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Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods For First Time Nespresso Users

Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods

As a first-time Nespresso user, you might be struggling to find the best Nespresso Vertuo pods. With tons of options available, how do you find the perfect ones?

Nespresso Vertuo pods are different from the OriginalLine pods. These are dome-shaped, larger, brewed using a centrifugal force, and each capsule is unique! They all have barcodes around the edge so the Vertuo machines can identify and determine the right conditions to brew each pod.

The good news? Your struggles end today! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure a perfect first experience with Nespresso Vertuo pods. So, let’s look at some of the best Nespresso Vertuo capsules that simply won’t disappoint you!


Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods Reviewed & Ranked

While some people may consider it a bummer that you can’t use third-party pods or capsules in Vertuo, the Nespresso pod variety you are about to see will convince you otherwise!

Here are all kinds of reviewed and ranked Nespresso Vertuo pods. From boost variety to mug capsules, limited editions, and many more, you’ll find them all right here!

Nespresso Vertuoline Boost Capsules

1. Melozio Boost

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Melozio, Medium Roast Coffee
Rating: 4

The Melozio boost Vertuo capsule is packed with enough caffeine to give you a strong boost anytime, anywhere. It prepares a perfectly balanced and smooth coffee with 20 percent extra caffeine! So, if you prefer that extra hit of caffeine, you’re going to enjoy this one.

The Melozio boost creates a split roast blend of Brazilian Bourbon, which creates the smoothness in the drink, and Central American Arabica, which emphasizes the flavors. Overall, the flavor involves a hint of sweetness with earthy and toasty tones. The aftertaste is also pretty smooth, so there’s no residual bitterness on the tongue.

Regardless, the rating of 4 is due to the absence of quite a few interesting and intense flavors in this Vertuo pod. However, Melozio is remarkable for giving a strong caffeine hit in a delicate way.

Melozio Boost Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

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2. Stormio Boost

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Stormio
Rating: 4

If you’re looking for an extra caffeinated coffee that also tastes like it has extra caffeine, then the Stormio Boost pod is for you. The dark roast blend of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee creates a strong intensity (level 8) that is present in every sip of the drink.

Stormio Boost is characterized by intense spice and woody notes. However, regardless of this flavor and intensity, it doesn’t leave much of a bitter aftertaste. The aftertaste is surprisingly smooth. This is a dream coffee and it tastes like it too!

Stormio Boost Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

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Nespresso VertuoLine Special Reserve Capsules

1.  Blue Mountain

Rating: 5

The blue mountain Vertuo coffee pod is your special-occasion pod – unless you can afford to have it daily. Unsurprisingly, the Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the best-known coffees ever despite the lesser quantity. However, it is also pretty expensive, worth every penny, but definitely pricey.

Featuring woody and spicy notes, this coffee lacks the typical bitterness that is found in most coffees. The smooth aftertaste takes away some of the intensity of the coffee so the finish is very subtle. If you don’t like strong coffee, we still suggest that you try this. It will surprise you!

Although the costliness means you probably won’t be able to consume it daily, it is a fantastic choice for certain special moments.

2. Hawaii Kona

Nespresso Special Reserve: Hawaii Kona VERTUOLINE Pods
Rating: 5

The complexity and uniqueness of flavors found in this Nespresso Vertuo pod overshadow its small quantity and its high price of it. Hawaii Kona may come second to the Jamaican Blue Mountain, it tastes just as good if not slightly better!

Hawaii Kona tastes smoother than Arabica coffee, the most widespread type of coffee. For its Vertuo Capsule, Nespresso uses a split roast – a longer lighter roast plus a shorter dark roast – to create the perfect intensity of flavors. This roast further brings out flavors that begin with a strong earthy tone and blend into a mellower fruity note.

Like the Blue Mountain, this capsule is also quite expensive compared to the usual Vertuo capsules. However, for once in a while when you feel a little lavish, this is the perfect coffee to savor.

Hawaii Kona Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

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Nespresso VirtuoLine Gran Lungo Capsules

1. Arondio

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Arondio Pods
Rating: 5

With an intensity level of 6, this medium roasted blend of coffee features some sharp cereal notes that are bound to please you. Arondio’s unusual combination of flavors allows it to strike the perfect balance. It’s bold enough to intensify the right flavors but mellow enough to not be overpowering either!

The mildness and cereal notes of this Vertuo pod blend can be attributed to the Colombian Arabica beans. While the intensity is all due to the Guatemalan Robusta coffee. This combination creates a coffee with light and kind of sweet undertone, together with bold cereal notes.

The flavors finished off with a subtle touch of acidity and bitterness. However, overall, the experience will be almost fruity and refreshing!

Arondio Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

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2. Aflorazio

Rating: 4

If what you desire is a light coffee that is packed with refreshing flavors then Aflorazio is the IT Vertuo capsule for you! Not to mention, this aromatic coffee will fill your house with the most enticing aroma whenever you throw a pod into your Nespresso Vertuo.

This Nespresso pod uses a combination of Ethiopian Arabica beans (unwashed) and East African Arabicas. While the former is roasted light and medium to bring out the wild flavors, the latter are roasted longer to squeeze the fruity blueberry flavor out of them.

Aflorazio is a pretty great coffee if you desire something fresh, light, and fruity, with just a hint of bitterness for a full coffee experience.

3. Fortado

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Fortado Pods
Rating: 3
If you are a super dark and strong coffee fan then the Fortado will probably be a solid 6 or 7 for you (rating-wise). However, for those of us who want a caffeine hit but would like to enjoy it subtly with a bend of various flavors, it’s a 3.

Fortado is a rich blend of India Robusta coffee that is dark roasted and South and Central America Arabicas roasted to a medium level. However, the Robusta’s overpowering presence gives Fortado the bold and rich intensity., making it one of the best Nespresso pods for a latte.

Although it is not the most subtle coffee you’ll come across, it does give into the cocoa tones a bit. As a result of the cocoa notes, there is a slight hint of sweetness there too, however, this would probably not be the wisest choice for many of us.

Fortado Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

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Nespresso VertuoLine Master Origin Capsules

1. Master Origin Columbia

Nespresso VertuoLine Master Origin Colombia Coffee Pods
Rating: 3.5

The Nespresso Master origin Columbia capsule is for those who are not exactly looking for a strong caffeine hit but rather some sweet and fruity flavors. With its captivating red berry aroma, this single-origin Nespresso variety is ideal for people looking for subtlety.

However, this may be too subtle for some coffee lovers. That’s because taste-wise there is sweetness and fruitiness to this coffee. Basically, the red berry notes will come to you like those of good wine. The smoothness and gentle flavors of this coffee are perfect for enjoying a light cup of coffee in the morning.

It’s not overpowering or hitting in any way. So, for those looking for a hit, this is clearly not a variety to look into.

Master Origin Columbia VertuoLine Pods

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2. Master Origin Mexico

Nespresso VertuoLine Mexico Coffee Pods
Rating: 3.5

This dark roast Nespresso variety is much easier to drink than many others. So, even if you’re not into dark roasts, this one with its subtle flavors together with a strong hit will definitely appeal to you. The master origin Mexico strikes just the right balance!

The blend of hand-picked Arabica coffee beans and double-washed Robusta gives this coffee a unique and strong flavor. You will taste a hint of bitterness plus woody and earthy notes which are topped off with the most subtle and gentle aftertaste. It has a level 7 intensity but is friendly for most palettes.

Master Origin Mexico VertuoLine Pods

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Nespresso VertuoLine Mug Capsules

1. Solelio

Rating: 4.5

Solelio can be easily described as a refreshing and quality coffee to drink in the morning. This lightly roasted coffee fantastically strikes a balance to create a coffee that is both mellow and extremely flavourful. Solelio maintains this balance through a blend of Kenyan and Colombian Arabica coffee.

The fruity nature of Solelia is created by lightly roasting the Columbian Arabicas to extract every bit of that juicy flavor. Contrarily, the Kenyan beans are roasted longer to reduce the acidic notes.

Your morning coffee prepared using this mug capsule will give you a refreshing hit of sweet, fruity, red fruit, a touch of bitterness, and a smooth aftertaste to round off the experience!

  Nespresso Solelio VertuoLine Pods

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2. Odacio

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Odacio Pods
Rating: 4.5
The flavors are intense, the drink will be bold, however, you will be spared the overpowering sensation. For many coffee enthusiasts, this will sound like the perfect combo, and we truly think that it is. Sometimes, it’s just about enjoying interesting coffee flavors without the strong hit.

Odacio is a blend of Nicaraguan coffee beans roasted long light roasted Ethiopian beans. The coffee produced by this blend is packed with mouthwatering flavors. The contrast of earthy and cereal notes followed by a splash of sweet fruity flavors has the power to tantalize your taste buds.

Odacio, despite featuring bold flavors, is not overpowering or ever too bitter. It’s a safe coffee to enjoy anytime anywhere, especially if you want a hit of heavenly flavors.

  Nespresso Odacio VertuoLine Pods

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3. Stormio

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Stormio Pods
Rating: 4

With an intensity of level 8 and a dark, long roasted blend, Stormi can definitely take you by storm. The Guatemalan-washed Arabica beans and Nicaraguan beans blend together to create strong and powerful flavors that most coffee fanatics are constantly looking for in their coffee.

Just the first sip and your palate will be hit with intense woody and earthy notes combined with subtle cereal undertones. The intensity is strong, however, not overpowering. Most people can easily handle it, especially frequent coffee consumers.

Interestingly, despite the strong and intense flavors, Stormio spares coffee lovers the bitter aftertaste. That doesn’t mean there is no bitterness at all, but the small amount doesn’t have a significant effect. Stormio is a good choice for strong and dark roast coffee lovers.

  Nespresso Stormio VertuoLine Pods

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4. Intenso

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Intenso Pods
Rating: 3.5

Rated 9 on the intensity level, this blend of Guatemalan Robusta and Mexican and Latin American Arabicas does not joke about its strength. Without a doubt, Intenso can be summed up in three words: It’s strong, bold, and dark. For a caffeine hit, it’s perfect.

You’ll feel this drink all the way from your first sip going down to the stomach. The robust bitterness hits you the moment this liquid enters your mouth. The dominant flavors created by this blend are brown sugar and strong roasted notes.

Despite the strong intensity, this Nespresso capsule does not leave a bad aftertaste in the mouth. However, it does miss out on the various interesting flavors. In any case, that will not be a problem for those who are solely looking for a caffeine hit.

  Nespresso Intenso VertuoLine Pods

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5. Elvazio

Rating: 3.5

This Nespresso capsule creates a coffee so refreshing the likes of which you have probably never had before. Elvazio is an extremely light coffee created using a blend of Colombian and Brazilian Bourbon coffee beans. These beans are lightly roasted to release all the flavors and aromas trapped inside.

The Elvazio capsule brews a light fruity tasting coffee that will definitely wake you up because of its refreshing nature. It’s also pretty sweet for a coffee and this sweetness trickles into the aftertaste as well. Although this coffee will not deliver you a punch, it will still awaken you with its freshness!

6. Melozio

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Melozio Pods
Rating: 3.5

The perfect all-rounder NespressoVertuo capsule is right here! Melozio, prepared with split roasted Brazilian and Central Arabicas, boasts rich flavors, strong character, and just the right balance. It brews a perfectly balanced and smooth coffee that does not overpower the taste buds at all.

What to expect when drinking coffee brewed using the Melozio capsule? On the very first sip, prepare yourself for a kind of mellow earthy, and toasty notes. As you continue to drink it, the coffee leaves a smooth and sweet aftertaste, sidestepping any bitterness or burnt flavors.

Melozio leaves no stone unturned when it comes to packing a flavorful punch in the capsule. This makes it a great choice for any occasion.

  Nespresso Melozio VertuoLine Pods

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7. Giornio

Nespresso Coffee Pods 50 Capsules VertuoLine Giornio rep
Rating: 3

Giornio is another split roasted variety of Nespresso Capsules. The blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Kenya creates a perfect combo of dark and light roast as well as bitterness and intense flavors.

Although the dark roast and intensity of level 4 make it sound like quite an overpowering drink, it is actually pretty smooth and mellow. The dominant flavors you’ll taste throughout are floral and cereal notes, so if you want more interesting flavors, this is probably not the right choice for you.

However, for those who prefer a light and subtle coffee with mild flavors, this is a decent choice! Plus, the dark roasted Kenyan beans do add a bit of a hit to the drink, so it does create an overall appealing blend of flavors.

  Nespresso Giornio Rap VertuoLine Pods

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Nespresso VertuoLine Barista Creations

1. Hazilino Muffin

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Hazelino Muffin Pods
Rating: 5

This sweet and velvety drink packs a punch of strong and intense flavors that are perfectly rounded off with hazelnut, giving the coffee an amazing character. You can’t imagine hazelnut coffee, you simply have to try it to understand its heavenly nature!

This extremely rich and nutty coffee pleasantly takes over the kitchen with a mouthwatering aroma as you brew the capsule. This Vertuo coffee features notes of almond and cereal that perfectly complement the touch of hazelnut in the velvety heavenly liquid.

Nespresso has created this blend using a split roast of medium-dark Brazilian coffee beans and Ethiopian coffee beans. The warm and only slightly bitter taste of hazelnut hits you on the first sip and blends into a smooth flavor of almond. Clearly, every sip and every drop of this coffee is worth savoring.

  Nespresso Hazilino Muffin VertuoLine Pods

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2. Vanilla Custard Pie

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Vanilla Custard Pie Pods
Rating: 4.5

If you’re wondering whether we’re still on coffee or not, we most definitely are! Coffee is not just about caffeine and strength, it’s about the unique and complex flavors that make you want to have more. Hence why, the vanilla custard pie packs in smooth, sweet, and velvety flavors and textures to captivate coffee lovers.

Nespresso makes use of split-roasted beans together with Ethiopian and medium-dark Brazilian beans to bring out the sweetness and velvety body of the coffee. The initial taste of vanilla eventually gives the most gentle almond flavor with notes of butter biscuit too!

Vanilla Custard Pie is definitely a must-try coffee! The full-bodied drink is a genius blend of exotic flavors. It’s a great choice if you want to try something other than the bitterness and overpowering nature of most coffees.

  Nespresso Vanilla Custard Pie VertuoLine Pods

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3. Caramel Cookie

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Caramel Cookie Pods
Rating: 4.5

Caramel cookie is without a doubt very nearly a dessert in a cup/mug. Not only do you get to enjoy the scrumptious caramel aroma but also get to taste the delicious almond, coconut, and biscuit notes. This cup of coffee is rich and perfectly balanced to give you the most amazing experience of new flavors.

The combination of medium-dark and split roast coffee creates a rich body, sweetness, and the most distinctive flavors and aroma that will most definitely appeal to your taste buds. Caramel cookie is a fantastic cup of coffee if you want something different and deserty.

  Nespresso Caramel Cookie VertuoLine Pods

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Pro Tip: This coffee is best enjoyed with something sweet on the side!

Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods (Limited Edition)

If you think you now know almost all Nespresso Vertuo Capsules, well you’re wrong. There is still a list of some limited edition Vertuo Pods that you don’t know about yet. These Nespresso capsules are exotic and would be a great addition to any special occasion!

So, if you’re up for trying something new and unique, here’s a list of Vertuo capsules you will definitely want to explore!

  • Forest Fruits
  • Hawaii Kona
  • La Cumplida Refinada
  • Cafe de Cuba
  • Vanilla Princess Cake
  • Nordic Black
  • Italia Amaretti
  • Forest Almond
  • Gingerbread
  • Tropical Coconut on Ice

Yes, these sound like some Hawaiian cocktails but these are some of the greatest and most refreshing coffee flavors. As a coffee lover, you should definitely give them a try.

How to Choose a Nespresso VertuoLine Pod?

How to Choose a Nespresso VertuoLine Pod

Not every coffee capsule or pod out there will suit you or be as per your liking. Some are too fruity, others too bold, some overpower your senses, and others strike an interesting balance. Basically, you need to know a few things before you start spending on Nespresso pods.

There can be many dimensions to your coffee preferences. One must look at a couple of things such as roast, when Nespresso pods expire, intensity, etc, before purchase. We recommend looking at at least the following four things before choosing a Vertuo pod.

1. Type of Roast

It’s important to know the kind of roast you prefer for your coffee. It can range from light to mild (or medium) and dark roast. The type of roast determines the intensity of the coffee, and how strong it will be to taste.

2. Intensity Level

Intensity levels are the strength of the coffee. Between levels 1 to 4, the intensity is not very strong. However, above level 4, the coffee gradually starts to get super dark and overpowering. Check the coffee’s intensity before you purchase the pod.

3. Caffeine Content

Many people drink coffee solely for the caffeine hit. The caffeine content in Nespresso pods significantly varies across the different varieties. So, if what you desire from coffee is maximum caffeine then make sure the capsule you purchase delivers that hit.

Relevant: How Much Caffeine Is In An Espresso

4. Taste

Finally, Nespresso Vertuo pods and capsules have a fantastic and large variety of flavors. From earthy and cereal tones to fruity berry notes, and woody touches, the capsules bring exotic flavors to the coffee. So, if you’re into mouthwatering tastes, make sure you get the flavorful pods.


Where to Buy Nespresso Vertuo Pods?

Nespresso pods are easy to find and purchase in most stores. You can buy in bulk and organize Nespresso pods according to your consumption. However, it is ideal to purchase them directly from the Nespresso website or from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Nespresso Vertuo capsule is the most popular?

According to the statistics, the most popular Nespresso Vertuo capsule is the Ristretto. It is ideal for making several espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and Americanos.

2. Which Nespresso Vertuo pods are best for lattes?

Considering that lattes are made using steamed milk, they would go perfectly with rich dark roast capsules. As such, Nespresso VertuoLine’s Diavolitto capsules are a great choice.

3. What is the sweetest Nespresso Vertuo pod?

Master Origin Columbia and Solelio are two super sweet Nespresso Vertuo pods. There are other fruity and sweet capsules as well that taste pleasant in the mouth.

4. Can you use a Nespresso pod for Vertuo twice?

No. Nespresso does not recommend using a single Nespresso Vertuo pod twice. However, there are special resealed pods that you can buy for your Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

Conclusion | Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods

All in all, as a first-time Nespresso user you are going to have to experiment a little to find the best Nespresso Vertuo pods for you. The choices are immense, the variety is amazing, and best of all? Nespresso has something for everyone!

From sweet fruity capsules to strong overpowering ones as well as capsules that are simply a strong hit of caffeine, Nespresso pods leave no coffee bean untapped or unextracted. So, begin the journey and enjoy the flavourful hits of caffeine on the way.

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