What Is Nitro Coffee – All About Nitro Cold Brew


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After the third-wave coffee shop craze got haywire, you have recently come across a unique coffee drink that is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. This drink has quickly entered the mainstream coffee world and is gaining popularity.

At first, Nitro coffee was temporarily inducted into the menu of big coffeehouses, thus due to excellent response from coffee lovers, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is now a permanent part of their menu and is available throughout the year.

Exactly what is nitro coffee aka nitro cold brew coffee? What does it taste like? And Is Nitrogen-Infused Coffee safe to consume? Buckle up, you are about to get all these answers here!

What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Simply add Nitrogen gas into cold brew coffee to get a fizzy, smooth, and creamy beverage that is “Nitro Cold Brew Coffee” or “Nitro Coffee.”

Nitrogen Gas + Cold Brew Coffee = Nitro Brew Coffee

You might have heard of gases being added to cold beverages, carbon dioxide is added to soda drinks that are referred to as “carbonated drinks.” Similarly, nitrogen had been used to make “Nitro beer,” which is a nitrogenated drink with a creamy and bubbly texture.

With all this, It seemed inevitable, until someone realized that pairing cold brew with pressurized Nitrogen is the next big thing.

According to Men’s Journal magazine, it was a small coffee house in Austin, Texas called “Cuvee Coffee” which first introduced Nitro Coffee at the Slow Food Quiz Bowl food festival in 2012.

Here is something interesting to know, unlike other cold brew coffee variations Nitrogenated coffee is only sold “on-tap,” just like beer. To produce a bubbly creamy effect, a pressurized growler is used to pour nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee into a long glass.

How Does Nitro Coffee Taste Like?

If you’re curious about the taste of the nitro cold brew, you’re in for a treat! While it starts with a cold brew base, this drink is a whole new level of deliciousness.

What sets nitro coffee apart? Well, for starters, the texture is something to behold. It’s smooth, less acidic, and has a natural sweetness. And the best part? The velvety, creamy texture is topped with a bubbly froth that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Don’t just take our word for it, add trying nitro cold brew to your bucket list and get ready for a taste experience that’s out of this world!

How Does Nitro Coffee Look?

When nitrogen gas is added to liquids, the reaction is different, resulting in smaller bubbles, a smoother texture, and a trace of sweetness. Because of this, nitrogen totally fits with coffee to produce a smooth, creamy beverage without the use of milk, cream, or any other additives.

Moreover, nitro coffee, like nitro beer, has a pleasing visual effect when served. Both the eyes and the taste receptors are treated in a pleasing way with this nitro cold brew delight. The drink has a cascading coloring effect and a foamy head. It’s a beverage that looks even more appealing in person than it seems on TikTok or Instagram.

Why is Nitro Coffee Expensive?

Due to the infused nitrogen and the use of expensive equipment like a pressurized growler, nitro cold brew is typically more expensive than other cold brew drinks. The technology is more complex, needs more room, and requires skilled labor to produce. Because of this, you won’t always find Nitro coffee in most local coffee shops.

Is Nitrogen-Infused Coffee Safe for Drinking?

Some of our favorite beer manufacturers have been putting nitrogen gas in beverages for decades. It is a safe substitute for the carbon dioxide gas that is frequently added to most sodas and standard beers.

Absolutely, because coffee is its main component, nitro coffee is regarded as a healthy beverage. It is fundamentally a cold brew coffee that has been pumped with nitrogen, often referred to as N2 gas. Furthermore, Nitrogen is a harmless inert gas that is present in the atmosphere that we breathe in.

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