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Best Espresso Scale In Every Price Range For At-Home Barista

Best Espresso Scale

Espresso making is an art. The constituting ingredients, the brewing method, the timing all play a significant role in creating the best espresso shot. Surprisingly, something as little as measuring the perfect quantity of the coffee is imperative for the perfect flavor.

If you have been adding just a spoonful of ground coffee to your brewer, then you have been making the wrong espresso. That is where coffee scales come in. If you didn’t know that there are scales specifically designed to help you brew the perfect espresso, then you have been living under a rock all this time!

To help you master the accuracy and consistency when making espresso, we have shortlisted the best espresso scale in every price range for you.

5 Best Espresso Scales for Accurate Measurement

If you have ever performed a science experiment, you must know how important the weight of elements and their precision can be. Making espresso is no less than a science experiment. For this reason, we have picked the 5 best budget espresso scales for you to choose from.

1. Hario Espresso Scale and Timer

This sleek-looking scale measures to a fine precision of 0.1 grams. It also comes with a built-in timer so you can note down the timings for each brewing process. This battery-operated scale has auto power-off options that turn the scale off if not used in 5 minutes.

It is easy-to-use as it comes with an ON/OFF button and tare button that sets the scale to zero every time you want to weigh the coffee without the container. This compact and lightweight scale can be placed in any of your kitchen cabinets or even on the countertop.

Easy to use control panel
The fine precision of 0.1 gram

The top of the scale is made of plastic

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2. Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

The Acaia Lunar scale can be a very fancy addition to your kitchen. Built with anodized aluminum, this espresso scale proves to be durable. This waterproof espresso scale can prevent any damage from spills or splashes. It has a ceramic top that can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth.

It is designed with a quick response time and high accuracy for the perfect espresso measurements. It is equipped with an auto-start timer that initiates as soon as you add weight to it. The weight can be shown on the LED display. The on/off and tare buttons are sensitive to touch, making it effortless to use.

Waterproof body
Lightweight & small espresso scale
Powered by a lithium-polymer battery
Fast response time
High measurement accuracy

A bit costly

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3. Timemore Digital Espresso Scale

The Timemore Espresso Scale is a black matte beauty. With a weighing precision of 0.5 grams, this scale can hold up to a maximum of 2kg and a minimum of 0.5 grams. The Timemore scale is integrated with an automated timer that can assist you in measuring the espresso extraction time as well as the weight.

The best part about this scale is that it saves energy with its auto-off option that switches off the scale if not in use for 3 minutes. Powered with a lithium battery, this black beauty is rechargeable, so you don’t have to rush to the store to get batteries every time they dry out.

Integrated automatic timer
Energy saving
Rechargeable use
Compact and lightweight

Delayed response time

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4. Kitchen Tour Espresso Scale with Timer

If you’re looking for something durable, then Kitchen Tour’s espresso weighing scale is an ideal option. The user-friendly scale has touch sensory on/off and tare keys. The tare key can allow the addition of different weighed ingredients to your coffee.

It also comes with an intelligent low-battery and overweight indicator. It can hold from a minimum of 0.3 grams to a maximum of 3kgs. It also comes with the option of unit conversion among grams, ounces, and milliliters to weigh all sorts of ingredients. The Kitchen Tour scale is a sturdy yet elegant appliance that comes with a silicon pad.

Stylish design and lightweight
Automatic timer
Auto-off after 2 minutes
LCD display


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5. OUTRY Espresso Scale with Timer

Now if you are looking for an easy-to-store scale then the Outry Scale is perfect as it has a hole at the top to hang it on the kitchen wall. This way you can save the countertop space. This scale has a very high precision of 0.1 grams and can hold up to 3Kgs. This espresso scale with a timer has a limit of 100 minutes.

With an instant response time, Outry has an easy-to-use panel with on/off, tare keys and low battery, and a weight overload indicator. The scale is quick to clean and comes with a silicon mat that prevents any slips. The appliance also has an auto-off option that switches the machine off after 4 minutes to save battery life.

High precision of 0.1 grams
Quick response time
Compact and easy to store
LCD screen with green background light makes weight easy to read

Not rechargeable

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How Important is an Espresso Scale for Daily Pour-overs?

The pour-over method, as the name suggests, is a manual espresso brewing method where water is poured over ground espresso. This method doesn’t alter the espresso’s flavor. However, it does give you more freedom to experiment with your shots.

Using a scale to acquire precision whilst making an espresso is equally important in the pour-over method as that in any other brewing process. To begin the process you can boil water. Then add a pour-over brewer on the scale and insert a filter paper. Press the tare option.

Make sure to finely ground the espresso beans. Add the ground coffee to the brewer and note the quantity. Press the tare option again. Once the water is sufficiently heated, you may begin to pour it through the ground coffee. Make sure to note the dripping time.

Once you have obtained the desired quantity, note the quantity of water added. You can experiment with the quantities you have noted that will help you reach the perfect espresso flavor according to your preference.

The Best Expresso Scale Selection Criteria

Should you consider the size, the design, or the price? Before today, if you didn’t know the secret to a perfect espresso is precision, then you might also not know that a good scale matters. There are features to consider before you bring home an espresso weight scale.

To help you make the right decision, we have collected the qualities you must look at before purchasing a scale. We will also walk you through how and why each feature plays an important role.

1. Accuracy

To brew the perfect espresso, you can’t just add random scoops of coffee. You need to measure the amount and balance the ratio of water and coffee. This is why the first and foremost feature you must focus on when investing in a scale is the accuracy of the scale. The scale you buy should have the precision to weigh 0.1 grams.

2. Compactness

Got all the equipment to make a mini coffee bar at home but no place to keep it? For this reason, you need to look for a scale that is lightweight, compact, and easy to store. It can be kept in a cabinet or hung on the wall.

3. Power Backup

When you are investing in an espresso scale, you wouldn’t want to waste your time running to the store when the batteries are out. The best kinds of scales are those which have batteries that are easily rechargeable either with a USB plug-in or an AC plug.

The other kind of scales have batteries that can be replaced. In this case, you might want to go for a scale that has easily purchasable batteries such as double or triple-A.

4. Functionalities

Before adding a scale to your home coffee bar, you will also need to consider the bells and whistles that come along with it. These are important features of your appliance, that seem trivial, but can help you brew better coffee.

5. Tare Function

This essential feature can save you a lot of time. You can add a cup or a filter and tare the scale to set it at zero again. You can then add ground coffee and tare to zero again. You can then also separately weigh the quantity of water you add. You can repeat this process for any espresso-based beverage.

Without this feature, you would be doing a lot of calculations just to make an espresso shot!

6. Display

If it’s not easy to read then it is of no good. Whether it be the weight or the time, the display should be easily readable. The digits shouldn’t be too small. The backlight shouldn’t be too bright or too dim.

7. Water-Proof Material

If your espresso scale stops working or malfunctions because of a spill, then you’re going to have to buy a new scale quite often. Spills and splashes, whilst brewing coffee, is inevitable. You would want to invest in an appliance that is water-resistant so it lasts a long time.

8. Auto Timer

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you would know that a single espresso shot takes around 15-20 seconds to pull. If it exceeds more than that, your espresso might taste sour. For this reason, noting the brewing time is important when making an espresso.

Espresso weighing scales that have auto-timers are like the cherries to the cake! This way you don’t have to pull out your cell phone to note the time.


1. What is an espresso scale?
An espresso scale is a high-precision scale that allows you to measure your coffee and water whilst you brew the beverage.
2. Is a scale necessary for espresso?
You might pull an espresso shot without weighing the coffee or the water. But it might taste different every time. A scale is considered important for brewing espresso. The perfect espresso taste is acquired when the right coffee to water ratio is maintained. This requires frequent experimenting and noting down the right amount of each ingredient.
3. How accurate should espresso scales be?
An espresso scale should have an extremely accurate reading since the perfect espresso shot requires a precise quantity. An ideal coffee scale should be able to weigh down to 0.1 grams.
4. What's a good espresso scale?
To make the perfect espresso shot, the water to coffee ratio should be accurately measured. A good coffee scale should offer precision to 0.1 grams. It can also include other features such as an integrated timer which will allow you to note the brewing time.

Final Verdict

You might have not known how important a scale can be in brewing an espresso shot. But we are sure after reading our thorough guide, you must have understood the importance of precision and consistency. For this reason, we have picked out the best espresso scale in every price range.

Before investing you need to also consider key factors that will help you buy a scale for long-term use. So before you venture out to buy an espresso scale, make sure to keep this checklist with you. We are sure with trial and error you are bound to reach the perfect tasting espresso.

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