How Many Espresso Shots Can Kill You

How Many Espresso Shots Can Kill You?

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Espresso has become a very common go-to for a quick caffeine fix. It gives you just the right boost of energy you need to get through the day. However, it can very easily mess up the internal mechanisms of your body. But since espresso is consumed in so little quantity, how many espresso shots can kill you?

A single shot of espresso contains 63 milligrams of caffeine. Which appear very little we know. Plus, an espresso shot is what? Only one ounce! How could one ever drink so much so as to kill oneself? Pfft! But, but… it is far easier to overdose on your espresso shots and caffeine than you may think.

How Many Espresso Shots Can Kill You?

Again, it is very easy to overconsume espresso, especially when you are addicted to it. That is why it is important to keep tabs on yourself and be aware of how much consumption is within a healthy range and how much can be bad for you. There is always a healthy balance to strive for!

When it comes to espresso shots, a healthy quantity of consumption recommended by experts is 6 espresso shots in a day. That is equal to about four cups of coffee in a day. Depending on your physicality, metabolism, and tolerance, a higher consumption than this could cause health issues.

As far as an extremely fatal amount is concerned, you really want to avoid anywhere upwards or near 76 shots of espresso. Even thinking of it seems a lot! Between 76 to 156 shots or 52 to 105 cups of coffee, a day can kill you. And we don’t want that, so keep a check on your espresso drinking!

How Much Caffeine Can You Consume In A Day?

If you are drinking 4 to 5 shots of espresso in a day that is fine. An ounce of espresso typically contains 63 milligrams of caffeine which seems a fairly small quantity and it is. And as your body digests and metabolizes it throughout the day, you remain active and within healthy bounds.

How Much Caffeine Can You Consume In A Day

Ideally, four hundred milligrams of caffeine is the perfect dose one should consume in a day. It is enough to give you that espresso satisfaction you crave. And is not lethal either. Four hundred milligrams of caffeine make about 6 shots of espresso. So, give yourself a pat on the back if you check that box!

In any case, a fatal amount of caffeine would be consuming five to ten grams of caffeine in a day. That makes up 5,000 to 10,000 milligrams of caffeine and it is bad! It will cause several overdose symptoms in your body, none of them good! Obviously.

Side Effects Of Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Your body will only take so much of your abuse. Eventually, it will start to pay you back for your caffeine overdosing in a not so pretty way. Here are a few symptoms you can expect or keep an eye out for that mean you have over consumed your espresso.

1. Dizziness

Dizziness is the most common and the very first sign your body will show you to say PLEASE STOP HUMAN! If you have consumed too much espresso over the course of a day then there’s a big fat chance you are gonna feel bad and dizzy for the rest of that day.

So, if you feel lightheaded, find it hard to focus, and balancing yourself feels like too much of a chore, know that you have overdosed. Take some rest, and take the hint! Press pause on the espresso.

2. Fever

Extremely high consumption of caffeine can result in fever as well. Now, we all know fever is not a good feeling at all! So, if drinking your espresso shots is causing you to have a fever then know you have reached your limit. Stop drinking for the day and try to cut back on your overall consumption.

3. Diarrhea

This is another extreme condition of espresso or caffeine overdose. This is when your body is telling you that you have loaded it up with way too much caffeine too quickly and your body is unable to process it.

This happens when you are relentless with your espresso consumption. And don’t eat solid food in between. Four cups of espresso are more than enough in a day to enjoy yourself and reap its health benefits. And if you feel like your body cannot take more then don’t give it more!

4. Anxiety

You can even get super anxious if you overdose on caffeine. Too much caffeine leaves you hyper-vigilant which can easily trigger anxiety. So, if you feel your anxiety growing with your caffeine intake, hold up and stop drinking.

5.  Heart Problems

The scariest of them all is the risk of heart failure. Yes, you could be triggering your heart to stop functioning. Too much caffeine can cause your heart to beat irregularly. This greatly increases the risks of heart failure. So, if you catch your heart beating to a different rhythm, please stop with the espresso.

How To Manage an Espresso Overdose?

Different people can overdose on different quantities of espresso. It all depends on your body and the limits it has set for itself. For some 6 shots of espresso may be nothing but for others, even three shots could be too much.

The best way in this case to manage overdose is to be vigilant about your body’s reaction to espresso and caffeine. Check for any overdose symptoms and keep an eye out for when your body most reacts to caffeine. Determine the limit for yourself.

Make sure you cut back if your body is not taking the caffeine well. Try to regulate your caffeine consumption and don’t push your bodies to take more than they are built to.


1. Is espresso safe for kids?
Espresso is not safe for kids and is not recommended for them either. It is important to limit their caffeine intake and maybe restrict them to milkier beverages like a latte.
2. Is espresso worse than coffee?
The only difference between the two drinks is in their preparation method. There is also a slight difference in their caffeine content, however, the quantities in which they are consumed make up for that. As such, there is no such distinction in their benefits or risks to make one worse than the other.
3. Are four shots of espresso bad for you?
It mostly depends on your physical health how much amount of espresso can be bad for you. However, typically, you should be able to drink up to 6 shots without any adverse effects.
4. Can you drink five shots of espresso?
Consuming five shots of espresso in a day lies within the consumption limit recommended by experts (6 shots). However, look out for any adverse reactions your body may show. If it is too much for your body, it can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, or heart issues.
5. What happens if you drink six shots of espresso?
Normally, six shots of espresso are considered to be an okay amount to consume. However, if your body is unable to tolerate it then it may lead to the health issues mentioned above.
6. How many shots of espresso can you get at Starbucks?
Most shots in a Starbucks drink are three in a venti. However, you can ask for more or buy another shot if you want.


Since you are drinking tiny quantities of espresso, it is very easy for you to misjudge your intake. You might think you’ve only had a couple of shots, no biggie, but it can turn out to be a disaster.

So, now that you know about how many espresso shots are okay and how many espresso shots can kill you, be vigilant! Enjoy the espresso but be careful about your body too.

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