Baristas Stand In Solidarity As Another Starbucks location Seeks Unionization

Baristas Stand In Solidarity As Another Starbucks Location Seeks Unionization

Last Updated on May 1, 2023 by Timothy Byron Smith

Baristas at the Starbucks located on Poydras Street and St. Charles Avenue have filed a petition to unionize with Starbucks Workers United to the National Labor Relations Board. This move follows Loyola University’s Sodexo employees’ recent unionization effort and if successful, it would be the second unionized Starbucks in New Orleans.

The workers’ motivation for the unionization effort is due to their inconsistent working hours, lack of workers despite record sales, and customer harassment. In a video introducing several of the workers and their motivations for unionizing, they emphasized the importance of solidarity with their fellow workers.

The on-campus Sodexo unionization effort has provided inspiration for the Starbucks petition, as poor working conditions motivated both efforts. The workers are hopeful that by joining the Starbucks Workers United, they will be able to achieve positive changes such as improved schedules, better wages and benefits, and more job security.

As the workers at Poydras Street and St. Charles Avenue Starbucks move forward with their unionization effort, they are grateful for the support of their fellow workers and the community at large. They are confident that their voices will be heard and that positive changes are possible through collective action.

About Starbucks Workers United:

Starbucks Workers United is a national organization of Starbucks employees who are pushing for better working conditions, pay, and benefits. The organization has already achieved unionization at several Starbucks locations across the country and is working to expand its reach and impact.

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