Jura Z6 vs Z8 Coffee Machine: Features & Performances

Jura Z6 Vs Z8 Coffee Machine

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Struggling to make a choice between Jura Z6 vs Z8? The Jura brand launches such outstanding products that make it difficult to make a choice. Especially when the choice is regarding your cherished beverage: coffee. But we’re about to make this choice super easy for you!

If you wish to find some ready answers to help you out of this confusion, you’re at the right place. Basically, where your troubles start, our solutions begin. So, find everything you need to know about Jura Z6 and Z8 from their build to their performance and features. You’ll definitely leave with a made-up mind.

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Jura Z6 vs Z8 (Comparison Overview)

Everyone wants to skip the exhausting process of gathering every piece of information on the espresso machine before purchasing. And yet, you can’t really buy it till you’re absolutely sure of it.

But for the purchase of your Jura machine, you can absolutely skip the extensive research because all that you need to know is right here!

Specifications of The Jura Z6 and Z8

No time to read through long paragraphs? Everything you need to know is summarized right here in the table.

Specifics Jura Z6 Jura Z8
Weight 25.4 pounds 29.5 pounds
Material Aluminum and Plastic Aluminum
Dimensions 17.7 x 12.6 x 14.8 inches 15 x 12.6 x 17.7 inches
Machine Type Super-automatic Super-automatic
Color Silver Silver
Heating System Thermoblock Single Boiler Thermoblock Dual Boilers
Power/Voltage 120 V 1450/120 Pounds
Water Tank Capacity 81 ounces 81.3 ounces
Bean Hopper Capacity 10 ounces 9.9 ounces
Grinder Multi-level Aroma G3 Grinder Multi-level Aroma G3 Grinder
Adjustable Grinder Settings Yes Yes
App control Yes Yes
Brewing Temperature 3 levels adjustable 3 Levels Adjustable
Coffee Variety 15 16
Milk System Carafe Carafe
Coffee Strength Levels 10 10
Energy Saving Mode Yes Yes
Display TFT color Touchscreen
Adjustable spouts Yes Yes

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Design & Build Quality

Both the Jura machines, Z6 and Z8, have almost very similar builds and designs. So, your choice in this regard will be limited to only a few factors. They both come in a sleek silver color and have sturdy and durable aluminum bodies, easy-to-fill water tanks, and double spouts.

However, the Jura Z8 is slightly heavier than the Z6. It isn’t exactly bulky since both machines have a pretty compact design. Still, its added features probably add to the extra weight which can be a bother for some. Another major difference is in their displays. The Z6 has a TFT color display while the Z8 has a touchscreen.

Z6’s TFT color display on its large screen makes visualization very easy and therefore operating the machine even more convenient. Still, who can resist Z8’s touch function? So, depending on your preference for machine operation and weight, you can choose which suits you better.

Usage & Brewing Options

Both the Jura Z6 and Z8 are superautomatic machines. This means you already do not have much operating to do. The coffee maker will do everything for you. However, when it comes to espresso machine usage and brewing options the Z8 takes the winning lead.

While both the Jura coffee makers offer 10 different levels of coffee strength, the Z8 offers a larger variety of preprogrammed espresso drinks compared to the Z6. So, you can expect to enjoy a larger range of specialty coffee with the Z8.

Additionally, the Z8 features a dual boiler thermoblock heating system which makes it increasingly efficient hand optimal heating. There is no way your coffee will not be hot enough. On the contrary, the Z6 has a single boiler thermoblock system. It is also very efficient and advanced, but it doesn’t beat the Z8 in this regard.

Milk Steaming & Frothing

In terms of the steaming, frothing, and overall milk system, both the Jura Z6 and Z8 lie on an equal plane. They share the exact same benefits and drawbacks.

Both the coffee machines require the purchase of a milk container since that is not included. In addition to that, the milk system is designed to automatically steam and froth the milk based on the drink you select on your coffee machine. This steaming and frothing are done via a nozzle and tube on the machine.

Finally, it is important to remember that the foam or frothed milk that these machines produce isn’t exactly airy. It has a more creamy consistency and it tastes amazing with any of the milk-based espresso drinks that you brew.

Type of Grinders and Precision

While many coffee machines require a separate grinder, both the Jura Z6 and Z8 have built-in burr grinders for precise and consistent grinding. They both employ high-end Aroma G3 technology with up to six different grind levels. So, you can choose the grind consistency of your Jura coffee beans based on the drink you wish to brew.

Like any other espresso machine that features built-in grinders, the Z6 and Z8 can be kind of loud, although not very disturbingly loud. However, that has nothing on their exceptional grind performance. You can expect a smooth and very even grind size every time you use the built-in grinder.

Water Reservoir Tank

Again, the exceptional features and performance of both the Jura machines bring them to yet another tie. Not only do they both have easily fillable and durable water tanks, but they also have a tie on the water storage capacity of the tanks. Although, the Z8 takes the slight lead here.

While the Z6 has 81.3 ounces of water capacity, the Z8 has 81.3 ounces. This roughly means that by the one-ounce per espresso cup logic, you will need to refill the tank every 81 ounces of coffee or 81 cups of coffee or so

Descaling & Maintenance

The Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 are designed to brew perfection and avoid any mess. Both the Jura machines are super easy to clean and maintain over time. No excessive hassle in terms of the most boring and tiring chore of cleaning.

This is due to the integrated cleaning system found in both machines. The Z6 and Z8 both include rinsing, cleaning, and a descaling option to keep the machines up to-date and in proper condition. The Jura Z8’s App connectivity gives it an edge in terms of the added features and tips Z8 users can obtain from it regarding cleaning and maintenance. So, with these Jura bad boys, you can enjoy an exhausting free coffee time.

Buying Options and Price

Coming down to the real question, which one is better in terms of affordability and budget issues? Hands down, the Z6 takes a massive lead in terms of its economic feasibility. Jura Z6, with all its high-tech features and options, is far cheaper and in the affordable range for many compared to the Z8.

This makes the Z6 a far better option for many coffee lovers. Because Jura Z6 and Jura Z8 coffee makers share a significant proportion of their features. Obviously, the Z8 is bound to have additional advanced features to boast. And they do, then, come at a price.

However, it is not like you will be missing out on anything basic or essential. In fact, the Z6 makes for a great deal at a very pocket-friendly price.

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Jura Z6 vs Z8 (Features Overview)

Time to introduce you to the features you should expect to enjoy with the Jura Z6 and Z8 espresso machines. We are sure you’ll find your ideal type after reviewing these Jura coffee machine features.

Jura Z6 Features:

  • Pulse Extraction Process
  • Aroma G3 Grinder
  • Thermoblock Heating System
  • Fluids System
  • Wireless Compatibility
  • Powder chute for ground coffee
  • Active Bean Monitoring
  • Intelligent Preheating System

What’s unique about this machine?

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

There are a number of unique features in the Jura Z6. Active bean monitoring is one of them. Basically, this means you will never go up to your Jura coffee machine (Z6) and find that it is empty of beans all of a sudden. That is because your machine will immediately alert you when the quantity starts to go down.

In addition to that, the Intelligent Preheating and Wireless compatibility definitely add to the perks of the Jura Z6. Especially given its price which is far cheaper than the Z8.

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

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Jura Z8 Features:

  • Pulse Extraction Process
  • Aroma G3 Grinder
  • Thermoblock Heating System (Dual)
  • Fluids System (dual)
  • Automatic switching from milk to foam
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee
  • App compatibility
  • Wireless Compatibility
  • Active Bean Monitoring
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Power Hot Water System
  • Aroma Preservation Cover

What’s unique about this machine?

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

Considering how advanced the Z8 model is and how pricey it is, there is no surprise that this machine is equipped with many unique features. One might say that the entire machine is super unique.

To begin, automatic switching from milk to foam is an extraordinary feature of the Z8. It allows users to switch the milk consistency readily and quickly depending on the drink that they desire at the moment. Moreover, the App compatibility increases learning and other options for the users. For instance, they enjoy higher programmability freedom using the app.

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

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Pros and Cons of Jura Z6 vs Z8 Espresso Machines

No matter how exceptional both these Jura machines are, they do have their own pros and cons. And, it is very important for you to be aware of them before you end up getting ‘stuck’ with them. And that is the worst thing to happen to a coffee lover, to be ‘stuck’ with the very machine that produces the cherished beverage.

Jura Z6


  • The interface is easy-to-use.
  • There is a fine and even consistency of the grinder.
  • The grinder in Z6 is not very loud.
  • It includes both milk steaming and frothing features.
  • Extremely affordable compared to the Z8.
  • The Z6 is more energy-efficient than the Z8.


  • There is no touchscreen digital display.
  • Lacks an advanced heating system.

Jura Z8


  • It features dual Thermoblock heating technology which means you can stand and brew beverages simultaneously.
  • It has a higher coffee variety.
  • The touchscreen color display makes usage very easy.
  • The temperature of the brewed coffee is always optimal.
  • It produces the perfect and aromatic-tasting coffee.
  • Compatibility with the App makes the usage very convenient.


  • Far too expensive to fall in the affordable range for many coffee lovers.
  • You need to frequently empty the pucks container.

Jura Z6 vs Z8: Which is Overall Better?

For the average coffee-obsessed person, we recommend the Jura Z6 without any doubt. The majority of the population may be looking for cheaper options and the Jura Z6 fits perfectly in that category. It has all the essential as well as fancy features you can think of, thermoblock technology, PEP, and a good coffee variety too!

However, if you have the budget to get even more advanced in terms of your coffee needs, then the Jura Z8 is a perfect choice. Features like the touchscreen, app compatibility, and more make life much much easier for coffee drinkers. Basically, you do less work and get more coffee.

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What about Refurbished Jura Z6 and Z8 Espresso Machines?

Refurbished Jura machines are a VERY valid option that most people do not consider. In fact, if you are aiming for refurbished models you will not even have to settle for a machine you don’t like. That’s because the prices are already lowered so you can pitch in a little more and get your dream espresso machine.

The major issue that people fear with refurbished models is the quality and durability. However, refurbished machines come with a warranty and are prepared as meticulously as any original coffee machine. Most importantly, you can save up to $1000 compared to buying new Jura coffee machines.

How To Select The Right Jura Coffee Machine?

Clearly, you are in search of the best Jura coffee machine. To find such a perfect coffee machine, it is important to examine certain features. Depending on your preference and basic necessities, here are the things you should look for in a coffee maker.


Size matters. For a coffee machine, it definitely does! Coffee machines have varying sizes, they can be super compact or very bulky. Depending on the amount of space that will be dedicated to the coffee machine, make sure you get the right size. Too big or too small will only be a hassle.


Coffee machines are a long-term investment. They should last you for years and that will only happen if their build quality is top-notch. Go for aluminum, stainless steel, or very high-quality plastic materials when it comes to the body of the coffee machine.

Cutting-Edge Technology

What makes automatic espresso machines so amazing is the advanced features they have. The cutting-edge technology such as thermoblock heating, PEP, and other such features make these machines worthwhile.

Drinking Options

Many machines have around 20 drink options or more. Preprogrammed drink options are really a blessing. If you wish to try specialty coffee without the hassle of making them from scratch, make sure your espresso machine has a lot of drink options.


Espresso machines tend to have digital displays, however, they can be buttons or screen touch control. Many people prefer the ease of a touchscreen. If you are one of those, make sure the machine you choose comes with a touchscreen interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Jura Z6 make Americano drink?

You can easily make the Americano drink using the Jura Z6 espresso machine. In fact, Jura Z6 gives you the option to brew two coffees at once.

2. How to froth milk with Jura Z8?

Frothing milk with Jura Z8 is super easy. Since this machine is automatic all you have to do is add the milk to the milk container in the machine. Submerge the steam nozzle in the container and switch it on to start frothing.

3. Has the Jura z8 been discontinued?

The Swiss company has discontinued the Z8. It will be launching the new Z10 espresso machine in its place.

Final Verdict

Finally, your Jura z6 vs z8 dilemma has found an answer. The key tip is to figure out your requirements and desires. Do you have a budget? Are you looking for a larger specialty coffee variety? What kind of an interface do you find easier?

When you know all this and more, there is no way that the coffee machine you buy will be anything less than perfect!

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