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10 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 – 2022 Reviews

Are you fed up with paying $5 each day for a Latte drink? The solution to this dilemma is simple: get an espresso machine yourself. And they are not that expensive either. You can easily find the best espresso machine for under 200 dollars!

What makes espresso such a cherished beverage? Not only can it liven up your mornings, but it can easily be turned into the most tasteful specialty drink too! All you need is an affordable espresso machine for this.

So let’s start addressing the myth that only high-end espresso makers can produce high-quality espresso. You’ll be astounded by our picks for the best espresso machines under $200. So, get ready to see the most incredible models!

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Our Top 10 Picks

PictureProductPressureKey FeatureBuy Now
MrCoffee-Espresso-Cappuccino-MachineMr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine15 barsEasy to clean and operateCheck Price
Nespresso-Vertuo-Coffee-Espresso-MachineNespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso MachineN/A40-ounce large water tankCheck Price
Gevi-Compact-Professional-Espresso-MachineGevi Compact Professional Espresso Machine20 barsHardware feel premium and well-builtCheck Price
DeLonghi-EC155-Espresso-Cappuccino-MachineDe’Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine15 barsLightweight and compactCheck Price
Flair-Classic-Manual-Espresso-MakerFlair Classic Manual Espresso MakerN/ADurable stainless steel and aluminum bodyCheck Price
STARESSO-Portable-Espresso-MachineSTARESSO Portable Espresso Machine18 barsPortable design best for travellingCheck Price
Gevi-Bar-Pump-Pressure-Espresso-MachineGevi Pump Pressure Espresso Coffee Machine15 barsDual thermostat for milk and water temperature controlCheck Price
DeLonghi-Stilosa-Espresso-MachineDe’Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine15 barsSeparate filters for double and single-shot espressoCheck Price
KLARSTEIN-BellaVita-Coffee-MakerKLARSTEIN BellaVita Coffee Maker20 barsSelf-cleaning mechanismCheck Price
NESCAFE-Dolce-Gusto-Coffee-MachineNESCAFE Dolce Gusto Coffee MachineN/Apreprogrammed 17 drinks settingsCheck Price

The 10 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 (In-Depth Reviews)

Ten instead of 1 or 2! We have a list of different reasonably priced espresso makers, each unique in itself. These will help you brew the most authentic espresso ever. To help you in making the best decision, you will find the pros and cons of each model.

1. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Mr. Coffee is an attractively priced semi-automatic 3-in-1 coffee machine. Not only can you brew an authentic espresso, but the convenient automatic milk frother allows you to prepare the most delicious cappuccinos and lattes. Mr.Coffee is quite rich in features for its price, making it capable of brewing cafe-quality drinks.

The design of this coffee machine is a bit bulky. The silver color does offer some appeal. However, it weighs 10.37 lbs, so switching places will not be very convenient. Moreover, the machine requires manual effort in terms of tamping and measuring. There is even a plastic coop and tamp included in the package.

In any case, the adequate and removable 40-ounce water tank and dual spout machine head compensate for the looks. The one-year warranty, 15 bar pressure, and easy-to-operate, one-touch control panel are some of the features of this machine that may entice buyers and ensure the production of quality espresso.

Affordable pricing
Easy to operate control panel
Removable water tank with an adequate capacity of 40 ounces
One year warranty
Milk frother included

The frothing arm can be difficult to clean

Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

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2. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

If you want an affordable coffee maker from a trusted brand with smart technology, then Breville’s Vertuo Nespresso machine is your best bargain. Its one-touch brew technology, convenient capsule system, and enticing taste make it totally worth it!

The single-serve coffee maker features a 40-ounce water tank. Moreover, it has an incredibly fast 15-second heat-up time to prepare delicious coffee instantly. With this versatile coffee maker, you can brew four different cup sizes of your desired beverage at the touch of a button: espresso, double espresso, lungo, or just coffee.

The capsule system relieves users from the hassle of measuring, tamping, and whatnot. Plus, the smart centrifusion technology spins the coffee capsules more than 7000 times to extract extremely flavorful coffee. Additionally, the barcode scanning technology means you don’t have to fiddle with the settings.

The Nespresso Vertuo determines the settings itself and consistently brews fantastic cups of coffee. Moreover, if you’re worried about environmental damage, Nespresso has its own recycling program, and you can even use resealable capsules to avoid plastic usage.

Features smart centrifusion and barcode scanning technology
Automatic machine, no need for grinding and temping
Fast heat-up time of 15 seconds
Easy to use, one-touch control panel
Two-year warranty

Only compatible with Nespresso pods.

  Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine

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3. Gevi 20 Bar Compact Professional Espresso Machine

The Gevi Compact Professional Espresso Machine is a manual espresso machine and is hands down one of the best coffee machines under $200.

Its sleek stainless body and silver color are guaranteed to give your kitchen a professional vibe. If you prefer control over the brewing process, you’re going to enjoy this coffee maker with all its accessories.

Gevi’s creates a 20-bar pressure to produce a powerful and authentic espresso. You can even check the pressure on the pressure gauge located at the front of the machine. The adjustable espresso option allows you to extract both single/short and double/long cups of coffee. With the high-quality steam wand, you can brew all kinds of specialty coffee too!

Despite being a manually operated coffee machine, it has some smart features too. You can get hot water and preheat the cup when needed. There are even descaling and low-water warning indicators. Finally, the removable and large (1 liter) water tank is easy to fill which makes the machine super easy to use.

Volumetric control option for customized drinks
Large and removable water tank
Fast heating system of 45 seconds
Powerful steam wand to create barista-quality milk foam
20 bar pressure allows it to brew a power espresso shot

Practice is required for measuring, grinding, and tamping the coffee.

  Gevi 20 Bar Espresso Machine

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4. De’Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

De’Longhi EC155 is a compact, light, and sleek espresso machine that will readily fit on your kitchen counter. Not only is it super affordable but comes with all the necessary and cool features. From a 15-bar pressure and manual frother to a moderate (35-ounce) removable water tank, it has everything.

One great feature of this machine is the durable stainless-steel boiler which maintains an optimal temperature. Additionally, the 3-in-1 filter holder has different settings for single-shot espresso, and double-shot espresso, and is also compatible with ESE pods.

Features such as a removable drip tray and water tank make the machine super easy to clean. However, the machine is mostly made of plastic components. For instance, we would suggest substituting the plastic tamper included with a different stronger one.

In any case of dissatisfaction, De’Longhi offers a 1-year warranty on its products. Learning the controls of this manual machine may be a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rewarded with delicious coffee anytime you want!

Lightweight and compact
15 bar pressure
Stainless steel boiler
Compatible with both ground coffee and ESE pods.
Easy to clean with dishwasher-friendly components


Small water tank
Plastic body

  De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Machine

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5. Flair Classic Manual Espresso Maker

Flair classic is an affordable and uniquely designed completely manual espresso machine. The quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum used for its body make it extremely durable. So, if you are prepared to do some hard work and enjoy customizing and taking control of the brewing process, you’ll love it!

It’s lightweight, compact, and portable – comes with a custom-fitted travel case. With some practice, you can learn to make the most professional and authentic cup of espresso easily. Although since it is completely human-powered, you’ll probably need a separate grinder and frother.

The Flair Classic is the only manual espresso machine with a completely detachable brewing head. So, you can remove all the parts and easily clean them to avoid contaminating your coffee with residuals as well as to keep it intact and damage-free. Although, it does come with a 3-year warranty.

Portable espresso maker with unique design
Capable of producing professional quality espresso
Supports a durable stainless steel and aluminum body
3-year warranty
Easy to clean and maintain


Completely manual espresso maker
No build-in grinder and frother

  Flair Classic Manual Espresso Maker 

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6. STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

Staresso is ideal for providing the best, rich, and most creamy espresso experience at an extremely affordable price! The manual and portable machine weighs only 1.1 pounds and is the size of a mineral water bottle. However, it guarantees a barista-quality espresso anytime and anywhere you want!

One of the best features of this coffee maker is that it is compatible with both ground coffee and coffee pods/capsules. Despite its small size, it is capable of holding 11 grams of roast and producing 100ml of espresso. This espresso machine works on manual pressure. When you press it, it can produce a pressure of 15 to 18 bar.

With Staresso, you can enjoy a noise-free cup in an eco-friendly manner without any power consumption. Plus, it is not easily prone to damage either! The stainless-steel inner tank is protected from contact with food or toxic substances which increases the machine’s lifespan.

Additionally, the serving cup holder is protected with anti-skid pads both on the inside and outside. Hence, this coffee maker is extremely reliable.

Brews rich, creamy, authentic, and barista-quality espresso
Portable and compact
Completely manual and eco-friendly
The stainless-steel inner tank makes it durable and prevents any damage
Compatible with both pods/capsules and ground coffee


Requires separate milk frother and grinder
Can produce 100ml of espressos at a time

STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

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7. Gevi 15 Bar Pump Pressure Espresso Coffee Machine

The Gevi 15 bar is another quality manual adjustment espresso machine. Once you get the hang of the brewing process, the recipe, and the ratio, you can brew a rich and flavorful espresso shot very quickly! In fact, the machine will automatically turn off once the desired amount is reached.

The manual steam wand creates a rich and thick foam for your specialty coffee. So, you can practice latte art or simply enjoy cappuccinos to your heart’s desire. Plus, the removable froth nozzle makes the steam wand super easy to clean!

A great feature is the stainless-steel boiler system with two separate thermostat controls for water and milk. So, your drink will always brew at the optimal temperature with a fragrant and rich crema. This coffee machine with two spouts and a large 1.5-liter water tank can brew more coffee without constant refills.

Includes a stainless-steel boiler
Dual thermostat for milk and water temperature control
Large water tank
Removable drip tray
Dual spout


 Plastic body and components
A separate frother and grinder needed

Gevi 15 Bar Espresso Machine

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8. De’Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Stilosa is a manual coffee maker with a sleek and compact design. Despite its space-saving body that will easily fit your counter space, it has all the quality features to brew flavorful shots of espresso for you!

Stilosa creates a pressure of 15 bars to produce the most authentic single and double shots of espresso. In addition, the manual milk frother makes for the thickest and most creamy specialty drinks from lattes to delicious cappuccinos. And with the stainless-steel durable boiler, your coffee will always brew at optimal temperature.

You can easily brew two cups of coffee with this espresso machine at any time with its dual spout. So, this machine is perfect for large families or greater usage. Moreover, the portafilter is designed to have 2 filters for both single and double-shot espresso. You can even use different cup sizes owing to the two-size cup holder.

Brews at 15-bar pump pressure
Milk frother included
Two separate filters for double and single-shot espresso
Convenient water tank refill system
Produce authentic and professional espresso beverages


No built-in grinder
Requires grinding and temping

De’Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine

Check on Amazon>

9. KLARSTEIN BellaVita Coffee Maker

The Klarstein functions at a pressure of 20 bar to create a flavorful, aromatic, and barista-quality espresso. Despite being a manual coffee maker, Klarstein has some interesting smart features. Its one-touch control system and preprogrammed features make it simple, easy, and quick to use.

The large 1.4 liters removable water tank is situated at the back of the machine, so it does not affect its sleek and elegant design. Additionally, it has a 0.4 liters milk container and a built-in frother to prepare all the delicious milk-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

The pre-set programs, ratios, sizes, and recipes make the machine a great product to invest in. It is a smart, self-cleaning feature that can be initiated at the touch of a button and is super convenient for users. With the entire control panel right there at the front, it is extremely easy to navigate the options and instantly brew coffee.

Simple and stylish design
Powerful built-in milk frother
Large water tank
Pre-set options for ease of use
Self-cleaning mechanism


Does not include a built-in grinder
Hard plastic body feels cheap


Check on Amazon>

10. NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

The Nescafe Dolce is a cute-looking compact automatic espresso machine designed to deliver authentic espresso shots. Its large cup placement area allows you to easily fit in most cup sizes. Moreover, for a reasonable price, this machine features a one-of-a-kind convenient capsule system too!

Dolce’s preprogrammed 17 drink varieties allow you to brew your favorite coffee recipe instantly. From an authentic espresso to a cappuccino, americano, latte, and many more, you can drink to your heart’s desire. The 17 bars pressure ensures that every brew is aromatic, flavorful, rich, and has a thick crema.

Dolce features a reasonable capacity water tank and a very simple and easy-to-use wheel interface which will save you the troubles of how to use this espresso machine. Additionally, the machine energy saving auto shut-off option makes it environmentally friendly too!

Feature the super convenient capsule system
Compact and lightweight design
Energy-saving auto shut-off feature
17 bars pressure to produce an authentic espresso
Easy to use interface


Small water tank
Overall built quality needs improvement

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto

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Buyer’s Guide: Choose the Best Espresso Machine under $200

Picking the best espresso maker under $200 is a challenging process. Considering the low-price range, it is important to beware of scams. When purchasing an affordable coffee machine, it is important to scrutinize based on features, not just the price.

So, to help you find only the best in-home espresso machines, here’s a guide detailing what to look for in an espresso machine before making the purchase.

Ease of Use

One of the factors behind the frequently asked question, “Why are espresso machines so expensive?” is their ease of use. Touch features, an easy-to-use interface, simple buttons, a removable water tank, and convenient pod/capsule systems, are some of the features that make the espresso machine user-friendly.


Yes, these features come at a price. So, you might be looking at some of the best espresso machines under $300 instead, but if convenience is what you desire, the extra few dollars are worth it.

Build Quality

The build quality of the espresso machines is essential to assess. A cheap plastic build will only get damaged easily. However, solid stainless steel makes and design is bound to be sturdy, and with proper care, your machine can function smoothly for many years.


The reason you purchase an espresso machine in the first place is to brew quality and authentic espresso. That can only be achieved at a particular pressure of 9 bars or above. So, ensure the espresso machine you purchase can consistently and smoothly maintain that pressure.

Size & Portability

It’s important to understand how size and portability can matter. A small and compact espresso machine can fit in tight spaces. However, it comes with the drawback of a smaller water tank. A bulky or large espresso machine will have a larger water tank but will be difficult to move around.

Brewing Options

Many espresso machines come with pre-programmed brewing sizes and drink options. This makes it easier to brew the right amount of coffee. So, if you want a variety of brew sizes and drink options, espresso machines like the Nescafe Dolce or Nespresso Vertuo would be good.

Built-in Milk Frother

From time to time, if not frequently, you crave milk-based espresso drinks. These require a milk frother upfront. So, if you’re fond of lattes and cappuccino and don’t want to purchase a milk frother separately, look for coffee makers with an integrated steam wand or a milk frother.


Of course, the price of the espresso machine is extremely important to consider. You can find great coffee machines in various price ranges. For instance, you’ll find some of the best espresso machines under $400 just like you’ll find some great models under $200.

The important thing is to make a budget and explore options within that.

Manufacturer Warranty

The most important thing to ensure when purchasing a coffee machine is the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure you get at least a year or 2 years warranty on the machine. This is especially important for models with a less durable make and design.

Why should you have an affordable espresso machine at home?

As a coffee lover, the convenience of having your own espresso machine right at home cannot be emphasized enough. For us, nothing could be better than having a personal barista-quality coffee maker to use whenever we crave caffeine.


So, here are a couple of reasons why having an affordable espresso machine at home is a must!

  • It will reduce the daily caffeine bill, you can save a lot of money in the long run.
  • You can easily brew your favorite drinks at home.
  • Morning coffees will no longer have to wait till you reach the nearest coffee shop.
  • You get to customize and play around with different recipes.
  • You can instantly enjoy a professional cup of coffee any time you please.

Final Thoughts: Espresso Machines under $200

The bottom line is, that it is solely your preference and requirements that matter when it comes to buying espresso machines.

The best espresso machines under $200 reviewed here are fully capable of satisfying your needs. So, examine the features of a variety of espresso makers thoroughly and refer to our guide for help. Our recommendations are a good starting point to begin browsing!

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