhance its flavor. If you are someone who wants to enjoy coffee without its bold taste then a latte is the drink for you!

4. Mocha

Now, this espresso drink is probably not suitable as your early morning wake-me-up coffee. However, it’s the perfect chocolatey drink to enjoy as a sweet dessert and is popular among chocolate lovers!

It is one of the sweetest espresso drinks made with chocolate, a shot of espresso (or more), and steamed milk. You can add your chocolate melted, like chocolate syrup, or even as cocoa powder. To make it better it is often topped with whipped cream!

And, if you’re feeling a little extravagant you can even add some caramel or peppermint for additional exotic flavors!

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5. Macchiato

A traditional macchiato is a marked espresso drink. Originally, it contained no steamed milk but just a bit of the milk foam to mark it distinct from your usual espresso. However, the common and more popular versions of this drink make it with steamed milk and a layer of froth. However, the milk is in very little quantity.

There are two types of macchiato: long and short macchiato. The only difference between the two is that the short macchiato uses a single shot of espresso. Whereas the long macchiato is made using two shots of espresso.

6. Ristretto

The name ristretto means restricted. You can imagine a coffee that may be restricted in how it is produced but definitely not in its favor. Or the caffeine content!

This is basically a shot of espresso except much more concentrated. The ristretto espresso drink is made with a faster extraction time, using very finely ground coffee beans, and half the quantity of water. Only, imagine the concentration level and boldness of taste in this drink!

Most coffee drinkers consider it to be the purest form of coffee. It is often served with a glass of water on the side to drink in between sips.

7. Doppio

Cute name, no? However, this espresso drink is nothing fancy or exotic. Doppio is simply a double shot of espresso. In fact, doppio itself means ‘double,’ but you probably put that together yourself.

It is made using a larger amount of coffee beans and a double-shot filter. This produces twice the amount of espresso yielded in a single shot of espresso. It produces 60 milliliters of drink

Many espresso beverages are made using double shots of espresso in their coffee drinks.

8. Lungo

The lungo espresso drink appears similar to the americano but is different with its own distinct flavors. Lungo basically means long. It is your usual espresso except it takes longer to make and is heavier than the traditional espresso shot.

To make the lungo espresso drink, twice the amount of water is forced through the same quantity of coffee beans. This produces a drink higher in caffeine, more bitter in taste, and a stronger extraction level.

9. Red Eye

The name alone speaks volumes. With this drink, you are not sleeping a wink so definitely a red-eye situation going on here! If you are a caffeine junkie then this drink is for you. It is super strong and highly packed with caffeine.

This espresso drink is made in combination with your usual drip coffee. So, simply, you brew a cup of drip coffee and add your shot of espresso to it. It’s like making coffee with more coffee! If even this level of caffeine is not enough, some suggest adding another shot of espresso. However, at your own risk!

10. Black Eye

Wondering what’s up with these names? Well, they definitely do tell a story about the drink you’re about to consume.

So, if even the red-eye level of caffeine is not enough for you, some suggest adding another shot of espresso to your drink. And that is how you get a Black Eye (not literally we’re hoping!). Basically, a black eye espresso drink is similar to the Red Eye except that it is made using two shots of espresso.

The name is probably because of the intense black look that the drink has. Although it could also be because this drink is like a punch to your face. Yep, it hits you THAT hard.

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What are the different types of Espresso Shots?

Since espresso is an extremely concentrated form of coffee, it is typically consumed in smaller quantities. This quantity is determined in the form of shots.

However, there is no defined limit to how much is served. You can still ask for different shots of espresso and they’ll differ in quantity. And of course, in their caffeine content as well.

Here are some espresso shots you can ask for the next time you visit your favorite café:

1. Single Shot

A single shot of espresso is commonly made from around 7 grams of finely-ground coffee beans. It makes for 30 milliliters of espresso or one ounce of it. Moreover, a single ounce of espresso can contain about 30 to 50 milligrams of caffeine.

2. Double Shot

A double shot of espresso is extracted from 14 grams of finely-ground coffee beans. It yields around 60 milliliters of espresso which is equal to 2 ounces of it. A double shot, without a doubt, has a higher level of caffeine. The caffeine content can range from 60 to 100 milligrams.

3. Ristretto

As mentioned earlier, a ristretto is simply a single shot of espresso that is produced differently. It is produced with less water, very finely-ground coffee beans, and extracted faster. This makes for an extremely concentrated liquid with entirely bold flavors.

4. Lungo

Lungo is a single shot of espresso that is heavier and more bitter compared to the typical shot of espresso. It is made with higher water proportions and the same quantity of coffee beans. This results in a beverage with higher caffeine content and stronger extraction.

It is produced in a quantity of 50 to 60 milliliters and is thinner in texture compared to usual espresso shots.


1. What espresso drink has the most espresso?
Ristretto contains the highest amount of espresso among all drinks. As a single shot, it is the most concentrated espresso drink. It is made with a smaller quantity of water than normal and extracted very quickly. This yields a drink with intense flavors and a strong taste.
2. What type of espresso drinks does Starbucks have?
As a well-established franchise of coffee and espresso, Starbucks has a huge variety of espresso drinks. From pure espresso to blond espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos, as well as chocolatey macchiatos. It has got them all!

In fact, Starbucks boasts a wide range of varieties and unique flavors in all their espresso drinks. However, the most popular of the Starbucks drinks is their caramel macchiato.

3. What espresso drink has the most milk?
The caffe latte has the reputation of being the milkiest of all the espresso drinks. It is produced using a single shot of espresso with a lot of steamed milk and milk froth!

As such, this makes it one of the safest and most approachable espresso drinks. Especially for those who do not like the strong taste of coffee that much.


Now that you have been introduced to the different types of espresso drinks, it is time to explore and expand your coffee horizons! As a true coffee enthusiast, it is imperative that you try them all! We are leaving no stone unturned here.

However, you do not need to be obsessed with espresso to try these delicacies! Even if you are not a fan of coffee, we guarantee you can easily fall in love with many of the drinks on the list!.

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