Jura E6 VS E8: Which One To Choose?

Jura E6 VS E8

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The first thing you want when you get up in the morning is a hot cup of energizing coffee to wake you up. In such a moment, the thought of grinding and tamping and measuring can be a chore. Do you know you can skip all that with an automatic espresso machine? It’s just a matter of deciding if it’ll be Jura E6 vs E8.

If you are a true coffee lover you probably know how the Jura E6 and E8 are both dominating the coffee market. They’re both fantastic espresso machines that will eliminate all chores for you and brew you a delightful cup of coffee. But one’s gotta be better than the other, right? So which is it?

You don’t have to bother sorting through fake and real reviews to find out the best of the two. We’ve created the perfect comparison that will help you choose the right fit for you!

Jura E6 vs E8: Overview

The Jura E6 and E8 are both phenomenal espresso machines that will satisfy your espresso cravings and need beyond your expectations. Featuring an automatic system of functioning they boast advanced components and mechanisms that are guaranteed to completely transform the coffee-making experience for you.

With the Jura E6 and E8, your daily dose of espresso or coffee will be the easiest and quickest gratification of your day. However, all these amazing features can make it super difficult to choose one or the ‘right’ one to be precise. Therefore, our comparative review of the two is designed to help you.

In this review, we will cover,

  • Specifications of both espresso machines
  • Their pros and cons
  • Our recommendation and why we suggest it
  • Critical features to examine when buying the espresso machine

The detailed elaboration of all these factors will definitely help you make the right decision.

The Jura E6

The Jura E6 Coffee Machine

The Jura E6 is designed to be very straightforward in its function. There are no extra chores with this espresso machine. All it requires is a press of a button to fulfill your espresso desire.

It features the option to program 7 drink settings including your usual espresso as well as other fancy beverages like the latte. Additionally, it’s got 8 levels of coffee strength to hit you just right with your espresso. Plus, the G3 grinder complemented by the pulse extraction tool makes for a faster, easier, and richer brew every single time.


Dimension:  17.3 x 11 x 13
Levels of programmable drink settings:  7
Water Tank Capacity:  63.6 ounces
Weight:  21.6 pounds
Bean Hopper capacity:  9.9 ounces
Servings from the ground coffee container:  16

The Jura E6 prides itself in some fabulous pros.
A greater level of programmable drink settings
The convenience of cleaning and maintenance
Super quiet grinder
Uses a smaller portion of coffee beans and prevents wastage
Very easy to use with easily understandable controls.

It is only compatible with whole beans
Lacks the cup illumination feature.

Jura E6 Coffee Machine

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The Jura E8

The Jura E8 Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 is designed to brew your espresso as well as your espresso-based specialty drinks quickly in a hassle-free manner. It’s got a range of coffee options to choose from so you can readily get your favorite drink without a long wait!

It’s equipped with a 15 bar pump to create the optimal pressure for an espresso with a fragrant aroma and a rich and beautiful crema. Additionally, its out-of-the-world foam technology creates the most creamy and frothy milk to complement your espresso in mouthwatering beverages.


Weight:  21.6 pounds
Water Tank Capacity:  64 ounces
Dimensions:  17.3 x. 11. x 13.8
Drink setting options:  16
Servings from the ground coffee container:  16
Bean Hopper Capacity:  9.9 ounces

Features a hassle-free and extremely fast brewing process
You can use both whole beans as well as ground coffee
Includes a wide variety of pre-programmed drink options
Includes a completely automatic frother for milk-based beverages

The drip tray is vulnerable filled with a lot of residues
Milk foam tends to decrease the coffee temperature

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

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Our Recommendations: It’s No Doubt The Jura E8

Hands down, the Jura E8 is definitely a better choice if you really love your coffee and want to savor every last drop of it. As the advanced and more developed version of the Jura E6, Jura takes on its advanced role superbly. It very well lives up to its up-to-date functionality and here’s how it’s evident:

  • The E8 is equipped with the innovative technology of the pre-ground by-pass. This unique tool grinds the coffee beans two times faster to create an absolutely fresh batch of coffee preserving its fragrant aroma.
  • It is also equipped with a wonderful technology known as the ‘Fine Foam’ technology. It creates a super light and velvety foam of milk for your cherished macchiatos and lattes.
  • The E8 is ingeniously pre-programmed with a whopping 16 different varieties of drinks. As someone who loves trying new flavors, you’re gonna love this!
  • Apart from these fabulous features that make the E8 stand out, it is also glorified by its aesthetics. This all-black fully automatic magic machine is a sight for sore eyes!

All these amazing features are unique to the Jura E8 and lacking in the E6. While the E6, too, is fully automatic and boasts its own specific perks, the Jura E8 is a whole new level of coffee creation.

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Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing The Jura E6 Or E8

Before purchasing any item, especially a coffee maker since it produces a beloved beverage, it’s important to examine certain features. You need to know your requirements and you need to make sure the machine you’re purchasing will fulfill them.

1. Jura E6 VS E8: Programmable Drinks

Both the Jura espresso machines are designed to give you a wide variety of espresso drinks. They aim for perfection by offering you 8 strength levels to fine-tune your coffee as well as adjustable water content.

The best thing is they have a double spout instead of a single which means you can get two cups of espresso simultaneously or one large one all to yourself! But with such similar features, where do the two differ?

Compared to the Jura E6 with its 7 pre-programmed drinks, the Jura E8 boasts a wider variety of 16 programmable drinks including your cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, etc. On top of that, the Jura E8 is equipped with a 15-bar high-performance pressure pump that preserves the espresso aroma and makes for a rich crema!

Our Winner: Jura E8

The Jura E8 espresso machine is better and grander than the Jura E6 in every way when it comes to programmable drinks. While they share many of the same features, the Jura E8 gives you a wider variety and a better (even fresher) tasting espresso due to this advanced technology.

2. Jura E6 vs E8: Grinding Settings

The Jura E6 and E8 both feature some amazing mechanisms to produce a top-quality espresso. The three systems similar across them both are:

  • The Aroma G3 Grinder
  • The IPBAS: Intelligent Pre-brew Aroma System

The first is responsible for faster and quieter grinding, the second makes sure the water is optimally heated. The third optimizes your extraction time for a flavourful, fragrant, and perfect shot of espresso.

However, while the Jura E8 is adaptable to both whole and ground coffee beans, the Jura E6 can only use whole beans. Plus, the E6 lacks the innovative technology of pre-grinding found in the E8. This technology enables it to create a bypass and enhances the extraction process.

Winner: Jura E8

Again, the Jura E8 paves the way! Yes both espresso machines contain phenomenal technologies to create a fantastic cup of coffee. However, the innovative edge of the Jura E8 takes it to the finish line.

3. Jura E6 vs E8: Cappuccino System

Both the coffee makers have a fully functioning cappuccino system to brew excellent cappuccinos. However, this is where their similarities end and the E8 begins to shine brighter.

Online the E6 and the E8 are equipped with a one-touch cappuccino system. Further, it dispenses the frothed milk and the brewed espresso via separate spouts, making the drink full of flavors and richer in texture.

On the contrary, the E6 doesn’t feature a separate system for dispensing espresso and milk. This can be difficult for those who don’t readily want milk in their coffee.

Winner: Jura E8

Clearly, the Jura E8 has got an edge here as well. Its one-touch technology and separate dispenser system for milk and coffee make it a great convenience for many coffee lovers!

4. Jura E6 vs E8: Water Tank Capacity

There isn’t much distinction between the two in the case of their water tank capacity. The Jura E6 is just slightly behind the E8 with a water tank capacity of 63.6 ounces. Whereas the E8 features a bit larger water tank of 64 ounces.

Winner: Jura E8

Small as it may be, an edge is an edge. And Jura E8 has got that edge over E6 even in terms of its water tank capacity.

5. Jura E6 vs E8: Price

Both espresso machines are top-quality automatic espresso machines which mean high prices should be expected. Still, this is the one department where the Jura E6 takes the lead. However, its lower price only further emphasizes that it is lesser equipped with advanced features compared to the E8.

The E8 with its innovative technology and a greater variety of features obviously doesn’t come cheap. You’re paying for the extra ease, extra strength, and extra options. But again, there is little to no difference between the $100 to $300 prices. The prices for these machines always vary from time to time.

Winner: Jura E6

The Jura E6, in its capacity, is a fantastic espresso machine. As an automatic espresso machine, it doesn’t come cheap but it does take the lead in comparison to E8 since it is definitely cheaper than the E8.

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1. How long do Jura coffee machines last?

Jura machines are known to last 50% longer than the average espresso machine. Their usual life is at least 9 years but they could even last you longer.

2. Is the Jura E8 worth it?

The Jura E8 features several advanced and innovative mechanisms as well as a larger variety of options. Other than its exceptional and unique features, it is an overall reliable and perfect machine for your coffee cravings. If it meets your requirements, then it’s definitely worth it!

3. Can Jura E6 make a latte?

Jura E6 is a quality automatic espresso machine that is designed to make a strong espresso and steaming milk for your specialty beverage. These include lattes, cappuccinos, and many others.

4. How often should I clean my Jura coffee machine?

It is recommended to clean the Jura coffee machine manually (thoroughly) at least once a month. However, the frother should be cleaned regularly depending upon its use.


By investing in the Jura E6 and the Jura E8, you are investing in great coffee, quality functioning, and amazing features. However, if you want a little extra and strive to expand your coffee boundaries, the answer for Jura E6 vs E8 is definitely E8 for you!

With the answers now right in front of you, all that is left is for you to make your choice. It is the only thing standing between you and a mouth-watering taste buds-exploding kind of coffee. We suggest you don’t wait long and get caffeinating!

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