Is Water Free At Starbucks? How To Order Water At Starbucks?

Is Water Free At Starbucks

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Starbucks is famous for its wide range of caffeinated drinks. Starbucks beverages will cost you some money, but they’re always worth every penny. But what if you just want a glass of water? Is water free at Starbucks? How much do they charge for that? We’ll tell you. It’s exactly zero bucks!

This can come as shocking news to many, who would (quite normally) think that a big franchise like Starbucks would charge for everything. Yet, there is nothing special that you have to do in order to get a glass of water at Starbucks other than simply ask for it.

However, if you’re still unsure, let’s delve deeper into this and find out how you can order a glass of water at Starbucks.


Does Starbucks Charge for Water? How Much is Water at Starbucks?

Nope. Starbucks does not charge a single penny for water. While a number of places have policies that let them charge for everything, including water, Starbucks is above them. At Starbucks, you can ask for iced or hot water in any size cup and they will serve it to you for free.

Did you know that there was a time when Starbucks had self-serve water coolers for customers? However, these were removed since Starbucks does not consider itself a self-service establishment.

In fact, you are not even required to buy anything in order to get free water. You can simply go to Starbucks for a glass of water without buying anything else. On top of that, Starbucks’ free water is filtered, it’s as good as bottled water. So, there is no risk of getting unhygienic water either.

What is Starbucks’ Free Water Policy?

There is no such Starbucks free water policy. Basically, Starbucks does not need the policy to offer free water to its customers. And come to think of it, water is something that shouldn’t be charged anyway, right? The fact that water will be given for free is simply an understood idea across all Starbucks outlets.

However, there is one particular exception that you might face at some of the Starbucks outlets. A few branches tend to charge for the cup you’re getting the water in. So, they might ask you to pay around 25 to 50 cents or something. Remember, this is not for the water, but rather the cup you’re getting the water in.

If you have your own cup or bottle, you could probably ask them to fill it with water. Starbucks readily does that to promote environmental friendliness. Regardless, paying 25 cents is still MUCH cheaper than getting bottled water.

How Do You Order Free Water at Starbucks?

The baristas at Starbucks are no doubt super skilled at pouring you the right caffeinated drink in a timely manner. And if you ask them for something as simple as the water in the right manner, they will be more than happy to break their skill-filled routine to pour you a cup of water.

How To Order Water At Starbucks

Here’s what you can do to get water at Starbucks for free:

  • You may not be paying for it but still, stand in the queue. No one likes a person who jumps the line, especially when they aren’t even paying, right?
  • Order the water at the counter or the drive-thru box. Although you won’t be charged for it, the barista is still obligated to ring it up to the register to account for the inventory, time, and labor.
  • As per the standard, Starbucks usually serves iced water. So, if you do not want it iced, decide beforehand and let them know.
  • Again, either ask for the water while making your regular order or stand in line. Asking at the hand-off bar simply disrupts the flow of the baristas and bothers other customers who get their orders late.
  • Specify the cup you want the water in (in terms of size).
  • If you can, remember to leave a tip no matter how small!

Can You Order a Larger Cup of Water for Free?

Yes! Most of the Starbucks outlets serve the water in either the grande size or a smaller cup. However, you can request it in a venti or trenta as well. Although the water is free, you may be charged for the cup depending on the store you go to.

Whether you get charged for the cup or not entirely depends on the Starbucks outlet you visit.

Why is Starbucks’ Water So Good?

Are you aware that coffee is drunk 2.25 billion times a day? And Starbucks could easily be responsible for a massive chunk of that. However, coffee is not all that Starbucks is famous for. Have you ever tried their water?

You might think it’s just water. What is the big deal about it? Well, those who’ve had water from Starbucks will tell you there’s totally a big deal about it! People are even known to go to Starbucks for their water only. It tastes that great!

Starbucks water tastes extra refreshing and is super good to taste. There is a solid reason for so much praise for Starbucks water. The reason it tastes so good is Starbucks’ water filtration system. Starbucks triple filters its tap water. This purifies it to the extent that it tastes insanely good and freshens you up!

What Water Filter Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks’ secret to heavenly water is their triple filtered reverse osmosis system or 3-stage RO system. This filtration system purifies water much better than the 2-stage sediment and carbon filter systems.

The 3-stage RO filter system first uses a sediment filter to remove any suspended matter from the water. Next, it filters out the chlorine or any other chemicals from the water. Finally, all the organic and inorganic compounds are also filtered out. What you get in the end is extremely purified water to drink.

Do All Starbucks Triple Filter Their Water?

Yes. From what is typically known about Starbucks water, every outlet uses the same 3-stage RO filter system to filter their water. So, regardless of which outlet you choose, the water you get will be just as good!

Does Starbucks Sell Bottled Water?

Yes. Starbucks does offer bottled water as well, however, this comes at a price since this isn’t just filtered tap water. Plus, it’s packaged and everything, so you must pay for it. It’s a good thing that Starbucks offers this option considering some customers may be in a rush or simply prefer bottled water.

Why Do People Buy Bottled Water at Starbucks When You Can Get Iced Water for Free?

This must sound crazy to many of us who would prefer free water over priced bottled water. However, many people do end up purchasing bottled water at Starbucks. One of the reasons, as we mentioned earlier, could be that they are in a rush. Another could be their preference.

Some people just prefer bottled water over tap water (even if it is deeply filtered). Additionally, some people are simply used to a particular kind of bottled water and do not want to risk it even with filtered tap water. So, they prefer to purchase their water despite the free water option.

How to Order Water on Starbucks App?

Sadly, in many regions, you do not have the option to order free water from Starbucks through their app. However, people have come up with some extremely creative and clever hacks around it.

If you want to order free water through the app, you can change your name to add free water to it. For instance, if a customer called XYZ wants water with their order, they can just change their name to XYZ grande iced water. The baristas know this way that the order includes a free grande size water.

However, if the baristas are too busy to read through the entire name then you might not end up getting the free water.

How Much Does Venti Water Cost at Starbucks?

Water at Starbucks is free of charge. However, the cup you get it in can come at a price at some outlets. So, normally Starbucks serves water in a grande or smaller cup and if they are charging you for it you might need to pay around 25 cents for it.

However, for larger cups like venti or Trenta, the price may rise up to a dollar.

Does Starbucks Give Free Hot Water?

Yes. When Starbucks says it does not charge for water, it DOES NOT charge for water. So, you can get both hot and iced water at Starbucks outlets free of charge.

Does Starbucks Charge for Iced Water?

No, Starbucks does not charge for iced water either. In fact, this is typically the kind of water you get when you request water from them. In the event that you want hot water, you will need to specify that.

How to Order Iced Water on Starbucks App?

The Starbucks app does not give the option to order water. However, there is a clever way you can convey this order to the baristas at Starbucks without actually placing the order. Simply add the water request by changing your name. For example, Sam venti iced water will convey to the barista to prepare iced water for you.

What Does No Water Mean at Starbucks?

‘No water’ is a phrase customers use when ordering the tea variety at Starbucks. It simply means you want your beverage strong and not diluted with water. A no-water iced tea or flavored tea is much stronger both in intensity and flavors than the usual way they prepare the tea.

Final Words

To many people’s surprise, the answer to ‘is water free at Starbucks?’ is a big fat YES! So, anytime you feel parched after consuming your favorite Starbucks beverage, you can simply order water instead of purchasing bottled water. It will be served to you for free! Although some outlets may charge you 25 to 50 cents for the cup.

While ordering water through the app is apparently not possible, you can navigate this technicality by changing your name to add free water to it. Starbucks is a beloved franchise and it will not disappoint you!

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