30 Espresso Facts That Coffeeholics Should Know

espresso facts

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Espresso is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. An extensive brewing procedure is used to prepare this potent drink, which yields a single or double shot with a distinctive flavor.

With Italian beginnings, espresso is now a popular beverage all over the world, either as a standalone beverage or as the base for specialty drinks like Latte, Cappuccino, or Iced Mocha.

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Here are 30 interesting facts to help you stand out in a conversation with an espresso aficionado.

  1. Espresso is a drink rather than a specific kind of bean or a brewing method. The general public has a perception that espresso is made from espresso beans.
  2. Espresso machines brew coffee at 132 lbs. for every square inch of pressure.
  3. To extract a single shot of espresso 50 coffee beans are needed.
  4. Almost 100 years from now, Italy is where espresso was first made.
  5. The English translation of the Italian word “espresso” is “to express.”
  6. Brewed espresso has a greater fat percentage than regular filtered coffee.
  7. Nowadays, enjoying an espresso is simpler than ever thanks to current technology. Use Bean to cup super-automatic espresso machines, or coffee pods to make espresso with ease.
  8. Starting in 2015, astronauts on the deck of NASA’s International Space Station are now being able to brew a fresh cup of espresso.
  9. Americans who adore espresso drinks celebrate “National Espresso Day” on 23rd November to honor this exquisite beverage.
  10. There are no special beans, beans mixture, or a certain roast level. Quality espresso can be brewed with any good quality beans or roasting types. Yet intensity and taste may differ a bit!
  11. The phrase “pulling an espresso shot” comes from the manual-level espresso machines, that allow baristas to pull down a lever connected to a piston to pump boiling water through the grounded coffee under pressure.
  12. The Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo of Turin patented the design of the first-ever espresso machine in 1884.
  13. In 1927, the first ever espresso machine was a “La Pavoni” installed in the United States at Caffè Reggio in New York City.
  14. In Italy, the increasing espresso consumption was linked to urbanization since espresso shops served as gathering places for corporate and industrial workers.
  15. Espresso, since the name means “speed or express” is probably the very first form of “fast food.”
  16. In the late 1940s, youngsters in the United Kingdom began to prefer coffee shops over bars because they felt more comfortable there.
  17. A barista is a professional individual who offers and prepares espresso-based drinks. They are typically coffee shop employees.
  18. The crew at Nestle Portugal in Carvalhal set the record for the most shots of espresso produced in 60 minutes that is 21,000 shots on February 17, 2017. A 300-person team was responsible for making this World record.
  19. “SK tec SA’s Swiss Espresso Extractor” is the quickest espresso machine that managed to brew 11.5 liters or 3 gallons of espresso in just one minute.
  20. The world’s biggest espresso machine was developed on September 20, 2004, and made for the Discovery Channel TV program “BIG!.” the machine was 10 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide, and 10 ft. long.
  21. A double espresso shot may have between 60 mg and 100 mg of caffeine content, according to the “(NCA) National Coffee Association.”
  22. Your senses would be stimulated by the caffeine in espresso. After consuming this hot beverage, you might feel energetic.
  23. A caffeinated drink, espresso is well known for containing a very low-calorie number.
  24. Because espresso is regarded as a major element of an Italian’s daily life, espresso is subject to government regulation and price control in Italy.
  25. In its simplest and straightforward form, a caffè mocha is merely hot chocolate with an added espresso shot.
  26. Americans observe two coffee-related holidays on September 29, this day is cherished by many coffee enthusiasts as “National Mocha Day” and “International Coffee Day.”
  27. Samantha Cristoforetti, a female astronaut at the National Space Station, prepared the first espresso shot 250 miles above earth’s orbit in space.
  28. Before drinking, you should mix an espresso shot to blend in the three layers, this provides a better flavor.
  29. Espresso loses flavor as it rests and cools, that’s why espresso is taken as a quick shot rather than a sipping drink.
  30. A shot of espresso is topped with a reddish-brown bubbly froth called crema, which is rich and aromatic. It is made when dissolved oils in ground coffee interact with air bubbles while brewing.

Above we have listed some interesting facts about espresso that now you know.

Espresso, which originated in Italy, could take some time to get familiar with its taste. But once you’ve had this custom-brewed coffee, there’s no turning back.

espresso machine extracting a shot

The aroma, flavor, and aftertaste of espresso are unparalleled because it is prepared with an espresso machine engineered to extract fluid from the grounded coffee.

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