Blonde Espresso VS Regular Espresso

Blonde Espresso VS Regular Espresso

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The ‘Blonde Espresso,’ a new drink from Starbucks, is garnering a lot of traction. If you haven’t already heard about it, you are missing out on a lot! Majorly! But don’t worry. Here is your chance to get acquainted with this exciting new beverage and explore everything about blonde espresso vs regular espresso!

If you’re willing to push your coffee boundaries and try something new, this is the right opportunity to begin! And for those averse to the bitter taste of coffee, we guarantee this drink will blow you away!

Find out everything about the blonde espresso right here. You never know it just might become your new favorite.

What’s the Difference between Blonde Espresso VS Regular Espresso?

Blonde espresso is nothing like your typical espresso. It looks different, tastes different, and has an entirely different caffeine content for starters. But, it will still give you butterflies in your stomach!

Difference between Blonde Espresso And Regular Espresso

Caffeine Concentration of Blonde VS Regular Espresso

A single shot of blonde espresso is stronger than your regular espresso. Shocked? If you were assuming that the light color of this beverage meant less caffeine and a weak espresso, well you are wrong. Also, you’re in for a surprise, because this drink is the strongest one-ounce drink on the Starbucks menu!

The reason, contrary to popular misconceptions, for this stronger texture, is not the lighter roast. Instead, it is the choice of beans that makes the difference! The beans used for Blonde espresso are different from beans used for regular espresso and stronger and bolder in their flavor.

As such, a single shot of blonde espresso contains 85 milligrams of caffeine. Whereas a regular espresso has 75 milligrams of caffeine. The difference may appear small, but for a caffeine-craving coffee lover, it will make all the difference!

Calories in Blonde Espresso VS Regular Espresso

Our calories conscious readers will obviously want to know the exact numbers. So, a single shot of blonde espresso has about five calories and no sugar. However, some coffee houses offer double shots of blonde espresso which obviously doubles the calorie count.

These numbers are bound to change when blonde espresso is used as the basis of other fancy beverages like cappuccinos and lattes.

What makes Blonde Espresso Roast Stronger?

If you’re introducing a whole new blend of coffee, you will need to use a whole new variety of beans. And this is the secret behind the stronger roast or higher caffeine concentration of the blonde espresso. It’s all about the unique coffee beans used for the coffee!

The regular espresso offered in Starbucks is made using dark roast beans originating from the Asian Pacific and Latin America. On the other hand, the beans used to brew the blonde espresso are grown in East Africa and Latin America.

This different, even magical, variety of beans is what makes blonde espresso stronger and not the roasting itself.

MouthFeels: What Does The Blonde Espresso Taste Like?

If we had to use one word, we would say it tastes heavenly! This mouthwatering beverage is winning the hearts of coffee lovers with its mellower and softer flavors. In fact, it’s sweeter than your regular espresso! So, for those who hate coffee for its bitter taste, this espresso is for you!

Compared to a blonde espresso, the regular espresso is brewed using dark roast beans that have a super strong and bold flavor. The unique blend of coffee beans used for blonde espresso makes them ideal for people who want the caffeine but not the bitter flavors.

The new variety of beans gives blonde espresso a more citrusy flavor. You will experience toothsome lemony and orange taste with a hint of caramel flavor as well. The best part? Blonde espresso makes a great base for your other espresso-based drinks and enhances their flavor significantly!

Is Blonde Espresso less bitter than Regular Espresso?

Absolutely! Since the regular espresso uses dark roast beans, it has a stronger and bolder taste which leans towards more bitter flavors. You can expect to taste notes of chocolate and nuts, a hint of caramel, and rich and strong intensity of flavors.

As far as the blonde espresso is concerned, its unique flavors lean more towards a lighter, softer citrusy taste. You’ll get the complete dose of caffeine, in fact, more, but a more pleasant taste.


1. Is Blonde Espresso Healthier?

While it has higher caffeine content, the smoother flavors mean blonde espresso doesn’t need much sugar or cream. This renders it lower in calories as well! Additionally, it contains higher antioxidants which make it a better choice.

2. Is blonde roast only for espresso?

Blonde roast from Starbucks is best brewed in an espresso machine. Although brewing it in a Moka pot or french press is a viable option. However, the true flavors are extracted in an espresso machine.

And yes, you can use the blonde roast to make other espresso-based drinks too!

3. Is blonde espresso less acidic?

Blonde espresso has higher acidity than regular espresso. This acidic nature is experienced by consumers as a lemony or citrus taste.

4. Is the blonde roast the strongest at Starbucks?

Yes, the blonde roast espresso at Starbucks is the strongest single shot of espresso on their menu. Leaves behind the regular roast as well despite its intense taste.

5. How much caffeine is in 3 shots of Starbucks blonde espresso?

A single shot of blonde espresso at Starbucks has 85 milligrams of caffeine and double shot contains 170 milligrams, double than the single shot. This means three shots of it will contain 255 milligrams of caffeine.

Final Words!

There has to be a reason that coffee fanatics are going gaga over this new roast coffee. The blonde espresso is the first innovation by Starbucks in over 40 years and it has to be just THAT amazing to become so famous so quickly.

So, get your coffee craving heart to a coffee shop and let it explore the Blonde Espresso as well. It’s to make a decision, blonde espresso vs regular espresso, which one will it be? As a coffee lover, you may desire both, and that’s completely okay!

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