Best Instant Espresso Powders For Baking (2023 Top Reviews)


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If you thought drinking espressos were the latest trend, you are in for a surprise. Instant espresso powder has been making the news lately, and that too for all the right reasons.

But, wait up! If you think espresso powders can only pack a punch in a coffee mug, you’re wrong! Espresso powders are also growingly being used for cooking and baking. They are valued by chefs for their rich taste, texture, and aroma. There are many instant espresso powders available but they differ in price and quality.

To make things easy for people looking for the best instant espresso powders, we have picked out our picks based on taste, texture, and quality.

A Quick Look At Our Top Picks

PictureProductWeight Top FeatureBuy Now
Civilized Coffee Grande Espresso Powder6 oz.Non-GMO and Gluten FreeCheck Price
Hoosier Hill Farm Pure Espresso Powder8 oz.Best for baking and making dessertsCheck Price
King Arthur Espresso Powder3 oz.Affordable, priced wellCheck Price
DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder1.94 oz.Provide classic bitterness of espressoCheck Price
Lavazza Espresso Italiano Ground Coffee Blend8 oz.Espresso powder well-suited for espresso drinksCheck Price
Illy Classico Ground Espresso Arabica8.8 oz.Gibes a well-balanced medium roastCheck Price
Anthony’s Organic Espresso Baking Powder5 oz.Enhanced chocolate flavor best for making pastriesCheck Price
Medaglia D Oro Coffee Expresso Powder2 oz.Decaffeinated instant Espresso powderCheck Price
Cafe Gavina Espresso Roast Ground Coffee10 oz.Dark roast, medium acidic espresso powderCheck Price
Lavazza Crema E Gusto Espresso Powder8.8 oz.Pulls strong espresso shotsCheck Price

Best instant Espresso Powders to Try in 2023

If you feel you are no connoisseur when it comes to using espresso powders, we have your back! Not only have we picked out the 5 best espresso powders for you to choose from, but we have also laid out their uses and qualities to consider whilst buying.

1. Civilized Coffee Grande Espresso Powder (No.1 Pick)


You will value the fact that this espresso powder is completely non-GMO as well as allergen-free if you’re looking for “healthy and balanced” alternatives. The bottle does have a large opening for scooping convenience and is completely recyclable and reusable for environmental protection.

Being easily soluble and does not make lumps, this espresso powder is suitable for a variety of baked recipes, especially cakes. The espresso flavors will enhance the taste whether it is used as a topping for a cup of coffee or as an ingredient in any dessert.

There is absolutely no way to fail with this Civilized Coffee Grande Espresso Powder made from 100% Arabica coffee. Since the flavor is so rich and powerful, people truly adore this espresso baking powder. However, the price is a bit high but justified enough with the quality offered.


  • Made 100% Arabica coffee bean
  • Grind is precise and consistent
  • Pastry chef espresso powder is best for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies
  • Packing is overall environmentally friendly


  • A bit costly

Civilized Coffee Espresso Powder

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2. Hoosier Hill Farm Pure Espresso Powder (Best for Baking)


Undoubtedly coming in second place is Hoosier Hill’s Instant Espresso Powder. It is made from rich, dark-roasted ground coffee and has a delicious flavor that will spruce up any dessert. Additionally, it is easily soluble, so you don’t need to stir endlessly to get the best results.

The balanced flavor and aroma that is the feature that separates Hoosier Hill apart, which explains why the price is a bit on the higher end. Remember, though, that the product you receive is a versatile espresso powder that you may taste best with your favorite recipes, from cafe lattes to Espresso brownies or even beyond.

Its glass jar has a large top so that you may take out the powder without making a mess. On the other hand, the glass container looks good, and I adore anything fancy that complements my kitchen.


  • Large lid size for easy access
  • Best for making Brownies and Chocolate Espresso Cake
  • Has a robust flavor and a noticeable aroma
  • Easily dissolved and does not form lumps
  • Positively reviewed by online consumer


  • Some people had issues with delivered packaging

Hoosier Hill Espresso Powder

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3. King Arthur Espresso Powder (Most Affordable)


If you are someone who seeks joy in baking then this is the product for you. Specifically crafted for baking purposes, the King Arthur Espresso Powder offers a rich chocolate flavor and aroma at reasonable prices. Initially, the highest quality coffee beans are selected carefully, ground, brewed, and then dried. Therefore, it is 100% pure coffee.

It can be best used as an ingredient in baking cakes, brownies, or cookies. It will greatly complement any chocolate recipe. For easy mixing, the powder will readily dissolve so you can make sauces or frostings as you wish.

Since King Arthur is known for producing high-quality food items for cooking, it should come as no surprise that using this espresso powder will elevate the taste of your baking. But don’t simply take our side for it; King Arthur claims that if you add a spoonful of espresso powder to your chocolate mixture, the taste will explode while drinking.


  • Quality espresso powder that is affordable
  • Pure coffee blend
  • Great for baking
  • Chocolatey flavor and aroma
  • The plastic container is less fragile


  • Forms clumps in a humid climate

King Arthur Espresso Powder

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4. DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder


We’ve received good news if you’re hesitant to incorporate espresso’s famous aftertaste into the base of your favorite sweet desserts. DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder offers the roasted coffee flavor you want without any unwelcome espresso acidity.

So can utilize this powdered coffee to brew a great cup of Dalgona cappuccino along with adding it to any sweet treats, of course. So, in case you missed the trend of this whipped coffee delight that took over social media at the beginning of 2020, make the best Dalgona recipes with the use DeLallo’s instant espresso powder!

However it is a dark roasted, Hoosier Hill farm espresso powder that seems to taste more strong than this, therefore this beverage is excellent for individuals who have less intensive taste, but want that espresso flavor.

Dried coffee beans were evenly grounded to prepare DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder. The constant grind size sure allows it to dissolve easily while cooking, and spread flavor throughout the baking betters.


  • Evenly grounded espresso powder.
  • Made from 100% pure coffee beans
  • Possess rich chocolaty tasting notes
  • Reasonable priced and affordable


  • The glass container is fragile
  • Not for people who like strong espresso flavor

DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder

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5. Lavazza Espresso Italiano Ground Coffee Blend (Medium Roast)

Home to the espresso originators, the Lavazza is an Italian brand that is known to carefully select high-quality coffee beans for their natural blend. Subsequently, the coffee is roasted and blended in Italy. With no extra additives, this is a 100% pure Arabica blend so you can enjoy the original taste.

Luxuriously packaged in an 8-ounce can, the Lavazza espresso powder is medium-roasted. This rich aromatic blend carries tasting notes of fruit and flowers. You can use the blend as a coffee powder for an espresso machine or it also works best with a French press. If you are curious, you can try out its other available formats: whole bean or K-cup pods.


  • Fragrant
  • Can be used to make coffee
  • affordable


  • Not suited for baking

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Powder

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6. Illy Classico Ground Espresso Arabica (Medium Roast)


The illy Classico is a perfectly balanced medium roast. It constitutes pure Arabica coffee beans from 9 different regions globally. For a protected and lasting flavor and aroma, the powder is pressurized and packed in air-tight cans. This way you can use it over and over again without the fear of it going stale.

It possesses tasting notes of chocolate and caramel, coupled with a distinct, pleasurable aroma. Finely ground powder isn’t the best option for baking but it can be easily used in espresso machines, giving you maximum extracted flavor.


  • Well-balanced medium roast
  • Pure coffee blend with 100% Arabica beans
  • Tasting notes of caramel and chocolate
  • Packaged in an airtight can


  • expensive
  • Not for caking and cooking

Illy Classico Espresso Powder

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7. Anthony’s Organic Espresso Baking Powder (Chocolate Flavor)

Specially created to enhance your baking experience, this organic espresso powder can be a secret ingredient to your cakes and frostings. It is a popular pick amongst connoisseurs. It easily dissolves allowing a quick fix-up if you are ever in a hurry. Its strong and rich flavors are so intense that a pinch of this powder will suffice.

The best part is that it is gluten-free, making it a healthier alternative to chocolate. Packaged in a zipper paper bag, this product is easily storable.


  • Easy to store
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic and natural blend
  • Best used in baking
  • Zipper bags


  • Not ideal for coffee

Anthony’s Organic Espresso Powder

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8. Medaglia D Oro Coffee Expresso Powder


Espresso powder makes slightly mind espresso shots and is typically used in baked goods. If you like espresso flavoring and want to incorporate it in baking the  Medaglia D’Oro espresso instant will be your best friend.

Additionally, this powdered espresso blend provides an enhanced flavor because it has less acidity. This means, only a teaspoon applied to a cake batter will improve the taste of chocolate. Using it once will encourage you to come for more and make Medaglia D’Oro espresso powder a must-have.


  • Maintain classic bitter espresso taste
  • The overall tasting notes are not overpowering
  • Ideal option for caking
  • Comes in a pack of 2


  • Give a slightly weaker taste when brewing espresso
  • The glass packing is fragile to ship

Medaglia D Oro Expresso Powder

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9. Cafe Gavina Espresso Roast Ground Coffee


One of the finest espresso powders for home baristas is offered by Cafe Gavina.

This high-quality Arabica beans grounded powder is used to make fine ground coffee. While not optimal for baked goods, this blend produces wonderful espresso shots that may be enjoyed on their own or used to make cappuccino, latte, or Frappuccinos.

They mastered a robust blend that isn’t overly harsh and is in tune with the drinks you’d find at a coffee shop.

Also, it is Kosher. People who care about the environment will enjoy that their products are made at a place that produces zero waste for landfills.


  • Easy to store with tinned packing
  • Espresso roast ground coffee
  • Made from 100% arabica beans
  • The suction lid retains freshness over time


  • Not recommended for cooking or baking

Cafe Gavina Espresso Powder

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10. Lavazza Crema E Gusto Espresso Powder

This 8.8 ounce of packaged goodness is a hot choice amongst coffee enthusiasts. It is a magnificent combination of Arabica and Indonesian Robusta beans that give a rich flavor and aroma. As a Lavazza brand, the beans are ground and roasted in Italy. With tasting notes of spices, this is a perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet.

It is bound to give an aromatic and strong espresso shot if used in a semi-automatic or super-automatic espresso machine. It can also be used with a Moka pot just like the Italians use it. Its rich dark roasts give an intense taste that will keep you longing for more.


  • Combination of dark roasted beans
  • Can pull a strong espresso shot
  • 7 medium intensity
  • No additional additives


  • High caffeine concentration
  • Not for baking

Lavazza E Gusta Espresso Powder

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Why You Should Use Espresso Powder

If you have ground coffee and you think that will suffice, then you are in for a surprise. Just like an Espresso drink is different from a coffee drink, similarly, Espresso powder is distinctly different from any ground coffee. It is valued for its unique and rich flavor and taste. It also serves multi-purposes.

Since espresso powder goes through a different process as compared to coffee powder. The beans are ground, brewed, and then dried to give a rich flavor that adds a kick to cakes, brownies, cookies, and other desserts.

An espresso powder can be used in a variety of recipes at home. Not only for sweet desserts but it works wonders for savory dishes. It can be used as an espresso rub on steaks and grilled meat. You can use espresso powder for tiramisu. It can also be used as a garnishing ingredient in many recipes to add that final touch of finesse!

Buyer’s Guide to Choose The Best Espresso Powder

What is it that you should be looking for when buying espresso powder? If you have this question in mind, you should probably continue reading. We have highlighted the features you should look out for before buying. This will help you decide which brand will suit you best.


If you want to make room for the espresso powder in your kitchen’s spice cabinet or if you’d want to take it on a camping trip, you will have to consider the weight. This will determine the size of the powder container. It’s recommended you opt for lightweight brands so they are easy to carry or store.

Servings per container

If you have friends and family over or an office party, you would want to consider the servings per container. This will help you decide how many containers of espresso powder you would need. Some brands mention the servings per container while for others you would have to reach out to the brand representative.


Since it is valued for its unique natural flavor, it’s imperative you watch out for the ingredients in the espresso powder. Additives such as preservatives or artificial colors can change the original taste of the powder. For the best taste, you should go for a brand that contains pure coffee.

Make sure to read the container’s label which will allow you to assess the added ingredients.

Amount of Caffeine

Not all ground espresso powder has the same quantity of caffeine. It’s imperative that you know the caffeine concentration in the brand you buy. Pure natural blends have a higher caffeine concentration than the ones with added preservatives.

Espresso Powder vs Instant Espresso

It is common to have espresso powder and instant ground espresso confused to be the same. In fact, they both stand distinct in taste and purpose. Firstly, espresso powder is different in its process than ground espresso. The ground coffee is brewed and then dried to give an easily soluble powder.

Espresso powder has diverse purposes. It can give you a good espresso shot and also be used in cooking and baking sweet and savory dishes. However, you can not use instant espresso in cooking as it has a stronger and bitter taste. It is also not dissolvable so you can not use it to make sauces or frostings like you can with espresso powder.

How to Cook with an Espresso Powder?

When it comes to using espresso powder for cooking, there are many purposes.


Espresso powder greatly complements chocolate desserts. From brownies to cakes, adding a pinch of espresso powder as a constituting ingredient or garnish can do wonders for your recipe. It can even be your secret ingredient that will add that much-needed kick!


If you want to experiment with the espresso powder, then you can try making a variety of coffee-flavored shakes and smoothies. Since the espresso powder is easily soluble, you can add it to your drinks without having to dilute it. This addition is very likely to enrich your smoothies. Espresso powder is a common sight on the shelves of coffee bars.


Coffee can taste savory too! This quality allows it to be a great additive to barbeque sauces or a dressing for a grilled steak. A pinch of espresso powder will greatly complement your meat.

Using an Espresso Powder: Expert Advice

Here is where the real deal is! Expert tips always prove to be handy so we have one ready for you. Since espresso powders are versatile in use, you should look for specified ones that you need. If you need espresso powder for your espresso machine, don’t use the one that is used in baking. It won’t give a flavorful espresso shot.

Similarly, if you want to add the powder to a cake or a dressing, make sure to use the one clearly specified for that purpose.


1. Which espresso powder is the best?
Espresso powders are available for different purposes in different ranges. But one of the best powders on our list is Illy Classico Ground Espresso Arabica which is a pure coffee blend.
2. Is espresso powder the same as coffee granules?
Espresso powder is not the same as coffee granules. Espresso powder is made from darker roasted beans which are subsequently ground, brewed, and dried. Espresso powder is also stronger than instant coffee, which means a small quantity used will suffice.
3. Is espresso powder healthy?
If you opt for a renowned brand that offers 100% espresso powder, then it can be healthy to use. It is best to read the label which includes the ingredients. Make sure there are no added preservatives that can at times cause allergy.

The Bottom Line | Best Espresso Powders

That is a wrap! With the best aromatic espresso powders, you can try a variety of recipes. You will feel the difference with this additional ingredient as its distinct flavor stands out. This buyer’s guide is aimed to help you look out for the key features and select the best espresso powders for baking and making coffee.

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