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5 Best Espresso Beans for 2022 – Top Reviews & Guide

Best Espresso Beans

Is your coffee or espresso not tasting as amazing and flavorful as you want? The problem could be with the coffee beans that you use. Did you know that coffee beans can make all the difference for a great cup of espresso? We believe it’s time to invest in the best espresso beans to pull a great espresso shot by using your favorite espresso machine.

But which brand is the best? Which coffee beans make the most flavorful espresso? What are the types and roasts and what makes beans the best in quality? Find out everything so you can brew a shot of espresso that blows you away!

A Quick Look at Our Best 3 Picks

  • Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans: Lifeboost espresso beans are sun-dried and washed with spring water to keep them less acidic and pure. They are tested for every harmful toxin.
  • Volcanica Coffee Tanzania Peaberry: This fantastic quality and high-end coffee make a particularly flavorsome cup of coffee. Peaberry ensures a richness of nutrients and twice the flavors in your coffee.
  • Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso Beans: The kicking horse coffee espresso beans are, particularly for medium roast lovers! They’ve got a range of flavors in the medium roast with slightly different compositions and amazing flavors.

Our Top Picks

Key FeaturesBest Espresso BeansPriceBrandItem FormRating
Certified Organic BeansLifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans$$$LIFEBOOSTGroundB+
With Peaberry BeansVolcanica Coffee Tanzania Peaberry$$Volcanica CoffeeWhole BeanA
Nut Free BeansKicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso Beans$$$LavazzaWhole BeansA+
Caffeinated Enough BeansStumptown Hair Bender Whole Coffee Beans$$Stumptown Coffee RoastersWhole BeansA
With Amazing AromaKoffee Kult Thunder Bolt Coffee Beans$$$Koffee KultWhole BeansA

5 Best Espresso Beans of 2022: In-Depth Reviews 

Why go for a coffee beans hunt when we’ve got the best choices for you right here? Our top picks are bound to save you the time of browsing at a superstore. These espresso beans are best known for the excellent coffee they make and have the best reviews by customers!

1. Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans

The lifeboost coffee beans will make a perfect go-to for those who are both health-conscious and coffee fanatics. Despite being on the healthy side of things, these coffee espresso beans do not compromise on their flavor. In fact, life boost implores you to try your best now that you’ve experimented with the rest.

Lifeboost espresso beans are sun-dried and washed with spring water to keep them less acidic and pure. This natural coffee is decaffeinated and not harsh on your stomach. So, if you experience any discomforting symptoms after coffee, you’ll fall in love with this decaffeinated and low-acid coffee.

Plus, they are tested for every harmful component from mycotoxins, and pesticides, to other metals and toxins. Being that healthy, the Lifeboost espresso beans are also packed with mouthwatering flavors. They retain their maximum coffee flavor without any sugar or additives which makes them the perfect choice for any coffee fan.

Comes in various flavors
No discomfort post-consumption
Organic and packed with flavors
Robust aroma

A little pricy.
Whole-bean coffee is not everyone’s preference.

Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans

Check at Amazon

2. Volcanica Coffee Tanzania Peaberry

Chocolate, dark roast, and earthy undertones; are you drooling already? Well, you can expect to taste these tantalizing flavors with these fresh espresso beans. This fantastic quality and high-end coffee make a particularly flavorsome cup of coffee.

What makes it one of the best coffee beans for espresso is that they are always extremely fresh. As a coffee lover, you know how coffee can significantly transform if the coffee beans are fresh, right? Well, with the Volcanica peaberry beans, you’ll get fresh beans and a magical single or double shot of espresso every single time.

Peaberry ensures a richness of nutrients and twice the flavors in your coffee. And if you’re dependent on your caffeine boost, these beans are caffeinated to a point that will please an average coffee lover. You’re guaranteed an espresso that is extravagantly vibrant, has a full body and is not very acidic. The perfect combo!

Smooth taste.
Captivating aroma.
Extremely fresh coffee.

Dark roast is not preferred by all.
Whole-bean coffee is not everyone’s preference.

Volcanica Coffee Tanzania Peaberry

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3. Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso Beans

The kicking horse whole bean coffee will take you on a journey of exotic flavors. You’ll experience silky and complex flavors that range from wild berry syrup to a fantastic cocoa finish and brown sugary undertones. They’re organic and sustainable and will have you wanting more and more!

The kicking horse coffee espresso beans are, particularly for the medium roast lovers! They’ve got a range of flavors in the medium roast with slightly different compositions and amazing flavors that will definitely impress you.

Most importantly, they’ll satisfy your caffeine cravings perfectly. Finally, the good news for those allergic to nuts, these coffee beans are nut-free so you can brew coffee and consume it to your heart’s desire.

Contain no nuts.
Fresh coffee beans.
Very aromatic.
Minimum levels of acidity.

Medium roast is not preferred by everyone.
Can be too sweet for some.

Kicking Horse Coffee Beans

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4. Stumptown Hair Bender Whole Coffee Beans

This sustainable brand of coffee produces one of the most sought-after whole-bean coffee. It features a balanced array of flavors with sweet undertones. Plus, the citrusy and chocolatey aroma is super amazing.

The Hair Bender brand is a day-maker for many coffee lovers! Its citrusy and dark chocolate flavors strike an exotic balance of tart and bitter that pleases the mouth. These beans are available in all roast types and brew a coffee that is amazingly rich in its texture!

The beans are significantly caffeinated. And this caffeine and the freshness of flavors are maintained for up to 90 days after opening the bag. Isn’t it just absolutely great?

Sustainable brand.
Coffee beans remain fresh for 90 days.
Produces coffee of all roast types.

Only available in the whole bean.
No blonde roast.

Stumptown Hair Bender Beans

Check at Amazon

5. Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Coffee Beans

This thunderbolt will definitely hit you with its french (very dark) roast! Imagine the strongest flavors in the most smooth textured coffee. A great combination! The beans are organic as well as full-bodied. They’re bold, but not too bitter so it’s perfect for our coffee lovers who try to avoid bitter coffee.

Not to mention that hypnotizing aroma will definitely drag you out of the bed and glue your lips to a cup of espresso! The kind of smoky and cinnamon smell that emits from the brewed coffee is to die for, truly!

Why are they the best for you? They are organic, top quality, and remain fresh for every batch!

Available as both whole and ground coffee beans.
Amazing aroma.
Organic and top quality.

Dark roast is not everyone’s preference.

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans

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Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Espresso Beans

Which Traits Define Good Espresso Beans

There are a number of factors that must be ticked to claim a certain espresso bean are the best or even good. Not every bag of coffee beans will satisfy you, they can very well repulse you and throw you off coffee. However, it equally comes down to your own preferences.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when searching for ‘good’ espresso beans.

Roast Type:

Light, medium, or dark roast. They aren’t just three words. They have the power to transform your coffee experience.


Figure out if you prefer single-origin beans or if you prefer an exotic special espresso blend.


Arabica or Robusta? Both types are great depending on what you like best. You’d prefer Arabica for its sweetness and smoothness and Robusta for its rich and velvety crema and intense taste.


Depending on the espresso brewing equipment available to you, the grind of the coffee beans can be crucial. Some coffee beans only come as whole beans and not ground coffee beans.

What are Light, Medium, and Dark Roasted Espresso Bean?

Coffee beans come in three roast types: light, medium, and dark. There are some additional special roasts as well, like the medium-dark or blonde, however, they are not the regular kind you typically consume every day.

Light Roast:

Light roast coffee beans are lighter in color. They capture the original coffee flavor with more acidity and intensity to the taste. These beans also have a higher level of caffeine.

Medium Roast:

Medium roast coffee beans strike an intricate balance of aroma, flavors, and acidity. They are mostly used in the US and are known for their oily texture.

Dark Roast:

Dark roast coffee beans have a shiny oily surface. They are known for their bold flavors and bitterness. The darkest of these beans are known to be French or Italian. These are frequently used to make espresso because of their strong flavors and bitterness.

What are the Different Types of Espresso Beans?

Espresso coffee beans typically have two types. Arabica and Robusta. But how do they differ? Let’s find out!


The Arabica coffee beans possess twice the natural sugar content of Robusta beans. They are quite expensive and frequently used in the preparation of specialty coffee like lattes and cappuccinos.


Robusta coffee beans are known for their bitterness and flatter taste. They contain a higher caffeine content and are more acidic in nature. Moreover, since they are easy to grow these beans can be found very cheap.

Pre-Ground Vs Whole Espresso Beans

It is usually believed that whole coffee beans are superior. They contain richer flavors and make super fresh coffee since you grind and use them instantly. Whereas, pre-ground coffee can lack richness since it has been around for a long time before sitting on the shelf of a store.

However, we suggest going for the pre-ground coffee if you don’t have a grinder or a poor-quality grinder. The most important thing is the grinding. It makes your coffee super fine, increasing its surface area so you can efficiently extract all the magic out of it into your espresso.

Hence, if you don’t have a promising grinder stick to pre-ground coffee beans. You can easily store and preserve their freshness for some time. However, if you’ve got an excellently functioning espresso grinder, well, why deprive yourself of the fantastic flavors of whole coffee beans?


1. Are coffee and espresso beans the same or different?

There isn’t any solid difference between coffee and espresso beans. The types are either Robusta or Arabica. However, the only difference is in the brewing process. Espresso beans are ground finer and roasted more.

2. What beans should I use for espresso?

The beans that make the best espresso are medium-dark to dark-roast coffee beans. They produce a rich crema and are richer in flavors. Plus, they give espresso the desired texture and consistency.

3. Can I use regular coffee beans in an espresso machine?

You can definitely use your regular coffee beans in an espresso machine. However, we warn you that the espresso may come out tasting kind of tart. For espresso, the best choice is dark roast coffee beans.

4. What are the smoothest espresso coffee beans?

There are a plethora of varieties for the best and smoothest espresso coffee beans. While there is no specific or singular answer to this. Still, some of the best and smoothest beans are the Volcanica Kicking Horse, Stumptown, Koffee Kult, and many more.

5. What kind of beans does Starbucks use for espresso?

Starbucks typically uses medium roast espresso beans for all beverages. However, if you specifically ask, they have also got available dark roast beans.

Final Thoughts | Best Espresso Beans

So, with our recommendations, we believe you are covered to buy the best espresso beans for your coffee. With this variety of espresso coffee beans, your coffee brewing and drinking experience are likely to transform.

Just remember, if it is whole beans, then you’ll need a grinder before brewing espresso out of them. So, if you lack the tools, go for the pre-ground espresso beans. Unleash the coffee lover in you and let him or her explore the world of the best espresso beans you can find!

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