Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Does McDonald's Have Decaf Iced Coffee

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If you’re a decaf coffee fan you probably know all the best places to get decaf iced coffee. But does McDonald’s have decaf iced coffee? The short answer to this question is no, it does not. However, the longer answer? You can sometimes still get decaf iced coffee at McDonald’s.

So, if you are really craving decaf iced coffee and the only outlet near you is McDonald’s, you’ll probably still be able to satisfy your craving. Wondering how? Let’s find out!


Can I Get Decaf Iced Coffee at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s does not offer the decaf iced coffee option on its menu. This is strange because it does have the decaf options for other drinks just not for the iced coffee. However, you can still get the decaf iced coffee by either using the customized drink option or talking to the on-duty manager.

There have been times when customers have asked the on-duty managers in a polite and nice manner to make them a decaf iced coffee and the manager has complied. Now, since McDonald’s officially does not offer the drink, the manager might even say no, But there is no harm in trying your luck.

You might not always get your way and may have to settle with a hot cup of decaf from McCafe. Or you might decide to just go home and brew a soothing iced Americano yourself!

What is McDonald’s Decaf Iced Coffee?

Normally, McDonald’s does not offer decaf iced coffee. It has a number of options for just iced coffee as well as a number of options for decaf coffee. But so far there have been no new additions to the menu for decaf coffee.

However, if you do request a decaf iced coffee from McDonald’s they’ll probably make it using the pour-over method. This is likely to take a few minutes though. Basically, the barista will prepare you a regular decaf coffee and pour it over ice to cool it down. However, beware that iced coffee often does contain a little bit of caffeine.

In any case, if such an iced coffee does not appeal to you then there is a quick fix! Espresso Coffee Time’s long-awaited iced cappuccino recipe is finally here! It’s a must-try and the perfect and easy alternative to McDonald’s decaf iced coffee.

How to Order Decaf Iced Coffee at McDonald’s?

As we mentioned earlier, one way you can get decaf iced coffee at McDonald’s is by requesting the on-duty manager. If it’s possible, they’ll probably get it made for you. Still, they are not obligated to do that since it’s not on the menu, so don’t get mad if they refuse.

How to Order Decaf Iced Coffee at McDonald's

The other way to get your decaf iced coffee is to choose the customized option and ask the decaf coffee to be poured over ice. There are a few tips to keep in mind when ordering decaf iced coffee at McDonald’s:

  • If you want a particular flavor or syrup or even nonfat milk for your decaf iced coffee let them know beforehand.
  • If you prefer the decaf iced coffee without milk and not sweetened you have to specify that. So, for example, you can request your decaf coffee drink as black and unsweetened.
  • You can even tell them the number of syrup pumps that should be added to the decaf iced coffee. This is actually advised because the number of pumps a barista uses to sweeten the McCafe drink differs across different McDonald’s locations. If you know how much you prefer, communicate that.

What Does McDonald’s Decaf Iced Coffee Taste Like?

McDonald’s range of iced coffees is loved by many. Their line of Mccafe drinks that are iced is known as Frappes and is absolutely delicious! Its caramel, hazelnut, and French vanilla Frappes are truly to die for. All these iced coffee options are truly a blessing for iced coffee lovers.

But what about our decaf iced coffee fanatics? It is difficult to answer the question for them since McDonald’s is not known to make decaf iced coffee. Typically, decaf iced coffee does not taste much different from regular decaf coffee. It is cold and has slight sour notes, however, this can be different in the pour-over method.

Regardless, McDonald’s is one of the top brands that work hard to maintain customers and the quality of their products. So, if they do offer decaf iced coffee, they are likely to make it really good!

How Much Caffeine is in McDonald’s Decaf Iced Coffee?

As far as the iced coffee from McDonald’s is concerned the caffeine content in them can vary according to the drink size and type. Depending on whether you get a mocha frappe or other iced coffee, the small cup size caffeine content can range from 71 to 100 mg. And the large cup can range from 130 to 180 mg.

However, for the decaf iced coffee, there is no way to know. Still, one thing is quite certain. Even the decaf iced coffee will not be completely free from caffeine. It may have extremely small amounts of caffeine but it will be there nonetheless.

Do McDonald’s Have Decaf Frappes?

No, McDonald’s has so far not released any decaf frappes on its menu. Does that mean you will be deprived of a quality decaf iced coffee? Absolutely not. Not only are there well-known coffee chains offering great decaf iced coffee. But, you can take this task up yourself!

All you need is the right ingredients and you can enjoy any kind of frappe whenever you want. Make yourself a tasty iced mocha just like Starbucks right at home anytime.


So, does McDonald’s have decaf iced coffee? Nope. It’s not on the menu. However, you can request the on-duty manager or barista for it or choose the customized option and request your decaf coffee on ice. That’s unless you have the energy to make it yourself; which, we believe, would be a fantastic choice!

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