How To Use Breville Espresso Machine (With Expert Tips)

How To Use Breville Espresso Machine

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Recently purchased a Breville espresso machine and struggling to use it now? Your struggles are about to come to an end. This information guide will teach you exactly how to use Breville espresso machine. Your espresso machine will be producing yummy hot beverages in no time!

How to Use Breville Espresso Machine (Step by Step Guide)

Like the DeLonghi espresso maker, Breville has been a trusted brand for its users since 1932. Its coffee machines are one of its most popular appliances and come in a wide range of models. Sometimes they can be a bit difficult to operate. However, it’s time you say bye-bye to this difficulty!

Using A Breville Espresso Machine

Here is how you can operate your newly bought Breville monster!

Step#1: Fill the Water Up to Its Level

Before running the espresso machine fill it with water to its maximum level. Breville espresso machines, unlike some others, don’t inform users when the water level is low. To avoid any damages always check the water level.

Step#2: Warmup the Machine Before Using It

A common mistake people make is turning on the espresso machine exactly when you’re about to brew your coffee. You need to preheat the espresso machine for at least 15 minutes before using it. This ensures that every component is running hot and will create the perfect beverage for you.

Yes, the machine doesn’t take long to heat up once switched on. However, if you use it a minute or so after turning it on, your coffee drink won’t taste the best. Plus, if your machine has a cup warmer do not forget to use it! Place your cup on top of the machine on the warming tray at the very beginning.

Step#3: Grind the Beans and Check Them Before Using

You’ll need a packet of whole coffee beans for the Breville espresso machine. We recommend whole beans because they are richer in flavor and freshness compared to ground ones.

After you’ve picked your beans, put some in the hopper and fasten the lid. Next, choose either the single or double basket size for the filter. Keep the grind size at 5 (as recommended by Breville) and set the grind amount knob in the middle of the markings.

Beans Quantity for Making Espresso:

You don’t need to stick to a particular amount of beans for the Breville machine. Just make sure they are an adequate amount and not very little. If they’re covering the bottom completely you’re good to go.

Step#4: Fill the Portafilter:

The portafilter is where the ground coffee goes. Make certain it’s completely dry before placing the coffee in it. The amount of ground coffee you’ll need is:

  • Single shot: 8 to 10 grams
  • Double shot: 15 to 18 grams

Place the portafilter on the grinder outlet. A quick push and the grinder will grind and add some coffee to the portafilter. Weigh it to ensure it’s the right amount and make adjustments if necessary.

Level the ground coffee in the portafilter and clean up any spills from the edges. Tamp the coffee by pressing it before inserting the portafilter back into the machine.

Step#5 Add Hot Water to the Cup

Place your cup on the tray and pour a single cup of water into it. You don’t have to do anything with this water. It is simply to maintain the temperature of both the machine and your mug.

Step#6: Attach the Portafilter to the Espresso Machine

Where it says ‘insert’ on the machine, insert the portafilter there. Twist it till it’s securely locked into the machine. You will know this when the handle is facing out in front of the espresso machine.

Step#7: Extract the Espresso

Place your espresso mug under the portafilter on the tray. Select the option for a single or double cup depending on the amount you want.

Now all you have to do is wait a few seconds for the espresso to pour right into your cup. Keep your eyes on the red needle. If it falls in the grey region you give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve successfully made a great cup of coffee!

If the pressure needle falls under or over the range, try increasing or decreasing your tamping pressure, respectively. It’s about the trial and error method and you’ll ace it pretty quickly!

Step#8: Steaming the Milk

If you want that popular combination of coffee and milk you have a little more work to do! The next steps involve steaming and frothing the milk to make a latte or cappuccino.

It’s best to use the milk and the milk pitcher cold. To prepare the steam wand face it towards the drip tray and let it run for a few seconds. When the steam appears turn it to stand by. Quickly submerge the wand in your milk pitcher and switch to steam again.

The two most important tips to perfectly steam and froth the milk are correct temperature and positioning.

Required Position for Steaming the Milk:

When steaming the milk make sure the pitcher is tilted a little to allow the milk to swirl. Be careful to avoid any spills.

Submerge the steam wand a quarter-inch into the milk. If it’s submerged too deep the machine will make annoying screeching sounds. If it’s not submerged enough you could splash milk all over.


You need to be able to tell when it’s time to stop steaming. For this reason, hold the jug’s handle with your right hand and place your left hand under it at the bottom. When you feel the jug getting too hot and painful to touch, stop the steaming.

Tap the jug a couple of times on the counter and swirl it to break any bubbles.

Step#9: Pressure the Steam Out from the Wand

Once you’re done steaming the milk it’s time to purge the steam wand again. Face it towards the drip tray again and turn it on the steam. This will filter out any milk that might have gone up the wand.

Repeat this every time you steam milk. Otherwise, milk residuals will burn inside the wand and ruin every cup of coffee you make.

Step#10: Clean the Espresso Machine

If you want to enjoy the same delicious cup of coffee again you better learn how to clean a Breville espresso machine! Leaving it for later will only make it harder, delay your next cup of coffee, and might even make it taste bad.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. With a moist washcloth immediately wipe off the steam wand after steaming. No delays or the milk will burn and stick.
  2. Clean any water or coffee spills from the machine and counter.
  3. Empty out the portafilter. Rinse it thoroughly and insert it back in place after drying.

Tips For Maintaining Breville Espresso Machine

Here’s what you can do to keep your Breville espresso machine running long term:

  • Frequently clean the espresso machine.
  • Use the machine with care. Make sure all the components of the machine are firmly secured in their right places.
  • Be aware of the functioning capacity of your machine and don’t overuse it.
  • Check all the wires/sockets connecting to the machine are safe and secured.
  • Apart from the water needed in the water tank, keep away excess water from the machine.


1. What drinks can I make at home using the espresso machine?<br />
You can make anything, from simple coffee to fancy beverages like blonde espresso, latte, macchiato, cortado, cappuccino, and much more! And these are just the hot beverages. You can even make cold ones like iced coffee!
2. How to reset the Breville Espresso Machine?
To reset the machine to its default settings, press the program button and hold it for a few seconds. When the machine makes three beeps, release the button.
3. How do I fix the pressure on my Breville espresso machine?
To fix the pressure problems you need to adjust the upper Burrs. Switch the knob to a higher or lower number till you find the right setting.

Bottom Line

Be it using a DeLonghi, Breville espresso machine, or any other. There’s always much to learn. Too many options and buttons to figure out before fully benefiting from the machine. However, while this guide does not go into those details, it will definitely get your machine up and running. Don’t forget to read the Breville instructions manual at least once!

Now that you know how to use Breville espresso machine, you can jump onto the more exciting stuff! Explore the espresso machine. It’s a whole new world!

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