How To Use Nespresso Milk Frother (Learn More)

How To Use Nespresso Frother

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What’s better than the smoothest, creamiest, and most flavourful sip of your favorite specialty coffee? Such bliss is incomparable and now you can easily learn how to use Nespresso milk frother for your cravings.

The key to creating your cherished creamy cappuccinos and mochas is perfectly frothed milk. The better the froth the better the drink’s consistency and texture. So, if you’re up for preparing barista-quality specialty drinks for yourself, then let’s get prepping immediately!

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How to Use Nespresso Milk Frother?

When your mind tells you to prepare a cup of latte, there is no time to waste. Going to a coffee shop is not always an option, but with the Nespresso milk frother, the coffee shop can come to you! Not literally of course but, with the right tools and recipes, you can brew a latte that is just as good.

With the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 or 4 milk frother, you can froth both hot and cold milk for a creamy specialty coffee. The consistency will surprise you and the milky foam will make you fall in love with this frother. It is very simple and easy to use and doesn’t take much time either!

All you have to do is:

  • Choose the right whisk and fill the milk jug with the desired amount of milk. You can go up to 120 ml.
  • Now, press the button and watch the simple milk turn frothy.

The best part about this frother is that it can froth all kinds of milk and is super easy to clean as well!

How to Make Cold Foam with Nespresso Frother?

Other than frothing warm milk, Nespresso frother can also create exceptional quality cold foam. And no, you don’t need any added accessories for that. To whip up cold foam, you operate the button on the frother differently.

Instead of pressing it once quickly, hold the button down for a few seconds. You will see a blue light appear instead of a red one. This shows that the machine is now creating cold foam.

How to Take Care of Your Nespresso Milk Frother?

The Nespresso milk frother is designed with a material that doesn’t let milk stick to the sides. This makes Nespresso milk frothers super easy to clean. Simply rinse it thoroughly with water. Finally, use a non-abrasive cloth to dry the frother from the inside.

How to Troubleshoot a Nespresso Milk Frother?

1. The Milk Frother Does Not Start

If the frother isn’t starting to froth, make sure that the jug is placed correctly on a clean and stable surface. Additionally, check that the whisk is properly attached to the jug.

2. Substandard Milk Froth Quality

If the steamed or frothed milk isn’t up to par, make sure the type of milk you are using is either semi-skimmed or whole. It should be at a refrigerated temperature. Moreover, see that the whisk you are using is the correct one and that the jug is clean.

3. Red Button Blinking

Red blinking light can mean one of three things that you’ll need to fix:

  1. The frother has become too hot and you need to cool it by rinsing it with cold water.
  2. The whisk of the forte is missing
  3. Milk in the frother is less than the mark.

4. Milk Overflowing

Check that the whisk you are using is appropriate. And make sure that the milk level is not exceeding the marked indicator on the frother.

Nespresso Milk Frother Specifications (Overview)

The Nespresso milk frother is one of the best investments you will make in terms of your coffee desires. The following specifications will give you a more clear idea of what you’re getting into with this frother.


  • Dimensions: 19 (diameter) x 17 (height)
  • 240 ml maximum milk capacity for warm milk
  • 120 ml maximum milk capacity if frothing the milk
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Power: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 430-500 W

Types of Milk Frothing by Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Nespresso Aeroccino3 can froth two different kinds of milk: cold and warm. It is designed to ensure a complete and wonderful specialty coffee experience so no craving is left unsatisfied.

1. Cold Milk Frothing:

If you hold down the power button for a few seconds instead of pressing and leaving, the frother will produce cold foam. This is a great option when you wish to make a latte while camping, or any other drink anywhere. Hot or cold, home or somewhere else, with this frother there are no limits.

2. Warm Milk Frothing:

A single press of the power button once, everything else is in place, will produce perfectly frothed warm milk. The process is very simple and produces perfectly consistent and smooth textured milk for your specialty coffee.

Which Milk Type is the Best for Frothing?

Whole milk is hands down the best milk to froth. It produces a thicker and creamier foam when frothed. Moreover, it adds a smoother texture to the coffee and gives it more body. On the other hand, low-fat and skim milk is lighter and creates a more airy foam.

Different Types of Milk Frothers

If you are looking for a frother for your milk-based coffee, there are different types you would like to explore.

1. Built-in Nespresso Machine Milk Wand:

Nespresso machine milk wands are the most ideal way to froth milk for coffee lovers. They are expensive but produce exceptional quality froth and foam to raise your specialty coffee to the level of a professional drink. You will, however, need some practice to develop the skills to operate it perfectly.

2. Electric Milk Frothers and Hand Held Whisks

These are the easiest-to-find and basic frothing devices. They provide a quick frothing solution to your coffee needs. They are battery-operated and work by spinning milk at a very high speed to froth it. They are cheap which is great but you will need to separately warm your milk.

3. Jug Frothers

Jug frothers are the perfect frothing solution for coffee lovers. You can use them at home or take them with you anywhere and enjoy both hot and cold coffee beverages. They are a great option for both beginners and professional coffee lovers. They are also super affordable which increases their appeal.

Which Type of Milk Frother is The Best?

Out of all the options, the jug frother is the best choice!

Not only is it affordable but it’s also a great way to turn your homemade specialty coffee into barista-style coffee beverages. It consistently creates smooth and creamy milk for barista-quality coffee. It is perfect for your homemade coffee recipes if you don’t want an entire espresso machine.

People Also Ask

1. How do you heat milk in a Nespresso Frother?

The induction coils within the Nespresso Frother automatically heat up the milk when you press the button to start frothing. The red light will indicate that the frothed milk is warm.

2. Can you froth almond milk?

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 frother is designed to froth all kinds of milk. Be it whole, skimmed, or flavored (e.g almond), etc. Simply pour it into the milk jug to the indicated level and press the button to start frothing.

3. Can you froth creamer in Aeroccino?

Yes. You can froth creamer in any Aeroccino that froths milk. Follow the same instructions as you would to froth your milk. You can link them up in the Nespresso milk frother manual.

Winding Up

So, the Nespresso Aeroccino3 is a great investment if you love coffee. You will be able to prepare barista-quality specialty coffee (In both warm and cold varieties) in a jiffy with it! Plus, those who do not have or wish to buy espresso machines, can use them with their homemade coffee recipes too!

So, now that you know how to use the Nespresso milk frother, what are you waiting for? Froth that milk, brew that coffee, and enjoy the creamy sips.

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