The Best Espresso Machines For College Students in 2023


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Espresso was my go-to energy source while I was in college. As a college student, one of the mistakes that I did early is to spend hundreds of dollars in the cafeteria just for a cup of coffee.

Trust me! with your own espresso machine you can save $4 to $5 dollar each day. Therefore today I’ll talk about the best espresso machines for college students so that you can avoid the mistake that I made.

However, the majority of us don’t actually require a large 12-cup machine as college students. A straightforward single or double-cup espresso machine is all you need! To help you out, we have brought together the 5 best espresso machines for college.

Our Top Picks

Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine
  • One-touch brewing feature
  • Ideal for bold, mildly hot, or iced coffee
  • Brew 4 different cup sizes
  • Nespresso Aeroccino3 milk frother included
  • 40-ounce water tank capacity
Nespresso VertuoPlus Espresso Machine
  • 25 secs quick heat-up system
  • Energy saving automatic shut off
  • One-touch brewing mechanism
  • 4 different cup sizes are available
  • 40-ounce large water tank
Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
  • Semi-automatic 3 in 1 espresso maker
  • 15-Bar Brewing pressure
  • Easy-to-use automatic milk frother
  • One-touch drink selections
  • 40-ounce removable water tank

5 Best Espresso Machines for College Students

It’s 2023 and everything is possible: even making espresso in your dorm. As a college student, we assume you will be on a budget and thus we have brought together 5 affordable espresso machines for college students.

1. Breville Vertuo Nespresso Machine (Best Overall)

The Breville all-rounder is an appliance that will help you survive college! Offering versatility when it comes to brewing beverages, this machine can make espressos, coffee, and lattes. This smart machine is designed for capsule use, and you can easily store it anywhere in your dorm.

Whether you are out on the run or have just had a long day, the Breville Vertuo allows you to brew 4 different cup sizes. This way you can enjoy your espresso as much as you like! Even if you are in a hurry, the Breville will heat up in a matter of 15 seconds, giving you an instant espresso.

4 different brew sizes
Capsule use
Brews a variety of beverages
Easy-to-remove drip tray and water reservoir

A bit pricy

Breville Vertuo Espresso Machine

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2. De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Plus Espresso Maker

This super-automatic espresso machine is dedicated to saving your time and energy. Brewed with a single touch, this appliance is designed for easy capsule use. It also heats up in a mere 15 seconds so you are never late for class. It brews excellent coffee and espresso in a variety of sizes.

All you have to do is insert the capsule and press the brewing button. Not only will the appliance brew the beverage in time but will also automatically eject the capsule. It is equipped with a large water tank so you won’t have to keep refilling it, even if your roommates use it while you are away.

15 seconds heat-up time
Saves energy with the automated switch-off option
Large water tank

Can’t control temperature or pressure

De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Plus

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3. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee is a semi-automatic espresso machine that can allow you to make espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. This way even your friends can enjoy espresso-based drinks. The automatic milk frother will allow you to enjoy any kind of drink.

You won’t have to read through the entire manual since you can easily learn to use the espresso machine easily. You can have your desired beverages ready just at the press of a button. It is equipped with a large water reservoir that is easy to remove and refill. For a perfect espresso shot, this machine comes with a 15-bar pressure pump.

Brews different beverages
Automatic milk frother
Easy-to-use control panel
15 bar pressure pump

Needs to be maintained frequently

Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

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4. Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Machine

This fancy-looking appliance is designed for hassle-free capsule use. It is an environment-friendly device as it comes with a standby mode, preserving energy when not in use. The machine allows you to use any cup, from a demitasse to a travel mug. This way you can enjoy drinking a shot in your dorm or even on the run!

As a college student, you would want an appliance that could save energy, and this one is a perfect choice because of its standby function. The machine also has a 28-second heat-up time. There’s no guesswork when it comes to using Lavazza as it has a virtual indicator that displays when the tank is empty or the capsule drawer is occupied.

Standby mode
Adjustable heights for different cups
Compact and sleek design
Energy saver

Doesn’t offer much variety

Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini

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5. Keurig K-Mini Espresso Maker

This cute little machine is the perfect choice for a college student. This machine is an affordable choice and is compact so that you can place it anywhere. Using the K-pods, this machine offers 6 to 12 oz brewing sizes. For a fresh brew, you just have to add a cup of water and a K-pod and make the instant, fresh espresso with Keurig.

To give your room a neat look, this machine comes with its own cord storage. It is also an energy-efficient appliance as it automatically turns off 90 seconds after the last brew. The drip tray can hold any accidental spills, keeping your dorm neat from any disasters. The drip tray is also removable so you can brew some espresso into your travel mug.

Uses k-pods
Has a cord storage
Saves energy

Need to add water every time it is used

Keurig K-Mini Espresso Maker

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What to Look for in a Student Espresso Machine

If you have never experienced making espresso at home before, chances are you must be skeptical thinking whether you will be able to get yourself the perfect machine. Before you get your hands on one, you need to be sure of what to look for in an espresso machine. Since we have got that ground covered for you as well, all you need to do is be confident.

1. Easy Maintenance

Imagine being up to your neck with assignments and quizzes and your dorm is a consistent mess. The only thing that could add insult to injury, is a filthy espresso machine. You wouldn’t want the additional responsibility of cleaning your appliance rigorously now and then.

This is why you need to opt for an appliance that is super easy and quick to clean. With detachable parts, you can conveniently dump any coffee residue and give the part a good rinse. And voila, a neat espresso machine sitting in your dorm!

2. Brewing Capacity

What’s a college without frequent dorm parties, right? If you have partying buddies over at your dorm, or just some peers over for a group study, you are going to need a machine with a reasonable capacity.

You should opt for a machine that could brew many shots in a single go. That way you won’t have to refill the machine repeatedly, saving you a handful of time.

3. Best for Budget

Student debts can take an eternity to pay off. With that and your college expenses, you would want a machine that is pocket-friendly. Go for the machine that gives you the maximum features on a fairly low budget.


1. Are espresso machines allowed in dorms?
Colleges allow espresso machines in dorms as long as they don’t pose a safety hazard for the students.
2. Can you take a Keurig to college?
You can bring any type of Keurig to your dorm as long as you use it according to the manual.

Final Thoughts

And there you have all the best espresso machines for college students. We have briefed you about all the major features you will need in an espresso machine during your hostel stay. And now, you don’t need to work part-time in a coffee shop to get free coffee daily like some students do, as you can now make it yourself in your college dorm.

So you can now walk through those college doors with much more confidence than before. You never know, you might even make a few friends over a shot of espresso.

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