What Country Does The Word Espresso Come From?

What Country Does The Word Espresso Come From

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Espresso gives you so much! It energizes you, awakens you, tours your mouth through exotic new flavors. But what do YOU know about espresso? What country does the word ‘espresso’ come from? Or are we even pronouncing it right? There is a grave need to learn more about this beverage that we consume so relentlessly!

It is time to say goodbye to the days of not knowing. Explore with us the history of espresso, where it came from, and where it got its name. What are the origins of this drink that seems to make a home in everyone’s hearts and what is its correct pronunciation? Stay with us and find it all out!

What Country Does Espresso Originate From?

Espresso shares its country of origin with two other heavenly food items; pizza and pasta. Yes, espresso is Italian! Espresso is a word from the Italian language and it is also an Italian method of preparing or brewing coffee.

In its originality, the Italians refer to the espresso as cafe espresso or coffee espresso. That is, in fact, its true name. Although espresso can be made without an espresso machine easily, its true essence is achieved using an espresso machine. This is because an espresso machine can create the ideal pressure.

Espresso is made in very little time. It requires finely ground coffee, high pressure for the perfect extraction of flavors, and hot water. In an espresso machine, hot water is forced through the finely ground coffee beans under an optimal high pressure and standard temperature. What results is a dark and boldly flavored liquid we call espresso.

Origins of The Name ‘Espresso’

The Italian word ‘espresso’ means fast. It really sums up the entire story of the espresso drink. However, that is not exactly how the drink got its name.

The beverage espresso got its name from the espresso machine. In the year 1901, an Italian man Luigi Bezzara called for a patent for the espresso machine that should specifically be able to serve customers. Desidero Pavoni purchased the patent in 1905 and marketed it to the general public as the first commercial espresso machine.

Finally, in the year 1920, the word ‘cafe espresso’ was added to dictionaries and referred to the machine that made espresso. As more and more coffee houses became equipped with this machine, and more people began consuming it, the word espresso started being associated with the drink. It has stuck since.

What Came First: The Espresso Drink or The Espresso Word?

Either you are a genius and have already figured it out or you are waiting for us to do the big reveal. Well, you will be shocked to know then that the espresso drink existed long before it got its name! Yes, people were drinking espresso way before they knew that it was espresso.

The word espresso began being associated with the drink long after the first espresso machine was invented and patented by Angelo Moriondo in 1884. The machine was improved upon further over the years and the patent was bought again.

Finally, in the 1900s when the machine was commercially introduced to the public, the name espresso came to be linked with the beverage. Mainly because the machine was called an espresso machine, so what it was churning out became espresso.

What Is The Correct Pronunciation of Espresso?

You love it, you drink it, you cherish it, but do you know how to correctly pronounce it? Many people very confidently pronounce espresso wrong. The pronunciation may seem very basic and easy and for some, the word might easily roll on the tongue and slip out the mouth, however, it can be very easily messed up.

The word espresso is very similar to the English word express. This is why many people mistakenly refer to the beverage as expresso. It can be very easy to mispronounce. In fact, since espresso is made very quickly and expresso kind of holds up that express brewing procedure, it makes sense.

Expresso Vs Espresso

Next time, try to catch yourself when you are saying espresso and see if you say it the right way or not! While it is not exactly considered wrong to say expresso, it is generally accepted as an understandable variation of the word, however, the actual name is still espresso.


1. Is espresso an Italian word?
Espresso is an Italian word. It means brewing coffee under pressure by ‘pressing’ water through finely-ground coffee. It refers to a quick method of brewing coffee.
2. Who named Espresso?
The name espresso was first coined by two Italian men, Luigi Bezzara and Desiderio Pavoni. They worked upon the invention of the espresso machine in order to fine-tune it and make it commercially usable.


And if you are wondering why it matters what country the word ‘Espresso’ comes from, we will tell you. It matters because now that you know the true origin, you know where you will find the absolute authentic cup of espresso to satisfy your craving. We believe it’s time for a trip to Italy!

And when you go there, remember, it is ES-presso and not EX-presso!

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