Folgers Vs Maxwell House Coffee: Which Is Better & Why?

Folgers Vs Maxwell House Coffee

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If you have ever looked for flavorful and affordable brands of coffee you must have come across the two rival brands: Folgers vs maxwell house Coffee. Both brands have been around for a super long time. Plus they promise and provide exceptional coffee! However, which of the two is better?

Both Maxwell and Folgers are renowned names in the coffee market known to produce exceptional coffee. However, Folgers appears to have recently taken over Maxwell in its popularity. Still, this doesn’t alone qualify it as better. So, let’s find out which is truly the better coffee brand of the two and why?


Folgers Coffee Review

Folgers Coffee

A Brief History & Popularity

Folgers coffee came to existence through James Folger. Although initially he was not interested in the coffee mill business and went out searching for a goal, he ended up returning with a brilliant idea. James shared this idea with William Bovee, another coffee mill owner.

Over the years of owning a coffee mill, William had noticed how people struggled to grind roast coffee by themselves. When James suggested a coffee business partnership, William eagerly shared his idea of a pre-ground and pre-roasted coffee production. Hence, the Folgers coffee company came to be in San Francisco, California.

“The Best Part of Waking Up”

Folgers coffee did not rise to fame immediately. It was not until Proctor & Gamble bought the company that the brand started gaining popularity. This sudden rise to fame was a result of an extremely catchy jingle featuring the phrase “the best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup.”

Coffee Beans & Flavor

Whether it’s espresso beans vs coffee beans, the goal of Folgers is to have the best blend. So, it’s popular for its intense combination of arabica and robusta coffee beans to produce ground coffee. This blend is much cherished and results in a lighter roast and consistency. It’s mostly mild and has a bit of bitterness to it.

Caffeine Content

The caffeine content of Folgers Coffee House is just enough to give you the ideal hit you’re looking for from a cup of coffee. Although depending on the product there might be differences in the amount of caffeine. Nevertheless, you can expect at least 112 milligrams of caffeine in every 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Product’s List

Folgers offers the following coffee products for its users:

  • Classic Roast Medium
  • Classic Complements having varying coffee strengths
  • Simply Smooth
  • Flavored Coffee (e.g. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Chocolate Silk, and Cinnamon)
  • Folgers Gourmet Selections
  • Instant Coffee
  • Singles (single-serve packets)
  • Home Cafe Pods (for one-cup brewing systems)
  • Cappuccino (Instant French Vanilla and Mocha Chocolate powders)
  • Folgers Flavors enhancers (with such options as Caramel, Mocha, Hazelnut, and Vanilla)
  • Folgers Iced
  • 1850 Premium Brand in K-cup pods

Price Range

Folgers is known as an economical brand that coffee lovers can easily afford. So it’s no surprise that its price range is dramatically cheaper compared to other coffee brands. For 8 grams of ground coffee, you will only need to pay 68 cents to a dollar!

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Maxwell House Coffee Review

Maxwell House Coffee

A Brief History & Popularity

Maxwell’s house’s journey to fame began in 1873 when a traveling salesman Joel Cheek found out that his cheaper coffee beans had better flavor than the costly ones he usually sold. These findings inspired Joel to partner with Roger Nolley Smith to create a new and better blend.

The Maxwell hotel played a part in getting Joel his fame by offering to introduce the new blend to its wealthy and notable guests in Nashville. Not only was this blend positively received by the guests but word quickly spread about an amazing coffee at Maxwell.

Consequently, Joel decided to name his coffee brand after the hotel that brought him fame and so we have ourselves the Maxwell House coffee which many now cherish.

“Good To The Last Drop”

Good to the last drop is the infamous slogan that accompanies the Maxwell House coffee brand. It has greatly increased the brand’s popularity but do you know where it came from?

Apparently, one of the most famous guests at the Maxwell Hotel who had the pleasure of drinking Maxwell House coffee was president Theodore Roosevelt. After gulping down the cup of coffee made from Joel’s new blend he exclaimed it was “Good to the last drop”.

And so, Maxwell House found its marketing slogan. Ever since Maxwell House has been in a constant rivalry and struggles with Folgers For the spot of the top-selling brand.

Coffee Beans and Flavors

Maxwell House coffee is produced in Houston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and San Leandro, California, in the US. Originally, Maxwell House used a blend of Arabica and Robusta for their coffee. However, since 2007 they have shifted to using 100% Arabica only.

These are the best espresso beans. So, no surprise that they are expensive and produce quality coffee. Maxwell House owners claim that they want to give their customers the best, hence, the switch to pure Arabica beans. The coffee tastes intense and is heavier and darker.

Caffeine Content

The caffeine content in Maxwell House is exactly similar to Folger’s. For a typical 8-ounce cup of coffee, there will be a caffeine content of 112 milligrams.

Products List

The following products can be found and purchased at Maxwell House to enjoy a good cup of coffee:

  • Maxwell House Original Roast
  • Maxwell House Flavored Coffees
  • Maxwell House Wake Up Roast
  • Maxwell House Decaf Blend
  • Maxwell House Master Blend
  • Maxwell House Intense Bold

Price Range

Maxwell House is famous for not just offering exotic coffee flavors but also its affordability. As a result, most Maxwell House coffee varieties range from $5 to $8 or slightly more.

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Folgers vs Maxwell House Coffee: Noticeable Differences

When it comes to choosing the perfect cup of coffee, the options can be overwhelming. Two popular contenders in the market are Folgers and Maxwell House, each offering its unique characteristics that cater to different preferences.

1. Raw Material Composition

Maxwell House prides itself on using 100% Arabica coffee beans, delivering a distinct flavor profile. On the other hand, Folgers opts for a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, introducing a nuanced combination of tastes.

2. Unveiling Flavor Profiles

Maxwell House takes the spotlight with its optimal taste when brewed to a medium-dark roast. This brings out a symphony of flavors, including nuttiness, a hint of bread, and undertones reminiscent of dark chocolate. Folgers, aligning closely with Maxwell House, is recommended for those who prefer a slightly lighter touch in their medium-dark or lighter roasts.

3. Navigating Caffeine Content

For those seeking a morning jolt, a cup of Maxwell House Original, found in a 24 oz. package, boasts 140mg of caffeine. Surprisingly, this aligns with the caffeine content found in two cups of Folgers House Blend, emphasizing that both options pack a similar punch.

4. Delving Into Nutrition

The nutritional content becomes a pivotal point of consideration. Maxwell House Original carries an average of 140 calories, 2g of fat, and 22g of carbs per cup. In comparison, Folgers Original comes close with 130 calories, 4g of fat, and 23g of carbs. The minute differences in these figures may sway health-conscious consumers in one direction or another.

5. Package Sustainability

Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly crucial. Maxwell House offers the convenience of K-Cup pods but falls short with non-recyclable and non-biodegradable packaging. Folgers, while not explicitly discussed in terms of packaging, holds potential for environmentally conscious choices.

6. Retail Availability

Both Maxwell House and Folgers understand the importance of accessibility. Maxwell House products are conveniently available at Walmart, ensuring a fresh and consistent supply. Similarly, Folgers extends its reach, presenting a diverse line of coffees and teas at your nearest Walmart.

Similarities Between Folgers and Maxwell House Coffee

1. Price Consistency

Both brands maintain a reasonable price range, spanning from $5.00 to $10.00 per box at Walmart. This consistent pricing ensures that consumers can make choices based on preference rather than budget constraints.

2. Shelf Life Assurance

Concerns about coffee freshness are alleviated by the robust shelf life of both Maxwell House and Folgers. Proper storage in a cool, dark place guarantees optimal condition for at least six months, offering flexibility to consumers.

3. Brewing Harmony

The brewing process is another area of harmony between these brands. Regardless of whether you prefer your coffee hot or iced, Maxwell House and Folgers share the same brewing amounts, providing a seamless experience for consumers.

4. Aesthetic Reflection

Examining the appearance of these coffees, Maxwell House boasts 100% Arabica beans, while Folgers embraces a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Both brands proudly declare an absence of additives or artificial flavors, contributing to the purity of their products.

5. Deciphering Original Flavor Nuances

While the distinction between the original flavors of Maxwell House and Folgers is subtle, some consumers note that Folgers tends to have a slightly less acidic taste than its counterpart.

6. Price and Taste Comparison

Here, consumers find a reassuring similarity. Whether opting for Maxwell House or Folgers, the balance between price and taste is maintained. Folgers, positioned as a cost-effective choice, ensures that a satisfying cup of coffee doesn’t translate to a significant impact on one’s budget.

The Maxwell House Original Experience

For those inclined towards Maxwell House Original, the sensory journey is described as nothing short of delightful. The coffee is hailed as a medium to dark roast, providing a robust and savory flavor. A combination of smoky, earthy, and spicy undertones characterizes the taste, creating a memorable coffee experience. The beans themselves are fresh, aromatic, and visually appealing with their light brown hue.

The affordability of Maxwell House extends to its 30 K-Cup coffee pods, offering a budget-friendly alternative to premium single-serving brands. Although the cost per pod may be slightly higher, the overall expense remains competitive, making it an attractive choice for those who value both quality and economy.

Maxwell vs Folgers: Which is Better?

In terms of affordability, the brands are not much different. In addition to that, previously the taste and flavors were also very similar, however, Maxwell Coffee house has now fully shifted to arabica means only. These beans are frequently sourced from places like Brazil (known to produce 2,681 metric tons of coffee annually).

But which is better? Popularity-wise, one might gravitate to Folgers coffee. It has drastically surpassed Maxwell Coffee House. Regardless of that fame, Maxwell Coffee house is significantly better in taste and consistency. Folgers, on the other hand, are known for their bitter taste.

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1. Who owns Maxwell House Coffee?

Currently, Maxwell House Coffee is owned by Kraft Heinz.

2. Who owns Folgers Coffee?

Since 2008, Folgers has joined The J.M Smucker’s Company.

3. Is Maxwell House Coffee being discontinued?

Maxwell house coffee is not entirely being discontinued though some of its companies in different regions have shut down. Such as the Houston-based company.

Winding Up

The bottom line is that both Maxwell and Folgers coffee has gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, putting them side by side, one realizes that there is no Folgers vs Maxwell debate.

Both the brands mostly taste the same, however, people prefer Maxwell house for its stronger aroma and flavors. Whereas Folgers has taken over coffee lovers due to its strong marketing. Either way, if you’re looking for an affordable brand of coffee to enjoy, either of the two will do great!

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