Nespresso Vertuo Red Light Errors & Quick Fixes!

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Is your Nespresso’s red light blinking weirdly and making you panic? Regardless of whether it is blinking, steady, or half a different color, there’s always a way to fix it. There are quite a few different types of Nespresso red light errors. However, for the most part, they can all be fixed pretty easily.

Nespresso is a reliable, trusted, and renowned name for coffee machines worldwide. It is also known for its user-friendliness. So, it is stupid to think Nespresso will manufacture and launch a coffee machine that easily breaks and can’t be fixed.

If you’re ready to ease your panic, let’s find out why your Nespresso is blinking red in several different and weird ways. We’ll also help you find the right solution to every particular Nespresso red light error. Time to put on our Bob the Builder hats and fix it!


Nespresso Red Light Errors and Solutions (In a Nutshell)

Error Code Red Light Indication Meaning Solution
1 Half Red Half Green Steady Light Descaling Required Perform descaling maintenance every 6 months.
2 Red Light Continuously Flashing with an Immovable Machine Head Obstruction in Machine Head Carefully inspect for and remove obstructions.
3 Red Light Blinking Twice, Then Steady Green Empty Water Tank or Capsule Issue Refill the water tank or ensure proper capsule use.
4 Red Light Blinking Three Times Every Two Seconds, Then Steady Red Internal Obstructions Check for obstructions, and clean the capsule container.
5 Red Steady Light with Machine Not Running Overheating Turn off, unplug, and allow the machine to cool.
6 Red Light Blinking Twice and Returning to Orange Blinking Special Function Mode (e.g., Descaling) Follow special function prompts to complete tasks.
7 Red Light Blinking Twice and Returning to Steady Orange Special Function Mode Operate the lever to choose the desired function.
8 Slowly Fading Red Light Cooling Down Wait until the light turns green before using it again.

Note: For specific troubleshooting steps and model-related guidance, consult your Nespresso machine’s user manual or contact Nespresso customer support if needed.

What Does the Dreaded Nespresso Red Light Mean?

The Nespresso red light is an indication and can mean a number of different things. In simple terms, it means there is something in your Nespresso machine that requires fixing. It can be an indication of overheating, an empty water tank, missing capsule, system error, descaling alert, alert for the head’s position, etc.

how-nespresso-red-light-error-looks (1)

For the smart Nespresso coffee machines, this feature is basically a way to let you know that something’s wrong. The exact problem depends on the way the red light is blinking in Nespresso. There’s no need to worry when the red light comes on. It’s simply an indication of a task that needs to be done.

To help reduce your anxiety further, let’s pair the different kinds of red light flashings to the problem they indicate. This way you will always know what to do whenever the red light goes on in your Nespresso next.

Warning: Refer to the Nespresso User Manual

Please review the instruction manual of your Nespresso machine before attempting the fixes in this post as they’re only applicable to the Nespresso VertuoPlus. Your Nespresso machine may be displaying a similar error to those listed below depending on the model, however, the indicators and fixing process may vary from model to model.

Basically, the red light blinking on any Nespresso model does indicate one thing for sure, and that is an operational or maintenance issue.  Depending on the situation, there may be a variety of fixes. but if your Nespresso is flashing a red light, you probably need to take similar actions as listed.

You can check the instruction manual of your Nespresso model online by selecting the specific Nespresso model that you use.

Types of Nespresso Red Light Errors With Fixes

Yes! There are 8 different problems that your Nespresso machine can communicate with you simply by blinking red. You must look carefully at the way the red light is showing on your machine to find out what problem is causing it. Of course, you can always turn to this guide anytime for help.

Types of Nespresso Red Light Errors

1. Half Red Half Green Steady Light

If the Nespresso machine is showing a steady light that is half red and half green then the problem is pretty simple, the solution, however, is tiring. Basically, you have to descale your Nespresso machine. Although, this is something you should already be doing frequently!

This is one of Nespresso machines’ great features. Nespresso coffee machines don’t let the machine die before indicating the problem. They always have indicators to let you know about a problem immediately.

Delaying the descaling process may affect the overall life of your Nespresso machine so, despite waiting for the red light error we suggest descaling your Nespresso machine every 6 months.

2. Red light Continuously Flashing and Nespresso Machine Head is Not Moving

A continuously blinking red light means there is some obstruction in the machine head. It is highly likely that the machine head will not be closing or moving and it is important that you do NOT force it.

Check the machine head for any obstructions, or anything that could be stuck causing the machine head to not move. Once you have checked and removed any obstacles, try opening and closing the machine head. The red light will stop flashing.

In addition to that, another reason for this continuous flashing of red light can be a full capsule container. So, if the red light persists, clean out the capsule container. Hopefully, the light will stop flashing. If it doesn’t, it would be time to call for help.

3. Red Light Blinking Two Times and Then Steady Green While Machine Doesn’t Start

When the red light blinks twice and then becomes a steady green it is most likely due to an empty water tank or there’s something wrong with the capsule. Start with the easier solution and quickly check for the water in the water tank. An empty water tank could be a result of the Nespresso machine leaking.

You will also notice that the Nespresso machine not working for this reason. If filling up the water tank doesn’t do the trick, open the machine head and check the capsule. Take out the old capsule and either re-insert it correctly or insert it in a new one.

These solutions will most likely solve your problems. The red light will stop flashing and the machine will start working again.

4. Red Light Blinking Three Times Every Two Seconds and Goes Back to Steady Red

This is an indicator of obstructions inside your Nespresso machine. Not only do these obstructions disrupt the functioning of the machine but they also cause the red light to flash every two seconds and then go steady. There are a couple of ways you can solve this.

First of all, open the machine head and check for obstructions. Another thing you can do is clean out the capsule container thoroughly. Use a dry cloth to clean the container or you can even blow on it. Inserting a new capsule into the machine can also help with this issue.

5. Red Steady Light and Nespresso Machine Stopped Running

If your Nespresso machine is showing a stable red light then the issue is overheating. Immediately turn off and unplug the machine and just let it cool off for at least 15 minutes or more. Ideally, let it cool for longer.

Overheating of a machine is caused either if you forget to turn off the machine for a long period of time or extensively use it in a short period of time. Sometimes the machine can’t handle it and requires cooling down.

You can turn on the machine after some time and use it peacefully. However, if the problem persists, call for help and do not forcefully run the machine.

6. Red Light Flashing Two Times and Goes Back To Orange Blinking

A red light flashing twice followed by an orange blinking light is an indication of the Nespresso machine running a special function. There are a total of four special functions that your machine might run:

  1. Descaling
  2. Cleaning
  3. Emptying System
  4. Reset Nespresso to factory settings

Open the machine head, eject the capsule, and restart the Nespresso machine. In case the machine shows the ‘empty the system’ mode after the restart, you’ll need to remove the water tank as well.

7. Red Light Flashing Two Times and Goes Back To Steady Orange

Orange light, in most cases, is not a cause for worry at all, unlike the situation with a red light sometimes. So, in the Nespresso blinking orange scenario, it is most likely that your machine is simply in one of the special function modes.

In order to choose from the special functions menu, you can operate the machine’s lever. Go through with whichever special function is required by the machine and your Nespresso will be as good as new!

8. Nespresso Red Light Slowly Fading Out

This red light scenario gets most of us Nespresso owners panicking. It feels like the Nespresso machine is saying its final goodbyes but it’s not. A slowly fading out red light basically means the Nespresso machine is cooling off.

It is recommended that during this time you shouldn’t operate the Nespresso machine. Let it cool off till the green light comes back on.

I Descaled My Nespresso and the Light is Still Red

If the red light is still there even after you have thoroughly descaled the machine, it only means the problem is elsewhere. As we have discussed earlier, the red light problem in Nespresso machines is a result of several problems.

So, if the descaling didn’t work, try to find other things you can do to fix it. Check the machine’s head for obstruction, restart the machine, clean the capsule container, re-insert the capsules, and more. One of these things has to be the solution!

What To Do If Nespresso Red Light Error Still Persists?

First thing first, perform the red light solutions based on the specific module for the Nespresso machine you have at your place. The solutions or their procedures can differ across machines. Secondly, if the machine is still blinking red, just one thing remains.

Call the customer support staff and report your concern. Or you can check the user manual to see if any solutions are listed there. However, if the red light error continues to persist and the Nespresso machine not working, don’t wait too long before getting professional help.

1. Nespresso Machine with Warranty

The good news about your machine being under warranty is that you can get professional help for free. Nespresso machines come with a two-year warranty.

Suppose the red light issue is a result of something broken or seriously damaged, you can get it fixed for free under the warranty.

2. Nespresso Machine without Warranty

Nespresso machines without a warranty aren’t very different. Since all Nespresso machines come with a two-year warranty, a machine that doesn’t have it is basically old thanks to the Nespresso machine lifespan that’s super long.

So, you might not be able to claim a warranty in terms of professional help, but you are likely to not even need it! Most red light issues can be solved easily on your own.

Final Words

To wrap things up, the Nespresso red light error doesn’t mean your Nespresso machine is severely damaged. The red light is simply an indicator of an issue that needs to be fixed. Depending on the 8 different ways the Nespresso red light can show on the machine, you can find around 8 different problems and their easy solutions.

So, don’t panic. Your coffee days are not over yet and won’t be any time soon! Just keep a close eye on the functioning of the machine. You can follow this guide to help you diagnose and solve Nespresso’s red light issues.

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