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Why Is My Keurig Coffee Not Hot Enough?

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Is your Keurig Coffee maker acting up again? Have you been wondering ‘why is my Keurig not hot enough?’ It is most likely that Keurig isn’t making ideally hot coffee because it is in high-altitude mode. Or, it could be because of a broken water pumping system, malfunctioning heating system, or residue built up in the machine. So, what to do?

All these problems can be very overwhelming. But before you start rethinking your decision to get Keurig, you must know that the solutions to this problem are available. And we have brought it to you right here! Find out how to get your Keurig to optimally heat coffee again!

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Keurig Coffee Not Hot Enough: Probable Reasons

As mentioned earlier there are a total of four likely reasons the Keurig coffee maker at your home is dispensing colder coffee. So, if you’re facing this ‘coffee not hot enough’ issue then look for the following problems in your machine:

1. Keurig in High Altitude Mode

One common reason for Keurig not heating up water is that it’s probably in high altitude mode. Many times Keurig coffee machines when unboxed are already in the high altitude mode. In this mode, the machine lowers the temperature and tends to not heat water up at its maximum capacity.

The high-altitude mechanism is true for all Keurig coffee machines. It helps in preventing the machine from overheating by lowering the temperature by 5 degrees or more. However, for coffee lovers, this makes a massive difference as you will be drinking colder coffee than normal.

2. Water Pump Malfunctioned

Another reason why your Keurig hot coffee isn’t exactly hot enough has to be a malfunctioning water pump. Yes, a poorly functioning water pump can cause several problems not just the common Keurig water under pressure issue!

So, although this is one place that may never cross your mind to check to fix the heating issue of the machine. But, if the water pump isn’t properly pumping the right amount of water, it can affect the heating system of the machine.

3. Keurig Heating System Malfunctioned

The poorly functioning water pump in turn affects the heating system of the machine. Without enough water in the machine’s brewing system, Keurig turns off the heating system of the machine automatically. This is to prevent the overheating of the machine.

This means there is no need to panic if you find the heating system shut off. Fixing the water pumping system will likely solve this issue too!

4. Coffee Grounds Residue Clogged Keurig

One very common reason for poorly heating Keurig machines is a lack of cleaning and descaling. Coffee machine users are expected to clean their coffee machine every 3 months, every time the descaling light blinks, or if the machine has been used too frequently.

A lack of descaling can cause many problems for the machine including poor Keurig coffee temperature. The coffee residue, oils, and limescale build-up clog the machine. Since the machine doesn’t function properly it won’t heat properly. As a result, you get colder coffee.

Keurig Coffee Not Hot Enough: Possible Solutions

Did you know that 500 billion cups of coffee are being drunk annually. Oh yes, we know! That is an insane quantity of coffee so it better be HOT!

There are a couple of things you can try out to fix your Keurig machine’s heating problem. For the most part, these solutions do not require any expert help. However, if there is some damage to a particular part of the machine we recommend consulting professional assistance.

Keurig Coffee Not Hot Enough

1. Turn Off The High-Altitude Mode

If you want to make espresso with Keurig at an ideally hot temperature, take the machine out of high-altitude mode. There is a very simple process to it. Just remember that the machine must be turned off when you perform it.

In the turn-off mode, simultaneously press the machine’s “eight-ounce” and “strong” buttons. We suggest using both hands to ensure the press of the buttons together. Hold them down for three seconds and you’ll see a light in the eight-ounce button. Release as soon as that light goes off.

And you’re out of the high altitude mode! Brew and enjoy your super hot delicious coffee.

2. Descale the Machine Properly

The ultimate and most useful solution is to thoroughly clean the coffee machine. Perform a descaling routine as frequently as you can and definitely every three months. In fact, your machine will remind you about it! One of the most common causes of Keurig lights blinking is that it needs descaling.

Use a reliable descaling agent, clean the water tank, brush the tiny surfaces that might get clogged, and see how your Keurig brews the most delicious coffee after!

3. Pre-Warm the Machine

Often when you turn on the machine and brew your coffee, the machine hasn’t enough time to warm up properly. So, your coffee comes out not as hot as you want. A tip is to run plain water through the machine for the first cycle. This gets the machine going and its systems running.

Pre-warmed water and machine will extract more flavors from your coffee and your coffee will both taste delicious and be hot.

4. Hold the Brew Button for Several Seconds

Another hack to get that perfect hot cup of coffee from Keurig is to hold the brew button for a little longer than normal. This will give the machine enough time to properly start and get its brewing system ready. With the machine warmed up well, your coffee will also come out hot and strong.

5. Reset Your Keurig Machine

An all-encompassing solution to coffee machine problems is a reset. Often the machine settings go out of their fine-tuned default setup. Messed-up settings can influence the temperature and taste of your coffee. Resetting it will bring the machine back to its default setup so it brews the ideal cup of coffee.

How to Make Hot Water in Keurig?

Want hot water for other purposes? You can get just hot water from Keurig in a few simple steps.

  1. Turn on the machine and fill the water reservoir. Let the machine pre-heat.
  2. Put your cup on the drip tray.
  3. Remove the Keurig pod from the machine by lifting the handle.
  4. Press the size of the cup you want to start dispensing hot water.
  5. For some machines, you may have to follow the last step by pressing the brew button.

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How to Keep your Coffee Warmer for Longer?

The desire for hot coffee doesn’t end at just getting the hot liquid in your cup. It must stay hot for a long time. So, what can you do to ensure that? The following tips will help keep coffee hot for longer.

  • If you are using paper or foam cups then double them to keep the coffee hot longer.
  • Prefer mugs or cups with smaller lids. A larger opening means the heat will lose faster.
  • Cup warmers can be a very useful investment for hot coffee.
  • If you use ceramic cups, warm them up first by running a water-only cycle into them prior to brewing coffee.
  • Preheat the coffee machine. Running a water-only cycle first will warm up the machine very well!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a Keurig boil water?

Keurig doesn’t boil water. The maximum temperature at which you can get hot water is 192° F.

2. Is Keurig water hot enough for tea?

The hot water temperature of 192° F is suitable for several varieties of tea. These include several green teas, oolong teas, black teas, etc.

3. Can you adjust the temperature on Keurig?

The answer is depending on the Keurig model you own. Some Keurig machines allow you to choose between a range of temperatures. Others like the Keurig mini do not have the option to change temperature.

4. How do I get my coffee hotter from Keurig?

A couple of things that can be done to get hotter coffee from Keurig include descaling, pre-heating the machine, running a water-only cycle first, and removing it from high-altitude mode.


The bottom line is, that there are quite a few reasons for the ‘Keurig not hot enough’ issue. From a lack of descaling to problematic water pumping systems and the high-altitude mode, it can be anything. But, these issues are also pretty easily solvable!

Simply find the relevant solutions mentioned above and your Keurig will start brewing a fantastic cup of HOT espresso or coffee in no time!

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