Single VS Double Shot Espresso: What’s The Difference?

Single VS Double Shot Espresso

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Single vs double shot espresso, which to go for? Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to choose the kind of booster you want! You are thinking of a single shot but you want more. Or you are considering the double shot and think it may be too much. A total dilemma!

Anyway, it is not like a single or double shot of espresso is prepared differently. They have the exact same preparation method, in fact, it is the same shot of espresso. Only a double shot is greater in quantity and its caffeine content.

So, if you are up for solving this dilemma as soon as possible, bear with us and find your answers.

Single VS Double Shot Espresso: What makes them distinct

Although both single and double shots of espresso are made using the same preparation method and ingredients. However, they do have some key differences to keep in mind. Mostly, these differences pertain to the quantity.

The very first difference is in the amount of coffee used to brew these shots. A single shot of espresso requires only about seven grams of coffee beans. On the other hand, a double shot, quite obviously, requires double that quantity, i.e, fourteen grams of coffee beans. This makes a double shot espresso stronger in flavor!

Finally, a single shot of espresso is an ounce of espresso with 63 milligrams of caffeine. Whereas a double shot is two ounces with a higher caffeine content of around 126 milligrams. As can be seen, their differences are mainly about the quantity and amount of the shot and its components.

Milk Usage for Espresso Shots

Milk can really bring out the flavors in your espresso shot and enhance its taste. It adds a creamy and rich texture to the beverage and is the main ingredient for many espresso drinks. However, it also kind of dampens the strength of espresso.

So, if you want to maintain that strong sense of espresso in your drink you may want to opt for a double espresso drink. This way even after adding the creamy milky richness to it, you will still get a strong caffeine boost to keep you going.

However, if you do not desire a sharp espresso hit then a single shot of espresso coupled with milk can do wonders for the mouthfeels! Plus, as far as the milk is concerned, having it hot, cold, steamed, or frothed can make all the difference!

Why Should You Always Use an Espresso Scale?

You might think the rule of thumb is your expertise, however, when it comes to espresso it really messes up with your drink. Using an espresso scale gives you the accurate quantities and amount of espresso you are pulling. And precise quantity is very essential to extracting all the right flavors.

Why Should You Always Use an Espresso Scale

Hence, it is critical that you use an espresso scale to fix your brewing ratios. It even helps you experiment in a way with your espresso shot that is not disastrous!

Importance of Brew Ratio

If you like your espresso a certain way and want to make no changes to it then brew ratios are very important. They track and manage your brewing process so you can replicate the same taste of espresso that you fell in love with every time you pull a shot.

The brew ratio provides you with the precise recipe for the perfect extraction of espresso. It is extremely important to find the right balance between the weight of your espresso and the weight of the coffee beans to extract the perfect espresso shot. This is why finding and maintaining the right brew ratio is very important.


1. Should I use a single or double shot for a latte?
A latte can be made using either of the two (single or double) shots of espresso. As long as you get the proportions of the espresso shot, milk, and froth right, you are good to go!
2. Is it bad to have two shots of espresso?
Consuming up to four hundred milligrams of caffeine is considered a healthy amount. A double shot of espresso has about 126 milligrams of caffeine which falls within the defined healthy range. However, if your body is extra sensitive to caffeine, then a single shot might be enough for you.
3. Is a cappuccino a double or single shot?
A single cappuccino is typically made using a single shot of espresso. This is accompanied by hot steamed milk as well as some milk foam on the top. However, you can make variations to these proportions based on your liking.


So, the next time you find yourself debating whether to get single vs double shot espresso, you’ll find making a decision easier. Just keep in mind your body’s tolerance level and whether you want a sharp espresso taste or a less intense single shot will do.

Time to give those mouthfeels a round of espresso!


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