Noel Gallagher Points Fingers at ‘Friends’ and Coffee Culture for Music Sales Drop (1)

Noel Gallagher Points Fingers at ‘Friends’ and Coffee Culture for Music Sales Drop

Last Updated on April 30, 2023 by Timothy Byron Smith

Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis guitarist, and songwriter, has blamed the sitcom ‘Friends’ and coffee culture for the decline in music sales. Gallagher believes that the rise of coffee shops, which he attributes to the characters in Friends frequently socializing in one, has caused the culture to disappear.

Gallagher also argued that people are willing to spend money on expensive coffee but are unwilling to pay for music. In a recent interview, he said: “Sitting around in sweaters drinking overpriced coffee and talking about nonsense.

Since the rise of the coffee shop, culture has disappeared. People are horrified that they have to pay for music! But $20 for two coffees, oh, absolutely. I haven’t got the brain capacity to process this.”

Gallagher’s comments reflect broader concerns regarding the music industry’s decline. Changes in people’s spending habits have affected how they support artists, particularly when streaming services have given them access to all the music they could want for free.

Gallagher has previously suggested that the resistance to paying for music came after people got used to spending a lot on commodities that feel like culture, such as coffee.


The music industry has been in decline since 1999 when the internet began to transform the way people consumed music. Since then, music sales have decreased by over 50%, and physical music sales have fallen by 84% since their peak in 2000.

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have helped to offset some of these losses, but many musicians still struggle to make a living from their work.

Despite Gallagher’s concerns, he is currently preparing to release a new album, ‘Council Skies’, with the High Flying Birds. The album is set to drop on June 2, and it features the singles ‘Council Skies’, ‘Dead To The World’, ‘Easy Now’, and ‘Pretty Boy’.

Gallagher has also confirmed that there will be a reissue of Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ album in 2024. However, he has ruled out the possibility of an Oasis reunion tour, saying: “There won’t be a tour. We won’t come back to play them together.”

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