How to Make Latte At Home Without A Machine?

How to Make Latte At Home

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Who doesn’t love a hot latte on a cozy evening or a refreshing iced latte on a hot summer day?

Making your own latte at home can save you the trouble of going to the coffee shop, especially on a lazy Sunday morning when you just want to stay in bed with your family.

However, some of us may not have fancy equipment like an espresso machine or milk steamer. But no need to fret! This latte recipe is budget-friendly and requires no special tools or ingredients.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a delicious latte anytime, anywhere.

What is a Latte?

A latte, which is also called a cafe latte, is a coffee drink that originated in Italy. As the name suggests, it’s made with coffee and milk. But, making a latte is not as simple as pouring milk into your coffee.

Typically, a latte is made with two shots of espresso and almost three ounces of steamed milk. The milk is steamed and frothed to give it a creamy and velvety texture, which perfectly complements the strong espresso. Finally, a foamy layer of milk froth is added to the top of the drink. Sounds delicious, right?

Although the standard latte is the most common type, there are many variations available. You can use different types of tea, such as chai, mate, or matcha, to make specialized lattes. It can also be flavored with various ingredients like flavored milk, syrups, and other toppings. This will create completely different, yet equally delicious, latte variations!

Things Required For Making Latte Without Machine

You will find that with the right essentials, you will not see the need for even an affordable espresso machine. All you need to do is gather some easily available and fairly economical ingredients. And some equipment, which is nothing close to a huge automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine.

Before you start panicking about the things you will need, here is a list of the items you need to gather.

The Ingredients You Will Need

You are going to need the following to prepare a fantastic cup of a latte:

  • Espresso or coffee beans
  • Filtered water
  • Chilled milk
  • Syrups, toppings, and other flavorings based on your liking (optional)

See! It is all so simple. You can easily find these ingredients right at home!

Equipments Needed

Again, you do NOT need an espresso machine. Chant it to yourself. But here is what you DO need to prepare yourself a good latte drink:

  • Equipment to brew your coffee/espresso in. This can be an AeroPress, a Moka pot, or a French press.
  • Microwave. A stovetop will also do it conveniently.
  • Finally, you will need a milk frother. This can be a glass jar with a lid. Or you can use a bowl and a whisk.

Once you have gathered all these essentials, all that is left is preparing the ingredients and putting them together. A latte is quite a simple drink. Nothing too complex or tricky about it. So, you will easily be able to make it in a jiffy.

How To Make Latte at Home Without a Machine?

There are essentially only four easy steps to making a good latte. Plus, an additional fifth step is basically only optional. The good news is that these four steps can easily be carried out without an espresso machine! In fact, there are many alternatives to performing these steps. However, you will learn that ahead.


The first step to making a large cup of latte involves brewing yourself strong espresso or coffee. A cup of latte requires two shots of espresso so we recommend you brew at least two to three ounces of espresso. Since espresso is the base of this drink, you need to brew a strong and concentrated drink!

Word of advice: If you are planning to substitute instant coffee in place of espresso, make sure it is as concentrated and strong. You’ll probably need more of it or will have to prepare it with less water.


The next main ingredient is milk. You need to warm your milk to the right temperature to achieve that delicate balance of flavors. Obviously, you do not need a steamer for that. There are ample ways to warm up the milk. From the top of our heads, microwaves are a thing, right?

Milk Froth and Foam

The next step is to froth your milk. This is extremely important, you definitely don’t want to skip that silky layer of froth on top of your latte. Again, you don’t necessarily need a frother. You can easily create the perfect froth using a whisk, a blender, or even a jug with a lid (hint: you gotta shake shake shake!)

Mix-Em Up!

All that is left for you to do once your separate ingredients have been prepared is to combine them. Pour your brewed espresso into your cup and add the steamed milk to it. Make sure you add the froth at the end as a topping. And Viola! A perfectly splendid latte right here, ready for you to drink!

A Dash of Forthed Milk

This last step is only if you are in the mood for some experimentation or wish to add extra flavoring to your drink. You can do a number of things to jazz the latte up a little! For one, you could start with flavored milk if you have a favorite. Or, add syrups, caramel, cocoa powder, and much more.

5 Tips To Make Better Latte At Home

Now that you know the general procedure, it is time to delve into the nitty-gritty of the process. For instance, you can brew the right latte with an espresso machine but what if you don’t have one at home? How do you froth milk without a frother? Here are 5 ways to go about making a latte using alternate strategies at home.

1. Make Latte With a Mocha Pot

The very first step to making a latte is making espresso. Making espresso with a Mocha pot comes only second to make it with an espresso machine. It is considered to be an authentic way to make espresso especially because this technique comes from the very place espresso originated, Italy!

Using a mocha pot is very simple. The bottom chamber of the mocha pot is supposed to be filled with water. Next, add your finely ground coffee beans to the filter and place the mocha over a stove for heating. You can use any other heating source as well.

After that, it’s all about patience as the steam works to create your espresso.

2. Make Latte with Aeropress

Aeropress is considered the modern equivalent of making espresso with a mocha. However, considering the little manual labor required, it could easily be a traditional method. Apart from the AeroPress, you will require hot water, a grinder or ground coffee beans, and of course frother and steamed milk.

To operate the AeroPress, place one of the two filter papers inside the filter cap. Damp it with warm water, secure the bottom cap of the AeroPress in place, and add your ground coffee. Next, dampen the second filter paper and place it at the bottom of your tamp. Press down with it on the coffee.

You then retrieve the tamp leaving the filter paper on top of the coffee. Pour hot water into the chamber and place the Aeropress on your cup. Now all you need is a bit of effort. Push the plunger down to pressurize the espresso into your cup. Finally, add your steamed milk, froth, and any other flavors you like!

3. Make Latte by Steaming Milk in a Saucepan

Worried about messing up the steaming and frothing? Don’t worry we have got your back! It is nothing more complicated than heating up your milk and running air through it. Easy peasy to do with just a saucepan, a whisk, and your stovetop!

All you have to do is add some milk to your saucepan and place it on the burning stove. Now you can either choose to whisk it as warm for five minutes till it looks as frothy as you want. Or you can save yourself the work and use an electric whisk if you have it handy.

Add this velvety milk to your espresso and enjoy the pleasure with every sip!

4. Make Latte by Frothing Milk in a French Press

Another super easy way to froth your milk for a latte is using the French Press if you have it. Instead of whisking, you will push down the plunger rapidly to create the froth.

Just heat up your milk either in the microwave or on the stove. One heat up, pour it in the French Press, and move the plunger up and down as fast as you can. Consider it exercise before pleasure or even earning your latte.

When the milk is foamy and bubbly you’ll know it is done and you can add to the espresso in your cup. Remember the froth comes at the end!

5. Make Latte by Frothing Milk in a Glass Jar

This is by far the most fun way to froth your milk. It is also best if you don’t have electric whisks or a french press and don’t care about buying the tools. All you need is a glass jar and a lid that covers it securely.

Begin, of course, by heating up the milk. Once you have achieved the right milk temperature, pour it into the glass jar. Secure the lid tightly and shake. Yes! You shake it as much as you can, as vigorously as you can. Maybe even put some tunes on and groove as you do it.

This is a two-in-one method where you both end up frothing your milk and shaking off some tension in the body and stress. When you’ve given it a good shake for at least thirty seconds and are pleased with the results, add it to the espresso cup. Or shake more if you think it’s not frothy enough.

Pros & Cons of Making Lattes Without Machine

Not owning an espresso machine should never be an obstacle to making your favorite espresso drinks. However, making these drinks at home comes with both perks and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of making a latte without an espresso machine.


  • It is cheaper, feasible, and less complicated.
  • You have full control over the brewing process.
  • You can pick and choose the number of ingredients based on the serving you are making.
  • There are no risks of the machine breaking down or producing bad coffee.
  • No hassle with the elaborate cleaning process of the espresso machine.
  • Saves you the expenses of large electricity bills.
  • There is more room to experiment with flavors and proportions.


  • You may have to purchase relevant tools separately, for instance, an espresso grinder.
  • More manual labor is required, for instance, strength when using the french press, or whisking.
  • It is difficult to create precise temperatures for milk, water, and espresso. Whereas a super-automatic espresso machine does it automatically.
  • You can mess up with the proportions without the fixed proportions of an espresso machine. You have to go through the trial and error method.


The bottom line is you do not always need to throw money at expensive coffee shops for a good cup of latte. Similarly, you do not have to fret about not owning an espresso machine because the world doesn’t stop without it. Neither do the cravings for a latte. So why should you let yourself bum out and not make a latte right at home??

With this knowledge of how to make a latte at home without a machine, you have the power to consume this delicious beverage anytime! Forget the expensive machines and get the coffee brewing and the milk steaming in your kitchen with your own home tools!

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