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Best Coffee Maker Under $50 – 2023 Top Picks & Reviews


Maintaining an active morning routine requires selecting the best coffee maker under $50.

An affordable and functional coffee maker can assist you in achieving your daily caffeine requirement and performing better in your daily routine. To help you choose the finest coffee maker under 50 dollars, I reviewed the top 5 products in this list, along with my 3 personal favorites.

Our Top Picks for 2023

Hamilton Beach 46299 12-Cup Coffee Maker
  • 24 hours advance brew time
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • 2-Hour automatic shutoff
  • The auto pause & pour feature
Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • One-touch brewing
  • K-cups and ground coffee compatible
  • Convenient and sleek design
  • Self-cleaning function
BELLA-14755 12-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Brew strength selector
  • Small batches (1 to 4 cups)
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Compact space-saving design

This buyer’s guide will help you:

1. Giving options to choose from
2. Identifying your needs and wants
3. Get the best coffee machine without spending too much

5 Best Coffee Makers Under $50 | In-Depth Reviews

Now, where to start and what is the process of picking the best coffee maker under $50?

First, understand that a budget coffee maker does not need to lack in features or looks anymore.

With more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, there is a massive demand and a wide variety of coffee makers to choose from.

When comparing the topmost results I looked into things like capacity, built quality, ease of use, and brewing technology.

1. Hamilton Beach 46293 12-cup Coffee Maker


While costing less than $50, the Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker appears to be a bargain. It has a wide range of features that are outstanding and provides a great brewing experience. It has three brewing options regular, bold, and 4-cup small batch.

Because of its programmable clock timer, your coffee maker starts brewing before you wake up. Also, it has a compact design that would easily fit even the smallest kitchen counters.

It has a display window that lets you know if the water tank is full or empty. Moreover, its filter basket and carafe are dishwasher friendly making it simple to clean.

60 fluid ounces capacity
Programmable 3 brewing option
Black stainless-steel body
Automatic pour and serve feature
Dishwasher friendly removable parts

Minor build-quality issues

Hamilton Beach 46293

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2. Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker


The Chefman coffee maker is the best Single Serve Coffee Maker for under $50. It is convenient to use with the one-touch brewing function.

With this, you can use single-serve K-Cups to savor your favorite coffee flavor or use ground coffee in the given filter basket. It receives extra praise due to its compact design and black color making it a complementary fit for most college dorms and kitchens.

A 14-ounce cup of coffee can be brewed with this machine in less than 90 seconds.

Compatible with K-Cups and ground coffee
Self-cleaning system
One-touch brewing
Reusable filters included
Portable design

No brew control settings

Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker

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3. BELLA 14755 12 Cup Coffee Maker

BELLA-14755-12 Cup-Coffee-Maker

To get the most value for your money the BELLA-14755 12-Cup Coffee Maker is an immediate choice. With its first look, it becomes obvious that this machine is practically designed to make coffee brewing simple.

This model has well-labeled buttons, making it the best coffee maker for beginners. However,  despite being simple it does not lose any points in the features department, which is good news.

I liked its spill-proof glass carafe and the attached filter basket, both of which are simple to clean. It also features a special cleaning cycle.

You can brew large batches of coffee thanks to the 12-cup carafe. All in all, this coffee machine is excellent for both light and heavy-duty use.

Special cleaning feature
Brew strength controller
Upto 12-hour programmable setting
Auto shutoff
Reusable filter basket included

Metal plastic built
Small buttons

BELLA 14755 Coffee Maker

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4. BLACK+DECKER CM1070B-1 Programmable Coffee Maker


With this BLACK+DECKER 12 cup coffee maker, enjoy the best coffee ever. Because of its unique Vortex brewing mechanism, it produces great coffee.

This manufacturer is well known for producing affordable coffee machines. Because this model is made of BPA-free plastic, it does worth the price tag.

This machine makes straightforward coffee that is smooth, reliable, and intense enough to meet the demands of the majority of people. A lot of counter space is saved by its compact form.

Its brew-strength controller is a fantastic choice for people who need greater control over the flavor of their morning coffee.

Beautiful black color
Brew-strength selector
Removable filter basket
Duralife glass carafe
Easy to use digital controls

No reusable filter
No brewing indicator


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5. Mr. Coffee 12 Cups Coffee Maker


As Mr. Coffee’s coffee maker has a single on/off button, it is the easiest to use. It has two water windows, which help in preventing overflow. Customers who purchased this gave it high marks for simplicity and reliability.

It makes a tasty but not overpowering cup of coffee. The cost is relatively low when compared to those of other appliances with comparable characteristics.

When brewing coffee in small or big batches, Mr. Coffee’s drip machines work well.

If you want greater control over your coffee brewing, this machine might not be for you because it lacks programmable settings and a brew-strength selection.

12-cup coffee maker
Glass carafe
Simple controls
On/off indicator
Dual water window

No strength control feature
Plastic body

Mr. Coffee 12 Cups Coffee Maker

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Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Coffee Maker Under $50

There are a number of things to consider when getting an affordable coffee maker. This buyer’s guide will enable you to make an informed purchase with peace of mind.

Obviously, first, you have to know about your needs, priorities, and budget. Here I have mentioned the most common factors to keep in mind before getting a coffee maker.

Brewing Capacity

Getting a 12-cup option is best if you have a family that drinks multiple cups of coffee regularly. You can even opt for a single-serve machine if your daily caffeine consumption is limited.

Ease of Use

It only makes sense when talking about affordable coffee makers to pick a model that is both efficient and convenient to use. The majority of the choices here are either dishwasher-safe or require manual cleaning.

To make life much easier, you may even search for coffee machines with self-cleaning and pre-programmed brewing settings.

Built Quality

One of the kitchen appliances that are most frequently used is a coffee maker, thus it should be made to last. Most $50 or under coffee makers are made primarily with plastic.

So it is important to choose a coffee maker that is well-built and does not feel cheap.

Added Features

If all you want is a nice cup of coffee without any high-tech features, you may find an excellent coffee maker in this price range.

When setting a budget of around $50, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of features. These high-end functionalities all require costly hardware, which raises the price.

Best Coffee Makers Under $50: FAQs

1. Is $50 enough to get a decent coffee maker?
For all happy shoppers on a budget, the good news is that a coffee maker with added features like brew-strength control, programmable setting, and full stainless steel build can roughly cost $100. Yet, while doing some research, I end up with a few cost-effective options that are well under $50.
2. Do more expensive coffee makers make better coffee?
It is certainly not the case, renounced brands do offer decent coffee makers at affordable prices. However, some cheap models don’t brew coffee with consistent flavor, and this may happen due to low-quality heating systems. So, always look for a coffee maker with a larger brew head to get the same quality each time.
3. What makes coffee taste weak?
An overcooked coffee gets bitter and weak. As taste is significantly influenced by the temperature of water at the time of extraction, making coffee with cold water can result in weak coffee. So, it is best to use water that is stored at room temperature.

Final Thoughts

Now, with all these out of the way! All our recommendations and guidelines are based on analysis and comparisons. With this, you will now have an idea about what are the best coffee makers under $50 and what features to look for.

Here is a highlight of our top three picks and their key features:

  • Hamilton Beach 46293 12-cup Coffee Maker: Available in three beautiful colors black, white, and stainless steel accents. This coffee maker is the most versatile and innovative option to choose from due to its 2-Hour Automatic Shutoff, Programmable Timer, and Auto Pause & Pour.
  • Chefman Single-Serve Coffee Maker: The best single-serve coffee maker that is compatible with k-cups and ground coffee. Being portable and lightweight, this coffee maker is suitable for college dorms and studio apartment kitchens.
  • BELLA 14755 12-Cup Coffee Maker: This coffee maker is packed with features like the brew strength selector and special cleaning cycle. Its 1-to-4-cup feature gives optimum taste and flavor even in small batches.

For a decent cup of coffee, you need to invest in a coffee maker that is high-quality yet affordable. Bear in mind the things we have discussed above and you will get your desired coffee machine in no time.

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