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While Nespresso machines are primarily designed for making espresso shots, you can still create specialty coffee drinks using Nespresso as a base. We will share with you specialty coffee with Nespresso that will elevate your coffee experience and provide barista-level beverage at home. Yes, you hear me right so let’s start it.

5 Step General Guide to Make Specialty Coffee with Nespresso

  1. Start with a Nespresso machine: Ensure you have a Nespresso machine and compatible capsules.
  2. Choose the right coffee capsule: Nespresso offers a variety of capsules with different flavors and intensities. Select a capsule that suits your taste preference and desired coffee strength.
  3. Prepare your coffee cup: Preheat your coffee cup by rinsing it with hot water. This will help maintain the optimal temperature for your specialty coffee.
  4. Extract the espresso shot: Insert the chosen Nespresso capsule into the machine and place your cup under the coffee outlet. Select the appropriate button for the desired espresso shot size (ristretto, espresso, or lungo). Allow the machine to extract the espresso shot into your cup.
  5. Add additional ingredients: To create a specialty coffee, you can add various ingredients depending on the type of drink you want. 

Here are a few ideas

  • For a Cappuccino:

All it takes to make this tasty coffee is to pour the frothed milk over the espresso shot, using a spoon to hold back the froth. Add a sprinkle of cocoa or cinnamon on top if desired.

  • For a Latte:

Froth milk as mentioned above, but this time pour the milk along with the froth onto the espresso shot. You can also add flavored syrups like vanilla or caramel to enhance the taste.

  • For an Iced Coffee:

Prepare a strong espresso shot and let it cool for a few minutes. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the cooled espresso shot over the ice. Add milk or sweetener if desired.

  • For a Macchiato:

Extract an espresso shot and spoon a dollop of frothed milk or foam on top of the shot. You can also drizzle caramel or chocolate syrup for added flavor.

This is how you can make café style coffees at home without losing the budget. Do you know, that the initial expense of purchasing a Nespresso machine can be easily compensated for by the money you save with every cup of coffee? For details, you can check our detailed article on some of the Best Nespresso Machines.


Give your specialty coffee a gentle stir to blend the flavors. This is how you don’t have to spend a lot in a coffee shop. Take a moment to appreciate the aroma, then savor your homemade specialty coffee. Remember, these are just a few examples, and you can experiment with different ingredients, flavors, and ratios to create your own unique specialty coffee creations using Nespresso as a starting point.


1: Can I use any Nespresso machine to make specialty coffee? 

Yes, you can use any Nespresso machine to make specialty coffee as long as it allows you to extract espresso shots. Different Nespresso machines may have different features and options, but the basic process of making espresso shots remains the same.

2: What are some recommended Nespresso pods for specialty coffee?

Nespresso offers a wide range of pods with different flavors and intensities. Some popular options for specialty coffee include Vertuo, VertuoLine, and OriginalLine. However, feel free to explore and choose pods based on your personal taste preferences.

3: Can I use non-dairy milk alternatives for specialty coffee?

Yes, you can use non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk to create specialty coffee with Nespresso. Froth the non-dairy milk using a frother or steam wand, similar to frothing regular milk, and follow the same steps for your desired specialty coffee.

4: How do I froth milk without a frother or steam wand?

If you don’t have a frother or steam wand, you can still achieve frothed milk by using alternative methods. One option is to heat the milk in a saucepan and then vigorously whisk it or use a handheld milk frother until it becomes frothy. Another option is to shake warm milk in a tightly sealed jar until it froths.

5: Can I add sweeteners to my specialty coffee?

Yes, you can add sweeteners such as sugar, honey, or flavored syrups to your specialty coffee to enhance the taste. Add them according to your preference and experiment with different flavors to create your desired beverage.

6: How can I make iced specialty coffee with Nespresso? 

To make iced specialty coffee, start by extracting a strong espresso shot using your Nespresso machine. Allow the shot to cool for a few minutes. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the cooled espresso shot over the ice. You can then add milk, sweeteners, or other flavors to suit your taste.

7: Are there any other specialty coffee recipes I can try with Nespresso? 

Absolutely! The recipes mentioned earlier, such as cappuccino, latte, and macchiato, are just a few examples. You can experiment with different ingredients, ratios, and flavors to create your own specialty coffee recipes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and enjoy the process of discovering new combinations.

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